Community College Hero 3: A Perfect World



Like for example hawk eye and the avengers. But just the MC


You mean is he irresponsible and reckless, immature for his age and a deadbeat dad? :thinking:

Don’t get me wrong, Crook is an interesting character and I would be friends with him but he’s not exactly the epitome of a well adjusted adult.


Okay let’s see here…

  1. More moments with our Mom.

  2. More Hedonist, of course (maybe as an RO? Or even just Teacher’s Pet Pining?)…Options to get our hands on that hunk of marble?

  3. Maybe something slightly humorous like a Family’s Visit at the school, where you get awkward moments meeting your RO’s family (or they just meet your mom)

  4. Options for a NON-Tactician Path MC to still be a good leader (that was my problem with CCH2, that it was near impossible to be a successful leader unless I chose Tactician)

  5. For neither Prestige or Savior to be the ‘canon good guys’. I mean they can have good people in them, but I don’t wanna go into CCH3 and have it be, “Oh you should have taken sides with Prestige because they are the good school in this mess, and everything they do is for the good of the world!” Let them both be gray, or hell, even deeply evil. Their ‘goodness factor’ should more be based on how the MC views them.

  6. How about an option to update our hero outfit?

  7. whispers More Stunner plz.


Um I don’t quite following your view but I was thinking more along the lines the only character who has children is around the same age and has completely different power than anyone else in the story (and could go to a better school if he so chose). But opinions differ.


When you said that Crook modeled after the author, I naturally assumed it was in terms of personality since having children isn’t exactly uncommon or exciting. We don’t know that Tolly, McCormick etc don’t have children. Its just brought up in regards to Crook because an important part of his story, that in the first game its uncomfortable for Crook to reciprocate MC’s feelings because he’s married and has a family. The part that’s supposed to stand out to the reader is the moral dilemma, not the fact that he has children. That’s why the comparison strikes me as strange.

Also, the opposite is true. He and Mob/Synergy have the only two powers that are actually more common, teleportation (which the manipulator has) and super strength (Hedonist has some form of it as well).

So you can see why I was like “I’m sure Eric is nice but Crook seems like a d-bag to me…?” :thinking:


I didn’t know that Crook had kids, that’s surprising and kinda put a new light on why he got so pissed over the Origami thing (and kinda make him somewhat more reckless than i though for doing some of the stuff he did)


He can open portals and teleport. A cut above the rest no matter how you view and a 3 on the zenith scale. Though I have never tried to romance Crook so this is where my confusion comes from. And plus I’m a goody tooshu half the time


I think that was because she was the youngest in the whole program and probably speck in general


Oh shit, I thought everyone knew by now. I’ll spoiler it, my bad.


Well i meant that as a father, he would take the death of a 13 years old close to him even harder than most people


not a probleme, i probably would have never learned it by now if it wasn’t for that XD


Ok, I don’t think that anything that I’m going to say is going to happen, but here is my wishlist:

  1. Crook secret identity. It’s pretty clear that we are finally going to know who Crook is. But who could he be?
    I want him to be McCormick ex-husband. Yeah, that would make things akward. And that would be the whole reason why they are angry all the time with each other, McCormick would get mad that Crook is willing to date other students in front of her, not yet resolving their whole divorce situation. And when Crook mentions that he has resolved his “family problems” he means that McCormick has taken full custody of their kid, she’s a lawyer it probably wouldn’t bee so hard for her And that would be also why he couldn’t reveal his secret identity, it was only because he would be too embarrased to admit it and he was fearing that D.G. would make fun of him.
    Another possibility would be that the secret identity of Crook is just a random guy, and the reason he’s so angsty all the time is because he’s mad that everyone is making shitty conspiracy theories of his identity all the time. In fact, I want to have some kind of meta-scene in which the students and maybe some random Zenith fans start discussing the secret identity of Crook making up all kind of crazy conspiracy theories.

  2. Secret villain school. Ok, so around issue 11, we found out that there’s a community college for villains. Maybe it could be in some kind of underground place. And then we have to infiltrate there to learn what the villains are scheming. It turns out that the secreat villain school is also making an special offer to admit non-zenith villains, so our MC could just pretend to be another random non-Zenith.
    We go there expecting to learn all kinds of secrets but oh no, it turns out that we have to do some kind of contest first to prove that we are acceptable villains, I don’t know maybe some kind of capture the Flag contest of something like that.
    Then, we try to make friends with other villainous students, but they are just too mean, there’s a scene where they bully us and take away our lunch, because all the students in the villain school would just be bullies, and we feel so embarrased that we have to get out of there before they start to suspect something.

  3. Evil Frienzone. Either she turns evil, or we see some kind of evil twin of Friendzone. And instead of making everyone feeling friendly and corny, she would make them bitter and conflictive. She would have some kind of shitty name like “Frownzone” because she’s always angry. She would also have an opposite color scheme, and some kind of weird way of talkin, maybe she would be some kind of sass queen that always makes everyone get annoyed at her.

  4. Author self insert. So at the end of the last chapter we enter the Zone. And it turns out that it’s just a normal house with some guy working on a computer, and that guy turns out to be Eric Moser himself, and he’s the source of every power because he’s writing all of them.
    Then affter all the angst we’ve expirience we get a choice to kill Moser, and therefore ending our game, because he wouldn’t be able to write it anymore; or let him live and learn that we would never be able to live in “a perfect world” because the world was never written to be this way. It would be so deep and meaningful that all the readers would cry.

  5. Synergy and Dirty Girl end up together. Ok, all my wishlist at this point has been a joke, if you couldn’t tell. But I’m actually shipping these two since we get that last lunch scene at the end. Like I know that some people ship D.G. with Tress, but that would never work, they just hate each other. On the other hand, Dirtergy (I need to think a better name) would complemete each other pretty well and still remain friendly. She could boost his confidence, while he could help her to take things more seriously. Then, there could be some scene where synergy tries to do something risky or unlikely for him and he says “You make me feel dirty… so dirty”.
    Jokes aside, even if they don’t end up together as a couple I still would like to see some friendship developing between these two, I might be the only one who saw something there but I still think that it would be great.


How about Dirtysyn?


There’s also another thing that would be nice to see. More Jacob, maybe him becoming our sidekick somehow? But if anything, for Jacob to be alright


The mystery behind Crook is subtly mentioned in book two. It took me a few playthroughs to actually put the possible puzzle pieces together.
Whether I’m right or wrong remains to be seen.
Play through book two again and see if you can (possibly) solve it like I did.
I won’t post what the specifics of it here though as I don’t want to spoil anything.


As for my wish(wishes?) I’d like to see some romances end in ways that are–different, I guess?

So instead of the old, “And they lived happily ever after” BS, can the romances end in various ways so we don’t have the same repetitive end to all romance options?
Like maybe some new scenes with the RO that our MC is with or even some quality time with the Hedonist.

And can someone please tell Mega Cat that “Hey, the country is under attack by supervillains that need to be taken care of?”

Maybe. Who knows.


Thanks for the input, everyone! It’s much appreciated!

I starting writing Part 3 yesterday, and I’m using C-SIDE this time, so hopefully it will help me address bugs and typos as I move along.

I’ll close this thread now as I have more ideas than I would be able to use in 1,000 years!




Quick update.

Progress is slow, as I’ve spent much of my 2018 writing time on CCH short stories, StarStreakers!, and a few short projects. I just needed a change of pace.

CCH3 will be incredibly wide, and it’s going to take a long time to finish. I have a very short (5,000-word) start being reviewed by my Patrons, and they’ll hopefully give me some feedback on updates as I move forward. Eventually, much later in the process, I’ll ask for help beta testing on our lovely forum here! It’ll just be a while.