Community College Hero 2: Knowledge is Power

Thanks, yep that was how I was inclined to go with it. The conversation is not long enough or personal enough to really go any further with it.


Yeah, then don’t. Depending on the setting a nonbinary character might introduce themselves with pronouns or have a pronoun pin? If it’s a situation where they’re expecting to meet these people again–work/school orientation, first meeting of an organization, that kind of thing. But if it’s just short and quick–don’t worry about it

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@No_This_Is_Patrick, @Eric_Moser, lets be real tho. Is plot armor more of a story format, or is it a power? Cuz honestly both green arrow and batman have both been killed off in their stand alone comics.

And theres nothing wrong with the mc being average or even mildly more powerful than others and still needing help, i guess im just curious as to how its gonna play out. Like [spoiler] when origami tried to finesse the minipulator, shes killed [spoiler], no one expected that it would happen.

Yeah then Batman comes back and can somehow beat anyone as long he had mUh PrEp TiMe.

Ok hes a millionare baddass not kevin macalester

OH that explains it.

Nah sorry. Literally every single member of the JL would destroy him, besides arrow guy. He only wins and does the impossible because he’s popular.
Wonder Woman beats his butt all the time shes the most skilled fighter, even Batman has admitted it, with almost superman level strength and has decades of fighting experience. Thankfully that prep time don’t work on her, unless you count that dumb JL Doom movie.

I’m glad we won’t be having any plot armor crap for the MC. Leave the world ending enemies to the people who can handle them.

That’s kinda deep

Hey everyone,

I have some polls on Twitter and FB that are open until about 7PM tonight EST (UTC -5). Basically, I am letting one of these four characters (Hedonist, Dirty Girl, Friendzone, or Tress) take over my social media for the month of March. I have complete confidence that any of them could handle these duties, but I decided to let readers choose the winner!

We already have about 100 votes, but it looks to be pretty close at this point! (Damn you FB for not having an easy, 3+ choice poll setup like Twtter)

You can find my Tweet (its the most recent one) here:

And my FB post (same thing) here:


Dirty Girl has officially taken over my Twitter and FB pages.

This is going to be a long March. I hope my mother is still talking to me by the end of the month.


If I’m being honest I would like to have a moment with Tress and just converse about her wierd inferiority complex that she’s managed to somehow obtain about the MC. It’s even more odd when you’re romancing her, because in my opinion you’re supposed to feel proud for each other’s accomplishments in a relationship. In general, I wish we had more time to talk and get to know the seven better. However, this is only a suggestion and I know how difficult it is to create an entire game from scratch including the stress of tying off a series nicely.


Re: Tress, there is always going to be an underlying current of low key hostility because of the leadership situation, and also because she feels outclassed by her classmates. Oh, and she is also a perfectionist, which is an impossible standard to live up to, so she tends to lash out at others sometimes. None of this will get better in Part 3.

And yes I wish I could devote even more time to social scenes, but the problem is that as the story progresses and the stakes ramp up, spending too much time on purely “fun” scenes works against me by reducing the tension.

Yes, I still need to include social scenes as breathers, but the social interactions will primarily have to be woven into plot-heavy scenes going forward. There’s not much room anymore for “fun for fun’s sake,” as there was in Part 1.


…will her perfectionist thing affect both her and the MC if they’re in a relationship? :thinking:

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So how do you feel about the social media takeover as the month comes to an end? Was it a worthwhile experiment?

Well, with the mindset that I did it for two reasons:

  1. To have fun and “get into character” and
  2. To increase social media engagement with readers

Let’s see how it did.

  1. I did indeed have fun, but frankly if I did it again I would create a list of likes/dislikes/catchphrases and a summary of the character’s scenes so I didn’t have to ad lib as much as I did.

  2. Here are my FB insights from Nov 2018 to present

Nov 13: 584 reach, 65 engagements
Nov 26: 766 reach, 276 engagements
Nov 28: 781 reach, 112 engagements
Dec 8: 591 reach, 40 engagements
Dec 14: 498 reach, 36 engagements
Jan 8: 591 reach, 114 engagements
Jan 28: 469 reach, 102 engagements
Feb 9: 998 reach, 256 engagements (announced update for CCH3)
Feb 18: 937 reach, 382 engagements (asked readers to vote who would take over my social media)
Feb 20: 642 reach, 114 engagements (announced DG as winner)
Feb 27: 731 reach, 544 engagements (reminded readers takeover starts in 2 days)
March 1: 537 reach, 164 engagements (first DG post)
March 8: 537 reach, 168 engagements (second DG post)
March 14: 551 reach, 117 engagements (third DG post)
March 15: 526 reach, 108 engagements (fourth DG post)
March 22: 572 reach, 140 engagements (fifth DG post)

Soooooo…my takeaway is that there was more excitement about picking a winner than there was about the actual posts, although I will say that many of the DG month engagements are actually posts, not just likes, so there was a good number of questions and comments to respond to (I didn’t even get to all of them).

Would I do it again? Maybe as a run-up to Part 3. It just takes so long to get these games released, I feel I need material to fill the long “down time” between publication dates so readers don’t forget about me.


Tress is still best girl.

Do either @TheGoodRebel or @AAO have a snuff fetish? You might be able to make both happy.

Also, I haven’t commented since there hasn’t really been much to ask for or suggest that’s occurred to me, but this is genuinely the most complete CYOA I have played. It has a good story, interesting setting, an intriguing role for a MC to be in, characters worth caring about (I loved Stunner), and an enjoyable, rewarding progression system.


That’s probably about the biggest compliment someone could give me, so thank you very much!


This is a bit off topic but, did anyone else think of Matthew McConaughey from Surfer Dude after reading Captain California’s description in the first CCH game.

images-7 7

It just hit when i was replaying Trial by Fire recently


So I have an odd question: Was playing book 2 before work today and at the end, there are like 3 or more choice options on different pages for the MC to be like, “Well I’m sure Prestige is gonna send someone else to help.” Is that just a bit of a red herring , or all this time have I been missing different ending stuff?

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