Community College Hero 2: Knowledge is Power

that would actualy be the most hilarious fight scene ever, you should do a short story about that with the MC in the middle going ‘well, here goes my participation to the story’ and leaving XD

i honestly want it now XD


@Eiwynn, yes the Wyvern had a pre-determined name, background, etc. I wish I would have worked the actual man behind the armor into the story more, but again see my post above. It definitely does complicate things, whereas as you point out, doing some supplemental material in the form of short stories can really open up side characters and add layers of interest and depth, and just sort of confirm to the reader that more of the universe exists outside of what is mentioned in the HG apps.

@MockTurtle, I agree 100% with your post. However, as the Wyvern had a pre-determined identity, I couldn’t have gone the Sadie route. What I could have done was work in the Wyvern’s character as a new side character, maybe some sort of consultant for Speck, who helps upgrade technology for the school (something they desperately need) but ends up just taking the job to get closer to Captain California’s Savior tech. It could have been super fun, but would have added LOTS of scenes to the story to make it work.

But again, I love all of your ideas about Sadie. It would have all made sense, really.


I understand having to incorporate certain things into the story, but the Wyvern storyline felt very much like fundamental choices were being made for my character in order to move it along a certain path.

I prefer the choices to be more like someone did x; what do you do in response?, rather than you did/are doing y; what’s the best strategy for y, how do you feel, etc..

In the first game, I never felt like choices were being made for me. Of course things happen that are out of my control, but I controlled everything my character did (unless someone wanted to leave Speck or something, I guess).

I hope that part three sticks more to the style of part one and avoids the above issues with part two.

I get attached to ideas, and sometimes I work backward to make sure that “Idea X” can work, regardless of prior choices, and that’s tough to pull off.

For example, I remember thinking, “It would be cool if the heroes distracted Manipulator with the Wyvern jet pack so that she’d think, just for a moment, it was Captain California.” I was doing my best to write a "both sides are making smart decisions, "which is the optimal way to write a show down between two competent sides, with the result being that one of them still has to lose of course.

Of course, for them to have the jet pack means that the Wyvern has to be beaten/captured. So yeah, I probably worked back from there. But more importantly, with the biggest complaint from Part 1 being “I feel so nerfed!”, I wanted to guarantee that every reader experienced at least a decent showing against the Wyvern, and yes a win against the Manipulator.

Yes, one can argue, “well if we’re guaranteed the victory, it’s not really a victory,” and yes I get that, but it was still my preferred choice over writing Part 2 in a way that allowed the MC to “fail” or put up a crappy showing against the Wyvern and/or the Manipulator. I feel like I would have lost many of the “I feel so nerfed” readers at that point.

The story is not a power fantasy, and I’ve made that clear over and over, but even still, I didn’t want to risk it.


Honestly i really liked how we felt usefull in the second game, especialy how our equipement was actualy used in multiple scene, i mean we are still no Combat Wombat who just pull a goddamn Magneto during the fight against the manipulator in term of power but since the cast is more like X-mens rather than kryptonian, it’s still cool to feel usefull with our leadership and equipement without also feeling like it shouldn’t happen, so you did a really good job addressing those complains

well there is a difference between a power fantasy and the main character not being usefull / just a spectator, which quite a few other game didn’t really understand, though more recent game like the magician’s burden pulled it off quite well, the MC is a total underdog but doesn’t feel like a spectator to his own story

On a sidenote: can we adopt September 23rd as Hedy’s birthday?

why ? i don’t really see a reason for that


Stuff like this doesn’t need a reason

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fair enough

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That would make Hedy a Libra! And according to some zodiac websites, Libras “can be ridiculously persuasive and hard to say no to.”

With how… charming he is, that sounds about right.


I now headcanon that Hedy´s birthday is September 23, if only because the Roman emperor Augustus´s was born on the same day, and he was known as the emperor that turned Rome from a city of bricks into a city of marble (and the Hedonist is basically made of marble, it seems fitting) and i´m just a really big fan of inside jokes like that.

@Eric_Moser Can we make this happen :sweat_smile:


Community College Hijinks #011!


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That gives me 5 months from November through March where I focus 99% on writing and don’t worry about marketing/promotion, instead of trying to do both all year round.

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Hey, new person to the forum here.

I bought the game on Steam a WHILE ago, and am just getting back into it. However, after starting up the newer game (KiP), it said I needed to import saves from I originally was OK with it, because it just meant “another varied playthrough”, but instead when I tried to restore purchases to CCH: TBF it didn’t work. Specifically, this error came up:
{“error”:“Invalid Claimed ID:”}.

It doesn’t say what it means or how to fix it. I don’t know how else to continue my savegame. Please help!

Hi. The easiest way here would be to contact the support at ‘support at choiceofgames dot c0m’.

To import a save you need to have uploaded a save at the end of TbF (via your email address).
If you did so, try and see if it works when you load the game on the site here.
Good luck.

Hmmm… Happy Birthday, Hedy (? )

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Shall we get him… a marble cake? :eyes:


Is it possible to get Quickie killed? The dude is seriously annoying and more than anything I want him to die, hopefully painfully.

Also a lot of the new characters in this one are just awful, why did you move away from Gladiator and Rain/Shine for people like Dr. Hover or Quickie.

Honestly my only complain is not having Uni around, I think she could be a more interesting leader for the Afterthoughts: we had her introduction, her relationship score (someone even romance) and she was the unofficial leader for the “neutral faction” in CC1.
I don’t complain about the Afterthoughts (read any student who isn’t a Speck7) because they must shout “eeeehhhhhhiiiiii! We are here! The Speck7 are not the only aspiring heroes!” and, at the same time, they mustn’t outshine them (for plot reason)

PS Yes I agree that they are either useless or annoying, if not both. Aside from Rain and Shine

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@Sylfaen, Quickie is bullet proof! At least in Part 2!

And personally, I much prefer Quickie and Friendzone to Gladiator and Pink Cavalier, as the later two were incredibly generic students I just tossed in Part 1 as fodder. In Part 2, I had to “clear the deck” a little and get rid of some characters to streamline things for Part 3.

But I think Quickie has tons of potential. I like writing him. Same with Friendzone. And Dr. Hover didn’t get much to do, but I wrote a short story about him this summer and it turned out really well. I have a much better feel for him now. And of course Hi-Jinx is still around too. Damnit.

@Rinnegato, Uni was incredibly unpopular with readers (at least on the forums) and that’s why I wrote her out. Now people are like “I liked Uni!” I can’t win. But don’t count against her making a cameo in Part 3.

Now the question will be who is recruited to fill out the empty slots in the Specktacular Seven in Part 3?