Community College Hero 2: Knowledge is Power

this raises a point though, Shouldn’t some cities that had the shields up longer be giving off longer periods of The Zenith Energy? As A Result of Which, More Extensive counts of Zenith Children? Then this is bringing out another point, shouldn’t Some Zenith Shields be of more Higher quality, I Can’t imagine Washington DC With anything less than the best Z Shield Available.

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It’s a good point to be sure, but all of this would only affect one of the three paths, so it’s not something I want to pursue. And even if I did, it would force players/readers to make an arbitrary choice for birth city, resulting in them either being buffed or nerfed as a result, which is pretty much the opposite of how I want the game to play.

But this might be an idea I explore in my CCH short stories because yeah, some cities definitely would have been more fortified than others.

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A potential solution to the issue: the shields in the big cities were stronger, but were also better designed so that they would affect the population. Meanwhile those i’ smaller city were not as strong and of a lower quality, meaning that the population was just as affected by the dide effects.

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dide affects?

So i just realize the game got update because it’s been long time i don’t play the game. I what effect the update give, is the update only fixing bug?. The last time i play is version 1.0.1

Can you give our character an OP superpower, something like aura manipulation ( so you can copy another power off another zenith and amplify it ,so you can defeat that person, so then it will make sense why it took ages for his power to manifest)

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@Zen1, I guess it was a bug fix? I didn’t upload any new content.

@Shazy333, oh I have already figured out the MC’s potential power in the Zenith path. I just have a lot of writing to do before I’m ready to post a demo for CCH3.



Hi. Just wanted to know if ‘a very stoic christmas’ is still available. I couldnt find it in google playstore. I just knew about it recently while randomly reading through the forum. Tq

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I’ve spoken with HG about perhaps including my short stories as an IAP for CCH2, but for whatever reason, I never followed through. For now, they are only available on payhip. The set includes includes A Very Stoic Christmas, By Hook or By Crook, and Nowhere to Go But Up.

Here’s the link:


Hi, I’m reading again the books again and would like to know if someone could tell me if, in Book 2, you can get back items that you missed because of bad grades, and if so can you do it at the start of the game ? I seem to remember you can do it but only when visiting Savior.
Thanks !

You do, but I honestly don’t recall at what point in the story