Community College Hero 2: Knowledge is Power

Ok thanks you
Other question . Hedonist is a RO or not ?

No :cry: At least, not now (and probably not ever?)

We I like where u are going with that one, sorta like how in the original Spider-Man with Toby McGuire, how he illustrated the different looks he would gone for

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Did anyone snatch Hedo’s name yet?

@Ekaterina, sadly, you are correct. But he’ll make an appearance in some playthoughs.

@Strider, yes @MeltingPenguins snatched him up. Actually, I now have “canon” names for Hedy, Stoic, Origami, Quickie, and Captain California!

And quick update; public work on CCH3 is finally underway! I’m posting updates on Patreon for my “inner circle,” but at some point, near the end, I’ll start organizing some beta testing through the forums. But it will be a long, long time before that happens.


@Eric_Moser, do u have an ETA on when the third installment is gonna be finished? I have been anticipating it for a while now and i even have read other stories like “Tin Star” and “Last Heir”, but none of them have been quite as fulfilling as CCH

(Edit 2) By the way, if I might, may I suggest that the main character play a bigger role in the story line than in the previous installments, as In like being the one who not only takes down the wvyern, but also takes down the DD/saves all of speck. Not saying that (they) didn’t in The Battle of Speck, but a bigger role in the story arch would be very cool to experience. Like the REALLY defeating lady ash (not her particularly just an example) to where she gets taken down and arrested. Almost like a pre-crisis superman, the hero we all need sort of thing. Just my two cents tho.

Unless something has changed recently, to my knowledge it is still against the rules to ask for release timeframes from authors.

May I honestly ask why? I seriously don’t know…

Think about what u just said…what blind person is gonna be on a phone…

The author usually doesn’t know the answer, for one. For two it puts unnecessary stress on the author.

In the future I highly recommend knowing the rules before posting. They are extremely helpful and good at keeping our newer members out of trouble.


As @Lotus pointed out, it does violate forum rules to ask authors questions about their writing progress. I’m not mad, but please understand the reason for the rule, namely, that virtually all of us are doing this as a hobby or a very, very, very part-time job, and it can (and frequently does) get annoying/distracting/frustrating when people ask for updates. We work on our own schedules. Stories are updated when they are updated, simple as that. And my projections are always wrong anyway. I am an attorney and my time is at a premium. And sometimes I just want to hang out with my family.

Anyway, it’s going to be a LONG time. I get maybe 15 hours of writing time per week, and right now I’m giving StarStreakers! (a paying project for another company) like 75% of my writing time. I’m putting the rest of my time into CCH, between short stories and the CCH3 demo, but so far the demo on Patreon is 5,000 words, so obviously I’m at the very start of a very large project. I do appreciate your readership and support, though! It means a lot! I just wish I could deliver content much faster than I can.


I do apologize for the ignorance and disrespect, and i promise I will follow the forum rules to the best of my ability from here on. On that note, I do appreciate ur stories and ur ability to keep us readers entertained. Also I thank you for the respect shown by both of you @Lotus and @Eric_Moser, not very many people would have been as forgiving. So on and so forth, and following my suggestion I do think that more interaction with the community in the story, as In bystanders, would be VERY cool


Saw this and thought of you:

@Ethan_Potts, the folks here are great. And there are tons of WiPs for you to check out, if you’re so inclined. And some of CCH3 will take place in a new setting, so yes I’m thinking there will be opportunities for at least a few civilian interactions.

@Carlos.R, I haven’t read it, but I will blindly put Rory and Concordia up against Monsieur Falcon any day of the week. My writing groups likes Talon City far better than anything else I’ve brought, and I am managing to knock out a chapter at a time once in a while.


@Eric_Moser what made u make the readers choose where thry wanted to stand on the whole school vs school thing? Like, i feel like, 1) the corruption from Savior was so deep into the core, that they might as well have been part of the DD, if they aren’t already, 2) Mega Cat’s school (for the love of me I can’t remember the name!) Was way to up tight and tight lipped, even in light of the threat to speck, that I didn’t want to choose either even if I was made to. Not saying that it wasn’t a good story arch cuz it was amazing, but I feel like speck was, to use a good metaphor, like one of the neutral countries during WWII, “IF Y’ALL DON’T QUIET DOWN BACK THERE I’M TURNING THIS CAR AROUND AND WE’RE GOING HOME!”. I EVEN GOT to the point to where I didn’t even like Captain Cali cuz he was just so fake and deceiving. But “the space suit dude” (sorry it’s been a long time since I’ve read CCH), I’m starting to feel sorry for him and I’m starting to root for him to make a grand entrance in CCH3.

Please be mindful when asking stuff like this. It places a lot of stress on the author.

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Can I ask a silly question… well someone might’ve asked this already but, still I wanna know if Friendzone is a RO, yeah I know its pretty silly to ask considering her name but c’mon, she’s adorable. Can anyone answer my question?

@Ethan_Potts, you thought Savior was that corrupt? What exactly made you think that? I’m curious to know. And me asking the reader/MC to give opinions on the schools gives me some more options for Part 3 (not that I will necessarily take advantage of every option), because I’ve had some readers email me with questions like, “Can we get an end where we team up with the Smarts? Or with Mega Cat?” I’m still not sure how wide I’ll go with endings, but I wanted to have some stats that would track that sorta thing. Plus, the whole “who is going to screw the Speck kids over and why?” has been on the main themes of the story thus far.

And who is the “space suit dude?” Someone from Part 1??

@Zombiefan, no she won’t be a RO. I also find her adorable but she has almost as many haters as does Quickie.

And to the Americans around here, happy :poultry_leg: day!


@Eric_Moser i think since bookie screwed with our brains to bar us from saying stuff she made public anyway (except for the bits about morpho and the zone activity) we are all not trusting her further than we can throw her.

especially cause of the “megacat is toooootally working with the dozen, you can trust me on that”


I have to agree that the whole ‘i use my power to litteraly take away a part of your control over your own body and i won’t even tell you’ pretty much made me go ‘we can’t trust her with the power that her plan would give her’, that would quickly turn into ‘nobody can say or do anything that even slightly displease me’