Community College Hero 2: Knowledge is Power

“You are in a room. you are wearing clothes. there is a chair. how do you fight the monster?”

It’s a little underwhelming when it lacks description.

Well, most books describe characters’ physical appearances, at least to some extent. Same with settings and other story elements. But yeah there’s usually some room for interpretation. I get that.

My biggest “disconnect” with this forum community is that I’m not in the “fueled by the vast, unstoppable power of your imagination!” camp like most people here are.

My current project will have tons of graphics, and I am so excited about that. It will also have a pre-set main character with a backstory and everything. I think that adds a ton of depth and I’m excited about that too. .

I love my first two CCH2 stories, but sometimes I wish they were flashier/prettier to look at and experience.


Description are needed is what gives context and a atmospheric tone to a plot. What is not needed is put images to expecify how small concept of game and each detail of body or face and put images of weapons and armors .

But I am very in minority i know Still Ilustrations are something i close the eyes when are there due want kill my imagination

So you will write a traditional novel ? That’s cool I wish you luck

No, it’s IF. Just a different style than CoG/HG.


Description are needed for these things to give a basic idea of what one’s dealing with.

When you just say ‘armor’ and later on have a bit that talks about how the material withstands something, someone might go ‘but i thought it’s made from a material that does not do that’

I’d say it’s the level of detail in the descriptions.

A basic idea of shape and material is a must IMHO

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I actually really dig the “old scribbles” idea. That would be sweet if executed well.


:smiley: thank you

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More than like lone wolf and that with a preset? I have a relationship hate love with them . If they are great characters i could go and enjoy like were a novel. But you design good characters so i think you will do great. Still is not my favourite if as role playing is impossible But As more traditional novel is a good experience

Honestly, what kind of armor will it be anyway ? kitsch like the old Mr Freeze armor ? actual armor a la iron man ? or something cobbled up with duck tape and stuff from the garage but fonctional (like the globadier from warhammer) ?

given that the Father was jokester, i imagine it will be kitsch but i could have missunderstood something

Of course, That’s what I was saying. One thing is say A rusty dwarven iron hammer battered discarded in the middle of the battle. Descriptions are souls of the plot and what gives atmospheric feelings

That put a photo and say This is the hammer exactly this and no other you can imagine

I’d argue that if one has the code do tricks (as in there is something on there that gives a hint for later) a full-fledged image can be of advantage, though with a text game it’d be hard to pull off.

The bigger argument speaking against a full-fledged image would be accessibility:

For every detailed pic there’s ought to be a description for blind/visually impaired players.

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If you want images make a videogame not a gamebook. A game book has to be a BOOK. What I see fine is if there is an option to turn off pictures from game I will love that if not I have my strategy of close eyes o take of my glasses when illustrated content happens in books

Still If you want we could turn this to pm to not derailed the thread

no need to.

I respect your opinion, but I think it’s silly and crude to say/insist ‘it must never have illustrations’


back to topic

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We’d need to add sound to the games for the blind players though and i don’t know if it’s possible with the choice of game thingy

I don’t say It doesn’t have to never have illlustions I just don’t like them at all. Most when fixed a concrete image as the correct one. For instance your idea of scribbles is great as don’t affect any cannon.

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CS is screenreader compatible.

It’s just few things to keep in mind, like no double line_breaks, and adding in the image description when using an image

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The style of game you describe is different than a CS IF game. That is where different engines and scripts come into play … I understand that some like more illustrations than others.

Putting the focus back on the armor question raised here - however @Eric_Moser describes the armor in his game, until there is an actual graphical representation, there is still a lot of different variance that can be made by the reader and in CS, that normally is preferred.

If he describes the armor as medieval looking with vambraces and shinguards flared out in a gothic manner, people can still picture hundreds of different styles and examples of armor as what they are wearing.

Once a picture shows us the style is German origin of the 16th century and it has influences from the Munich school of armor making… then the armor shown becomes cannon and it runs the risk of disconnecting from the reader.

I personally like realistic styles of “armor” in games and find the stuff in Conan games or WoW or Overwatch to be off-putting.

That doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy those games but often it does put limits on that enjoyment.

One person’s Flashier and Prettier is another’s Gaudy and over-the-top.




is possible to save hedonist ?How make the good choices ?

Thanks you

Yes, it’s possible! to save the hedonist, you just need to ask him to leave instead of staying to protect the students.