Community College Hero 3: A Perfect World



He’s in his late 20s/early 30s and MC is 19. I get that to people younger than us, it seems like 30 is old age but I assure you its not.


Lol, I am quite aware. I suggested it knowing that it wasn’t a feasible idea. It’s one of those “let’s rule out this character very quickly for these reasons” kind of ideas.

So, would any established character fit the age requirement?
Or, do you think the MC being a clone of someone (any character) would be too unrealistic?


i’d honestly be 100% for that twist, just because it’s hilarious, just imagining everyone’s reaction is killing me right now XD

it should at least be an easter egg

it’s 100% on my wish list now XD


I think clones are a bit much.

For all the superpowers and…all that Booksmart is doing, CCH is a pretty grounded superhero story. Clones are kinda…high sci-fi, and this is more low sci-fi.


Again this isnt something you can just introduce in the last book. There’s already a larger conflict going on to even focus on something this big.


I think my biggest thing is that I hope we don’t find out Savior or Prestige is the actual “good guy.” CCH has some pretty fantastic grey morality in play and I think it’d be best served by letting the schools continue to have bad opinions of one another (or heck, even improve their respective opinions and learn to get along if that’s what you’re inclined to do) but if come book 3 it’s confirmed that either MegaCat or the Smarts were 100% right about the other being secretly evil or just in it for the fame or out for world domination or what have you it could fall pretty flat.

I guess the other direction is everybody was right about everybody else and everyone in power is evil but I would also enjoy some optimism. We’ve got gritty media, gritty superhero stories even, and I certainly don’t want to dissuade you from including that kind of content but we’re kind of getting to the point where it’s more counterculture to end on a high note

And, I mean this probably goes without saying, but I’d like to be able to end up in alright-to-pretty good standing with my preferred school. Or, schools rather. Tollymom is best mom but still deeply in love with Booksmart, as is my way. And I guess the ability to end up in good standing at Speck is a bit of a given. So, non-Speck preferred school


Now that is an excellent point. But what do you think of the Zone? Do you think time dilation is possible there, or is that still too high sci-fi?


i know the question isn’t addressed to me but the Zone remind me a lot of the Speed Force in DC

literally you vs. all the Crook romancers


Good question.

As it is, it the Zone comes off more as a fantasy-sci-fi contraption rather than anything that can described using legit science terms. The amount of times Captain Cali described just feeling the Zone and diggin’ deep makes it seem less…scientific in nature, and more like…the Force, and Star Wars isn’t very hard sci-fi at all.

Now, that’s not to say that it can’t be possible within the Zone, but that name dropping it just doesn’t seem like the kind of thing that would fit within the series as it’s pretty willy-nilly and waves away hard science explanations.
That said, if such a thing were included, the biggest question would then become Crook and why he isn’t even older than he already is (lol sorry @Strider), and honestly I can just see it creating more questions than answers.


They can come ! i’m taking all of them at once !

at worst i can call the incest fandom as back up


For the record, I am reading everything but will respond to very little because I want to avoid even a hint of a spoiler as far as my actual intentions.

I wrote the OP to be pretty vague, while still including a basic checklist.


ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooook moving on.

That’s fair—you might want to include this into the OP too, just in case this post (most likely) gets buried.

Other things I want to see in CCH3:

  • Friendzone, because I love her

That is all.


For the record, @Eric_Moser you could include a DLC where we do nothing but walk around hanging out with Friendzone and make people happy and I would pay cold hard cash for it. That is how much I love her dontcha know.


now that i think about it, no fandom are associated with CCH, which is good because wish list thread with fandoms always turn into a mess, they tend to take their wish list too seriously


I though about the dad idea more seriously (read : beyond the Crook joke) and i don’t see what it would add, given that the dad isn’t even really a character, he is like 99% a blanc slate, i don’t see what saying ‘hey, he wasn’t your father’ would change beyond making the stench route somewhat pointless and you can litteraly accomplish anything you could with the ‘he wasn’t your dad’ thing just by saying ‘hey, your dad isn’t a actualy dead’

so yeah, i just don’t see what it would add

edit : just realised that the bit about the stench path being pointless with the idea is somewhat dismiss of the father since he would still have raised you but you get what i meant


Mnn… Minor point: Learning more about the teachers in general.


I have faith in your abilities as a writer, so always remember that.

With that said, I thought I’d provide my own Super-hero Wishlist (excuse the tongue-in-cheek in advance):

  1. Protect Middle America from both corrupt and immoral coastal elites.
  2. Have a Spring Break Adventure down in Florida; maybe even involve my newest friend there.
  3. Play match-maker - Crook with Dirty-Girl, The Principle with ???, The HELL professor with ???, Tess with ???, Stoic with ???, etc., etc, etc.
  4. Finally put Orgami’s restless shade to rest by making sure her legacy at the hospital is secure.
  5. Find an honest blue-collar hero’s job here at home instead of having to migrate to one of those coastal areas mentioned above.
  6. Bring both an NFL team and an NBA team to the Community College’s hometown. Might as well go for a MLS team as well. Baseball is too elitist though …

Secret Personal Goals of my young MC:
1: Resolve my Daddy and Mommy issues
2: Find my Z-powers and revel in them.
3: Get the respect I know I am due. (related to 3?)
4: Pay off my student loans.
5: Start an Amazon-like company for Z-powered individuals and retire once I get #1 on the Forbes’ Richest People in the World List.

I am absolutely positive you are Santa Claus, @Eric_Moser … so I’m looking forward to the release of: Community College Hero 3: A Perfect World. :santa:


I would love for my dream MC/Hedonist/Crook OT3 to become reality :stuck_out_tongue: because I have a trashy mind and the banter would be PRICELESS


What I would like to see what is the mystery behind Dean Tolly? What is the mystery behind Crook? That we save Oragami! And, if we choose the tactician path, that were not to under powered, compared to the other paths


How about the option to meet Crook’s family? Like am I the only one who feel like Crook is modelled after our favourite author cough Eric


That be so cool to date her it be interesting how others would react.