Community College Hero 3: All Things End (closed temporarily)

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I think everyone forgot the truest arsehole. That dickhead reporter. What do ya’ll think we can do with him? I’m going to make him suffer EVERY. FUCKING. CHANCES. i get!

@Kasami_Gi I sincerely sympathize with Dick Rycliff. He is not only a member of the press, who is supposed to pressure you and the school on the issues, but is a citizen of a Speck that is upside down.

Imagine you are living your common, suburban midwestern life, when suddenly a school for superheroes opens? Your city has now changed and is at the vanguard of superheroes overnight, with the third specialized school ever in the entire country.

That’s surprising to say the least. You could even be hopeful and awed at the beginning. But then the problems start.

The villains also came to Speck, including the Wyvern and the foremost group of villains who destroyed St. Louis. That’s an assault on your mind right there. Anyone would be angry at that. Fuming. But it didn’t end there.

Imagine the dread when you realize that Grade 9+ villains are potentially stalking your city, and you don’t have a Megacat and a Salazar to protect you. Your chances of survival depend on a bunch of college kids, who are barely Grade 3. Some who are completely incompetent, while others are undisciplined and addicted.

A previously unremarkable city is now under attack. You want to go eat a burger? Restaurant is bombed. You want to pray? Church is bombed. You want to go outside? Everyone hunkers down at home because the Wyvern declared the night of the Purge. That friendly officer you know, eating the donut and smoking the cigarette? Your city is now overwhelmed with state troops and you even spot some feds every now and then.

If anything, he has every right to be angry. He is not exactly the paragon of chivalry and fairness, but he does have a point. He misrepresents the truth, but the truth is still there. Lurking under his hostility. People believe him because he voices their concerns. Things they see everyday. Chaos, fear, incompetence.

It falls on Speck to make their case to the city, not Rycliff. On that front, they failed miserably.


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