Community College Hero 2: Knowledge is Power

Late comer here :sweat_smile:

The story is getting more intense. Too many hidden agenda. I couldn’t help but assume that the “hero” here is not truly hero, while the “villain” is… how do I say it, complicated I guess.
I don’t know who to trust anymore.

On my first playthrough when C-Wom died, it hits me really hard. He is too innocent to die like that. Thankfully his death is not scripted. But, it’s kinda disappointing that he’ll still be gone eventhough I could manage to keep him alive.

And for Tress… damn Tress, I like her just fine on CCH1. But the more I knew about her, the more I hate her.
While Stoic is the other way around, the more I knew her, the more I grow fond of her. I really hope she will be fully romanceable in CCH3. That was a sweet hug though :blush:

And a little non game-breaking bug that I’ve found on issue 8 code:

*if (mcleader = "yes")
	There simply isn't time to run after her. You have to figure out how to take down the Manipulator before she hurts Dean Tolly!
	*goto distract_manip_pick
	*goto leader_now_8

CMIIW, but I think mcleader supposed to be teamleader. The if condition won’t trigger since mcleader value is numerical

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Ah, I hope that particular scene isn’t very important. I really don’t want to request a patch this long after. Do you remember what Issue it was in?

And honestly there are lots of potential villains and heroes. I would expect some flips both ways as the climax draws nearer. Maybe Tress will win you over in Part 3!


It’s in issue 8, before Tress make a distraction to Manipulator. And it’s not a big deal though, only a little difference in text. Just feels a little weird if MC is already the leader.
Maybe I shouldn’t even bring that up in the first place.

Please surprise me :grin:
Anyway, good luck for writing the part 3

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I only want to know what will happen to Stoic since she doesn’t have her power anymore.


I want to know what happens to her as well. Hmmmmm.


Speaking of Stoic, check out Junha Kim’s Twitter page featuring fan art of Stoic and other CCH characters that even I, as a middle-aged dad and overall curmudgeon, can only describe as “adorable.”


Hey Eric_Moser, been a minute since ive been on here. Im currently reading the first book for the 9th time and i have finally understood the severity of little jacobs disease. For the love of all things, i think its inevitable that hes going to die in book three, but PLEASE dont make it to painful for us veterans. [Spoiler]Seriously, origami’s was hard enough[Spoiler]

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I played the Knowledge is Power again. I really can’t seem to get over the fact that C-Wom has really left. Damn, I really wanted to see him kick Hedonist’s marble Zenith butt in a thrid rematch.


@Ethan_Potts, okay I will make his death sterile and emotionless. Wait…no I’m going to do it the opposite way. :slight_smile:

@Zombiefan, Alas, his dreams of toppling the Hedonist were ground to dust. As was the Hedonist (in some playthroughs)


Damn, I really want to beat the crap out of Hedonist…for…you know…the exams and other suggestive tones… cough

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WAIT WHAT PLAY THROUGH? I WANNA KNOW, THE HEDONIST IS A WIERD CREEP AND DESERVES TO BE PUMMELED…seriously tho what play through cuz i havent played all of them

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@Bathala, what, having him die a horrible death isn’t enough?? I thought it was pretty gruesome.

@Ethan_Potts, okay if you vote for him to stay with you and the other Speck kids to defend Speck, then he ends up getting killed in the battle with the Manipulator. If you vote for him to leave, he leaves and doesn’t die in St. Louis.


Would have preferred to crush his skull beneath my foot.

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General Update: I sent a small update to my patrons tonight for CCH3. I plan to update it a lot more often now that I have made some big decisions on how the power paths will proceed.

A dedicated thread for CCH3 is still a lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng way off here, but I’ll mention general progress here once in a while.


Thanks Eric.

Hey @Eric_Moser, how do i personally become one of the few dedicated patron? I mean im not tryna wash ur feet or anything but i really like your writings and wo UK ld love to see how much i have to hope for! Btw i cant seem to get something clear, do u think personally that the mc ( in the finding hidden powers arch ) will either come out to be more powerful than most of the other zens given his progress as a non powered, or is just gonna be a random? I personally would love to see my character be able to over power the likes of monstrosity x and lady ash, but still be under-powered enough to be humble. I know its a weird way of thinking but look @ it like this; deathstroke or green arrow, who dont have powers, they both seem to both be badass enough to kick ass and take names. Everything either of them does takes extensive training, not super powers. Look @ batman, all he needs is a little bit of money for his gadgets. I guess all im saying is, with either path, make it badass to play like you have with the other volumes. Just a friendly request and suggestion tho, nothing more

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Dude has super strength and healing.

Plot armor.

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@Ethan_Potts, I’m still fine-tuning the paths at this point. My goal is not to have the MC omnipotent, but rather to give the MC a much needed “boost” to become more of a player in things (yet still just one piece of the puzzle, not a “chosen one” of any kind).

Remember that Lady Ash and Monstrosity X are Top Tier opponents, so there’s no shame in needing (a lot of) help against them. And frankly, I already gave the MC a ton of “plot armor” allowing them to take their final shot against Manipulator. And even then, she had been softened up to allow for it.

If you want to become a Patron, check out my page at

$3/month gets you a monthly CCH RPG character sheet (with art by defenestratin) and for an additional $2/month, you get access to the CCH3 beta, and you get to provide feedback as the beta develops. For example, I just posted a poll asking people which of the three power paths they would like to see me focus on for the next few weeks. (You also get updates on my other projects).

@No_This_Is_Patrick, Yep. Plot armor. And I am seriously considering lifting MC’s “plot armor” in CCH3, meaning creating different ways for MC to meet their demise, some taking place before the end of the story. But that’s a big decision. Mmm sounds like another Patreon poll.


Question…especially for nonbinary forumgoers…

How do you think I should describe a nonbinary minor character, let’s say a character who only talks to the MC for a minute or so? I mean, generally with binary characters, I’d just write something “A woman with bags under her eyes,” or "a man with a receding hairline and bright eyes,’ basically just giving a quick little visual before moving onto the dialogue.

I’m trying to reinforce the fact that nonbinary folks dot our daily lives, but I’m trying to figure out how to write the short scene without delving deeply into issues of identity, just as I wouldn’t with men or women.

Any tips? Should I maybe just use the term “person” and then go to the short description and call it a day? Am I overthinking this?


Just say person, and then use they/them. (There are other gender neutral pronouns but if the person isn’t introducing themselves with them, they/them is the best default.) “A person with a face. They said words.” I don’t wanna say you’re overthinking it cos it’s good that you’re thinking about it! But … yeah, you’re a little overthinking it. Were it an involved nonbinary character I’d probably have more to say, but for throwaway NPCs, just use gender neutral terminology and you’re good