Community College Hero 2: Knowledge is Power

You are the boss -and a decent writer- so the choice is yours. Just remeber popular and unpopular not always mean best and worst.
I didn’ t like Uni in CC1 but I’ve always though (just my opinion) that she could be an interesting character. A bad character is not necessarily a bad written character

Uni is a two-edged sword.
cause, what exactly did she do in one?
Be/play naive, trick us into revealing our real name (with the prospect of doing the do with her if we endanger ourself and mom)…

I mean, you did a great job with the Hedonist, but i think juggling two redemption arcs…

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But I think Quickie has tons of potential. I like writing him. Same with Friendzone. And Dr. Hover didn’t get much to do, but I wrote a short story about him this summer and it turned out really well. I have a much better feel for him now. And of course Hi-Jinx is still around too. Damnit.

Unpopular opinion, but I loved Quickie [and Dr.Hover]-- He was annoying and mean, but I thought he had a depth to him I can’t describe yet and I wholeheartedly wanted my MC to be his friend [or potentially more] for some reason.
I’m all for more Quickie in the future! :smiley:


Honestly if Quickie is forced on us in the 3rd game I likely won’t buy it (You seem to be wanting to add one of the new characters to the Seven). That is how annoying I found him. Dr. Hover is alright (he had like zero characterization), and Friendzone is one of the few new ones I liked. But then again I’d be happy enough with Gladiator, Pink Cavalier, Hi-Jinx, etc.

Also, how in the world is a guy who is obsessed with professional wrestling with the power to make people highly suggestible/forced to obey generic next to a guy who is resentful because a group he isn’t a part of is actually doing something productive and thus getting all the glory. Oh and he can go fast for a few seconds, but he’s more arrogant than Stunner and Professor Hedonist (At least I can only assume that is the downside to his power, otherwise he’s just a dick). Pink Cavalier could have a useful powerset if applied properly, though I do think that getting rid of Uni was the right move since her powers don’t really work in Nebraska.


Okay, some folks were talking about Uni in here and I pretty much adored her in Trial by fire but, now I gotta ask, really ask… are we gonna see any of her in part three?

C’mon this doesn’t count as a spoiler. Is she coming in part three in any way?

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There’s a strong possibility of her making at least a cameo.

Now, whether or not she’ll survive the cameo is another matter


That’s kinda reassuring… maybe

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Hey @Eric_Moser I just finished my playthrough of two again on the tactician path and was wondering if you had any plans to allow the rest of the “Afterthoughts” into the “Knights” or if you planed to keep the main cast small? The reason I was wondering was after reading through the feed I could see the powers of a lot of the “Afterthoughts” meshing really well with the “Knights” powers as well as defusing the conflict in the group. Though if I had to keep one out it would be Gladiator as he seems way to flaky even with his ability. Can’t wait to play 3 when it comes out just to finally see the work I put into my Dr. Stench MC come to fruition. Happy Halloween and keep up the great work

I keep forgetting how many students are left at the end of 2.

So we have only 5 “Knights,” MC, Tress, Crook, Synergy, and DG. Then we have a de-powered Stoic. So it’s hinted that two replacements are needed (this makes even more sense if you went with the Specktacular Seven group name.)

Choices for replacements are between Quickie, Friendzone, Dr. Hover, Hi-Jinx, Rain, and Shine. I’ll have to choose them in the narrative, because I certainly can’t code a million combinations, and I think it’s pretty obvious who they should be.

And remember that Spiked Gladiator and Pink Cavalier are both gone.

And yes I hope Part 3 brings a sense of satisfaction and closure. Any thoughts on whether you’d like to see the Dr. Stench armor or just imagine it? I honestly anticipate having a Dr. Stench rpg card created at some point, so the armor’s appearance will be solidified, but I don’t necessarily have to put it in the game itself.


If it’s going to be solidified at some point, might as well put it in the game, even someone like me who prefer to make their own mental image can just ignore it while someone who prefer to have the ‘official description’ can’t do much if there is none in game

Makes sense to me and your right the combos are pretty obvious I guess I just wanted to let them all join the street level big leagues.

That’s a tough call and in all honesty if the new Dr’ Stench armor looks as bad ass as I think your going to make it I’d love to see a cover art of the armor in the game to get that sense of pride in bringing Dr. Stench to the big leagues. However a wise man once said leave them wanting more and I can see the appeal in not including it in the game. Dealers choice in the end but you’d have one happy fan in yours truly if you put the art image in the game/

I will like to see it in the book as well, though I’d just like to say that I don’t think I want it as a cover art (unless one issue is specially catered to one of the three branches!)

The reason why is, I liked how the different issues in CCH2 featured different NPCs, which regardless of route, are characters all MCs will encounter. Given how the Dr Stench route is just one of the three paths MCs will take, a zenith/ tactician MC won’t have been researching anything on the armor, so having a cover art dedicated to that isn’t as relevant to those paths. Just my two cents though!


No a picture from armour means any head canon goes to trash by default. this is supposed to be FUELLEDby the unstoppable power of your imagination. but that’s just my opinion. if it were for me books will never came with any illustrationsat all except something that no portrait any character. I had that feeling since kids when i cried with 6 No that’s not my character in a book lol.

@Eric_Moser -

Keep to your vision as to scope. The comic genre is both about the large and the small picture and even though some disliked the larger picture, I feel it made your story true to the comic writers of the past, not only those writers of the modern age but those of the Golden Age and the Silver Age as well.

As to the armor thing, my feedback (fwiiw) is that imagination is much better than showing it. There are so many different armor styles that most everyone can imagine one or another fitting their mental image - if you show an illustration of the cannon armor then that makes the mental image of at least sme of your readers invalid.

My realistic armor image might be different than the fantasy over the top armor of another’s imagination but as of right now, we both can be correct in our imagination. Descriptive passages can refine our mental images without destroying them whereas art will either confirm one or the other as being correct…


Exactly a image is like open the box where the cat is :wink:

Headcanon are in the trash by default, that’s kind of the point of headcanon

No, they aren’t as they are based in things that aren’t specified in text . So are supposed to be imagined by player. You have a image in your head from stuff is not said in games . If you headcanon stuff against what is REALLYspecified then is not head canon is destroying the artistic vision of someone

Mara, are you saying no author should ever describe or illustrate ANYTHING? what? I’m confused

EDIT: I thiiiiiiiink there might be a middle way? If that one’s possible:
An illustration of various old scribbles the dad did of the suit’s possible designs.


No. description are needed Is what feeds imagination and plot. what is not needed is put images and say look this is exactly the armour it has to have five leather stripes and be as this design.