Community College Hero 2 - LAST PUSH BEFORE SUBMISSION - Anyone else able to test within next 48 hours?)

Complete draft is done! I shall soon seek volunteers to help me make it sparkle! And to crush the vile :cricket::beetle::ant:!

  • All testing will occur in Private Threads.

  • I ask that testers not discuss the testing or the game outside of the Private Thread (one reader recently posted spoiler comments on social media - that was very frustrating).

  • Private Threads will run from Sunday to Saturday each week; they will be open only for a week each, because I plan to be editing every single night and I ask that folks only volunteer for a week where they are certain they’ll have time to test the game. When I close a Private Thread on a Sunday morning, I’ll create the next week’s thread later that same Sunday.

  • So starting on Sunday, January 28th, I’ll reopen this thread, ask for volunteers for THAT week only, and then close this thread again once I have enough folks.

  • I will cap the weekly Private Thread at around 10-15 people so that everyone’s feedback can be heard and considered.

  • This is a LONG game. Average play-through length is around 65,000 words. For most people, it will take 4-5 hours to read, and another few hours to provide me the feedback I request. It’s not something you can do in an hour or two. If you don’t have that time available, I totally understand! We’re all busy! Just don’t volunteer! :slight_smile:

So this is my way of letting people know it’s coming. But for now, I am CLOSING this thread; I’ll reopen it on January 28th with a request for volunteers for that week.


Just bumping this one more time to make sure folks see it!

I’m still on schedule to start this process on the 28th. I will soon post a template (yes it’s a bit :nerd_face: but it’s needed!) that I will be asking all testers to fill out, so you’ll know what you’re signing up for in advance!

I am tough but (sometimes) fair! (don’t ask my kids…or my wife)


Okay I am recruiting testers for Round 1 of final testing! PLEASE read the original post before volunteering.

This week I am focusing on balancing stats I have crunched most thoroughly: PRIMARY STATS/COMBAT, OUCH, and SCHOOL PREFERENCE. I need all testers volunteering this week to focus on these game elements and to fill out the report I will provide in the private thread. The report has about 20 questions and should take less about 30 minutes to fill out.

So if you want to sign up for this week, just comment below. Just be sure that your schedule will give you time to test and submit your report no later than Saturday, February 3rd.

When I get enough testers, I will close this thread down for the week. The testers will get a PM with the game link later today.

Thanks everyone!


I would love to participate and help in anyway I can!

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I can help if needed although I don’t have much experiance in testing. But I do have like 25 hours to spare in my week.
And phase one? how many phases will there be?

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Count me in. I beta tested first game, and I’m more than happy to help again.

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Me three! Or… idk what number. But I’d like to test as well.

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I have always wanted to beta test your game so I really hope you take me in.

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I would love to be apart of the beta testing :slight_smile:

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I don’t have much experience in beta testing, but I’d love to participate in the testing!

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Sign me up, boss. Definitely have time to beta this week.

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I knew being unemployed would be a good idea, sign me up mate

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I would like to help test this, if it is possible.

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Me please! :3 I have the time!

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Okay everyone who has posted so far is in! I’ll keep it open for a bit longer and hopefully we’ll get 2 or 3 more folks, and then I’ll close.

Everyone will get PMs in an hour or two.

And for the less experienced testers, it’s all about having sufficient time, paying attention to the details, and submitting your report. You’ll all do fine! It’s not a complicated process.


Not interested in beta testing for one reason and one reason alone, I don’t want to ruin anything. This is a day one buy for me, don’t even need to wait for reviews or read the demo. My most highly anticipated game of the year.


@2xs, why that’s the absolute bestest reason not to beta test! I need testers, but honestly I hope there are others in your camp as well!


Nothing could ruin it for me. Being able to read through the sequel to my favorite COG series while being able to give back in some way is definitely a win win for me.

When the game fully comes out I’ll have the perfect to excuse to read through it again completely to see what changed in the end product.

I’m really excited haha

EDIT: Oh, but I get where you’re coming from though, don’t get me wrong lol, you want your first playthrough to be the perfected product, I can respect that.

I would love to beta test the game I can’t wait to see how far you’ve gotten with it and to help add in those finishing touches with you.

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I’d love to beta test I loved community college hero

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