Community College Hero 2: Knowledge is Power

On that note, might have wondered before, but… do we even KNOW if that was the real morpho?
It could have very well been a shapeshifter from savior and Tolly’s consistent no was bookie pulling strings. Least of course Tolly IS megacat and fooled bookie into believing she successfully pulled strings

I’ve only read the free paths but does the MC ever get any abilities?

@Eric_Moser, first off, I thought Savior was corrupt because it felt like Booksmart was doing things only for the betterment of herself. And then when she scares the living crap out of everyone in the room during her “mind-reading” stunt. I love where u made the contrarian lawful evil/chaotic good at the end of part two, that gave me a lot of hope for the ending. I just hope that the monster with the mouths is easier to beat than before. (Sorry it’s been a while since I’ve read CCH, and since I made leader in both I dont wanna reread cuz I think I have something going)
And I thing space suit dude’s name was nul or nil or something like that…

Bro, without giving any spoilers. I totally recommend paying to read the story, it pays off. I will say that I was close to crying a few times, and I did actually stop reading cuz there was one moment that hit close to home. The veteran readers out there will back me up that if ur looking for a story that isn’t a roller coaster of emotions, then stay away. I’ve came close to losing my cool in public cuz it’s such a good “book”.

The Manipulator is NOT chaotic good. Hell, she’s only working with the MC because she wants revenge, not because she turned good. If anything, she’s either true neutral or chaotic neutral.

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I’m a tad late for the Hedonist complaints, but I bought the game entirely for him, too. I tried to get the marble senpai to notice me the whole game but nope. Then I tried to settle for whatever-the-bald-dude’s-name-was, but that proved to be a big fat nope too, since he was missing for almost the whole game.

Still kinda bitter, don’t mind me. :disappointed_relieved:



I love it.


Idk man, [spoiler]yeah she killed a child who was one of the MC’s best friends and terrorized an entire town into running the speck kids away, and in no way am I trying to justify her actions, but you also have to realize she was doing what she was told in order to maintain her place. Yes, she was @ one point chaotic evil, but now that she is willing to help, I dont think she came all the way up to neutral. I think theres some evil left in that horrible mind of hers[spoiler]

Not to mention she pnly wants to ‘help’ to 1. Take revenge and 2. To save her own hide. It might as well be a ruse. If she is even remotely as ‘crazy’ as she acted and half as vicious the entire thing might be staged to get at the MC

TBF, The entier character of the surfer guy is just a subtle way to tell you no one in the hero and villain bussiness is half as anything as they present themself to be, it’s all crafted persona and archetype, it just happens that she had to drop the persona because it just cost her an arm.

Uni kinda had the same point too

It’s as subtle as a whale on a pogostick. He tell us as much. D=

Idk. Them whales be pretty subtle on those pogosticks.

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Well, did you ever see a whale on a pogostick ? no ? that’s just a proof of how subtle they are


^ facts


I’m so proud of you people right now, you wouldn’t believe it.

Edit: though… My brain just turned this into an exchange between hedy, cal and downfall


Yes but I think [spoiler] that, even if she didnt mean it entirely, she still said sorry in her own way. Dont get me wrong she still needs to pay for her crimes, but if she has Intel on the DD she could be an amazing asset to the MC and Tolly, not to mention the fact that she could singlehandedly take on at least one other member of the DD by herself. Now when the “battle” is over, that is when we decide what happens to her, whether it be the death penalty or something else. But again she has loads of info that even Mega Cat or the smarts dont even have, only because she was ONE OF THEM. [spoiler]

I see there’s been some activity! I’ll weigh in tomorrow when I get a chance to look it over!

I was actually just popping by to announce that I’ve published my first Community College Hero short story collection! I’ve included “A Very Stoic Christmas,” “By Hook or by Crook,” and “Nowhere to Go but Up” in Volume 1, available now for just $.99 here.

I’m working on new short stories, featuring Mega Cat, Professor McCormick, and more, so hopefully I can get Volume 2 out this winter!

If you check it out, let me know what you think!


Has anyone tried making builds of the Speck Students in tabletop rpgs like Mutants and Masterminds or Fate?

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There are the RPG cards (digital) as C-Wom level and above reward on Eric Moser Patreon Patreon page

I am aware of them, but they aren’t true playable builds. They only give canonical stats abilities.