Community College Hero 3: A Perfect World



Cannot wait for more news Eric, CCH 3 is going to be epic and all of us who read 1 and 2 know it!


First I would love to point out that I loved the two books before this one. Second of all I have a question. When you say we get amped pretty early in the game, now this is for the zenith path, are we talking grade 5 - 10 or 2 - 5


from what the author said, it will be 2-5 as we won’t be a powerhouse.


I think @Balrog_Demorgothe is right, but i think it will end up being 3-4. My reasoning is simply that anything higher and youd be able to switch schools and that would be a bit to much to put in on top of everything already in it.


Actualy, making you choose between supporting Speck, Savior or Prestige seems to be in the plan, even outside of the super power path, so i doubt your reasoning is why we’d get that level.


My logic is because either way if your power is 5 you could only go to prestige not savior. If i remember correctly savior requires at the least a 6 where prestige requires at the least a 3-4. So by your logic you wouldnt have all three options. And i also know certain things because i was a beta tester for cch2 and would say but cant.


Actually you got it kind of, reversed Prestige is the one with 5 to 6 and Savior is 4 if I remember right


Thank you i did think i had it backwards and was unsure. I get them mixed up since im pro speck


I love your stories, although i am very narrow minded every time I play them I always end up being the brooder, detective, tactician basically Batman, because for me it is really hard to break the mentality that the human of the team has to be intelligent in order to have any value or else they are a liability.


I love the analysis about where a Zenith MC might fit on Mega Cat’s chart. I’d point out that Mega Cat’s chart was made a long time ago, and focuses entirely on how powers fit into a combat-related scenario. I’m not sure that’s the most logical way to do it, but that’s how the big man designed it.

@EditorAvila, I totally understand that view! It’s probably harder to view the MC as the “powerhouse” or “speedster” of the group, but in the Speckverse, Zeniths don’t get the obligatory “enhanced speed, strength, stamina” that so many heroes in other universes seem to get. A Level 3 Soldier MC would likely be tougher than any of the kids, other than Stunner and Stoic.

I am just slammed with creative work these days (juggling three different projects, all of which I love). So just so that there are fewer threads for me to keep track of, I’ll close this one for a bit until I’ve put more work in CCH3. It’s still in the infant stage, and I fear that people talking about it too much will lead others to believe that it’s on the way soon, which it most assuredly is not.

Thanks so much to everyone who’s read and commented! Again, I WILL open this one up again sometime in 2019.