Community College Hero 2: Knowledge is Power

Is there a discord community for this series?

No, I didn’t great all the game mechanics of a true original playable game, but I sure hoped that people could take the stats as a baseline and sorta make it their own from there. That’s why no one will have a stat higher than 9 on the 1-10 scale; I wanted to create some chance for failure if feats were rolled on a ten-sided die or something like that.

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Oh neat! Mind if I throw together some of our favorite Speck Students in a generator and post the results? I’d use FATE and Mutants and Masterminds.

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@Christopher_Wells, I am willing to help in any way i can in your pursuit of accomplishing the goal of creating a playable build

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Cool man, thanks. I’m about to upload the first build.

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Ok, so this is my first time doing this for a specific fictional character. Don’t take my build as being canonical or anything, this is just for fun.

So Tress is an interesting build. She’s not all that useful in combat, with her hair being used to support other more physical teammates through suffocation and tangling them up. Her hair can be used to animate paper objects as well, so pulling off a distraction is a viable tactic. Her real use in play is through her diplomacy and leadership skills. While in CCH2 her leadership skills are lacking, I had to buff them a bit for her to actually be playable to a degree. But in all honesty, I wouldn’t play as her in the slightest. Her combat skills when not using her Zenith powers are abysmal and unless she’s in a situation where her attractiveness can be used, she’s borderline useless. With a creative player and good party at the table she might stand a chance, but everyone’s favorite primadonna redhead is benched for now guys. Next I’ll be looking at everyone’s favorite glasses wearing best boy, Mob.


As long as it’s just for your personal enjoyment and not for commercial purposes, no problem! Have fun with it!

lol I just glanced at the sheet. Love the Hair Gag.

And that sheet is complicated as hell. It gives me anxiety looking at all the stats. That’s probably why I never went deeper with RPGs than the Marvel games of the mid 1980s that were pretty simple.

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Hey @Eric_Moser was just thinking and was wondering about the new Dr. Stench armor and what it would look like. In my head canon I’ve got it pictured as a cross between the Fallout New Vegas Desert Ranger armor (mainly the duster and chest armor) and Karl Kroenen from the Hellboy movie (not the best option but I did love that mask) but my main question would be if the MC following this path would be required to completely abandon their old hero identity like if they choose the moniker Captain Powerless or if they could impose a piece of their old costume into the new Dr. Stench outfit (in my case the hood my MC wears). Keep up the great work.

I’m not sure what it will look like, but it will have a set appearance, as it’s a fairly sophisticated piece of tech, not something that the MC can cobble together or modify on their own. But yes, I think giving the MC the ability to add a little personalized touch of some sort would be a fun choice, and a nice middle ground.

The whole “what will the MC’s name be” thing is a dicier question, but I lean toward letting the MC keep their own name since that is very important to many players, even though it wouldn’t make much thematic sense. But I’d anticipate also letting them officially change their name to Dr. Stench, or perhaps a play on that.


@Eric_Moser, if I may suggest something, and this iis. totally up to u (obviously), but could u incorporate some sorta thematic element where the MC is able to combine at least two of the three options? For example, if I wanna pursue unlocking my powers but @ the same time continue to figure out how to take down the DD, or even use the armor and keep my powers. Something like that would be pretty cool, like my character was a brooding baddie who was a soldier type, and was outstanding with combat, so you would naturally choose the armor, but I was also hoping to figure out what my powers would’ve been. Idk it’s just something I thought of since I’m not able to read it again due to getting leader both times.

Sorry Ethan, that’s locked in stone at this point. In Part 2, players had to pick a path, and there were no crossover scenes, meaning that for example, a Zenith power-seeking MC didn’t look at their dad’s old stuff, try to find dad’s old cellmate, or discover the prison underneath Prestige. They didn’t take any of the steps the Stench MCs took, and vice versa.

But enjoy the three different paths! I’m spending a tremendous amount of time on these.


Just having so many feelings rattling around in my heart and I really need to get them all out.

I just finished the first book (I had a huge cry over Origami…) and leapt immediately into the second book… But I’m super duper troubled that my character seems to be cheating with Crook. I chose to lock into the Crook romance when the book asked me who I wanted to date because I really believed he and the MC would have resolved where the marriage stood before getting involved. Especially given that he pushes you away in Book 1 because he’s married. But if you go ahead and accept his advances in the massage parlor then your character moves the physical relationship ahead with him without even knowing the status of his marriage!! :disappointed_relieved:

I thought I’d confirm the timeline with you guys though because even though I am very sensitive to this subject, I can reconcile it a little bit if I think of the it in these terms: we had no contact with any of the Speck Seven (obvs including Crook) over the break, then when we got back in town, he invited us out to fight those dudes, we dropped his drunk ass off at his room and went back to ours alone, rested up and then on the first day of school (??) we went to the massage parlor with him at lunch.

Is that right so far as far as the timeline goes?

Because given that, it seems like there wouldn’t be time for anything sexual to have happened yet between the two of you until you make the decision whether to accept or deny the rubdown in the massage parlor. And of course choosing to deny then gets you the confession that he didn’t go home over Christmas and his marriage is pretty much over…

If nothing else, if I can confirm the timeline, at least I can make the distinction that my MC now knows the marriage is over before jumping straight into the relationship. That way we aren’t blatantly disregarding Crook’s marriage and just pushing ahead…

@Eric_Moser, I have to wonder though, In the find ur powers story arch, why bookie was so tight l i’l pped about helping you find them. And even when she was willing to, u had to give something in return. It goes back to what I was saying about her corruption, it almost gives off the impression that she knows something that the MC doesnt, and i might even go as far as to say that it seems like she dont want the mc to know cuz she’s threatened by them.

If you scroll up, we have plenty of conspiracy theories =D
From her lying about megacat and the dozen meeting to trick us, to her wanting to take revenge on us cause dad managed to steal high security intel from savior

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Knowing something you don’t is like 90% of her characrer TBH


This is a very very great game and I enjoyed it so much. I have no complains about the story, but I’d like to mention some details that the scenes kinda shift so quickly that I sometimes get confused because the transition happens unexpectedly. One page I was training at the gym and using Stoic as a gym equipment, then on the next page I apparently went on a journey to Prestige alteady using a taxi.

If there’s anything I’d like to suggest for the game, It’s probably making Booksmart a romancable character. I know it might mess up the story in some way, but I just happened to be into smart independent girls who aren’t that clingy. (Sorry Tress)

I thought it would be unique for the story to be able to romance a superhero for a change. Because all superhero movies or books sometimes end up the same way: you started as someone weak, you try to get stronger because of a motivation driving you to do something, you fail the first tries, and you become strong and the hero saves the day.

This suggestion might be ambitious and required alot of work, but I’m just wondering if you could implant a way to somehow get closer to Booksmart as a person rather than Savior as a whole.

Iirc the romances are set in stone (which is not a pun as Hedy isnt one) for cch3 due to how complex the entire thing is already shaping up to be.

I didn’t know that, oh well, at least it make it easier to select which one i want per playthrough and stop me from hesitating.

I hope harem route become the norme one day, i suck at choosing just 1 person.

I get that, but I’m not talking about every teacher to be romancable, just the Smarts. I know the story has been complex especially with this retribution/altruism, self/loyalty taking into account, but I’m just wondering if the author could put extra pages of dialogues between the MC and Book/Streetsmart if you did choose to go on Savior’s side.

Maybe impress one of them and become closer, even without needing to romance them.

I just wanna see Booksmart smile for a change out of her expressionless face, just like Stoic for example.

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