Community College Hero 2: Knowledge is Power

Honestly, the whole bit on the father having a new hidden version of his equipement and the MC commenting on how his father is way more inteligent than he though make me think that either, he was a way bigger villain than the MC thought and just didn’t get caught on his big stuff or the dozen probably wanted him to built something for them

Or, what I thought, that he accidentally stumbled over something OR discovered something after noting something off and investigated

that’s also possible but stumbling over something sensitive enough to warrant your murder by the equivalent of the league of evil is kind of unlikely, especialy with the weird guy who seems to see the multivers or whatever he did to see know every possible outcome of the meeting

IF it was actually the dozen.
All connections we have there is the number of wounds, and Manipulator’s word. And she’s an asshole who might (while knowing the connection) used the public interpretation to wind the MC up.

So the actual wirepullers might not be the dozen.

And as for that meeting we mused before that bookie messed with tolly’s head preventing any other outcome. Granted that’d mean bookie would be up to no good in every reality. Or did the meeting even take place in the realities where she’s genuine?

Building on that train of thought… Is Savior the reason the MC’s dad got that information, or is the MC’s dad the reason Savior now possesses that information?


Reading these posts, I become more and more anxious about being able to wrap this thing up without disappointing people. There are so many ways I could go with this…thankfully that is a pretty strong position to be in with an IF story! I’m doing my best not to comment too much on theories so I don’t send the wrong signal to anyone. But everything is read, I assure you!


And here’s Community College Hijinks #10! Stoic wishes you a steady, consistent weekend with no surprises (but maybe a :hamburger: or two!)


If you ever turn CCH in a graphic novel, I demand “What if…?” / “Elseworld” scenarios :sunglasses: . As side project :slightly_smiling_face:


I´m sure whatever the ending is, you´ll be able to tie it together beautifully, no need to get anxious! plus i´m sure that if there´s any issue the beta testers will point it out immediately.
I AM expecting some kind of plot twist though, something connecting Dr. Stench, Savior and the Dozen, I have a feeling BookSmart knows a lot more than we think and MC´s dad got involved way too deep in crimes we have yet to know about.
I missed the live chat last Tuesday, how did that go?

@Rinnegato, yes I need more side projects!! :slight_smile: But if I ever had a chance to “re do” CCH, I would definitely have it take place in the late 80s, early 90s.

@Phiality, BookSmart knows a lot more than anyone thinks. And yes, Dr. Stench might be a bit more relevant than it would appear. Thanks so much for the vote of confidence! I’m working on some scenes this beautiful morning.


Soon, I will post the CCH3 demo on my Patreon page. For now, the demo will be a Patreon exclusive, but this will likely change down the road, so if you’re not in a position to support my Patreon page, you’ll still get to help beta test/bug smash CCH3 later if you’re so inclined!

For now, it will be available to everyone at the Booksmart level and up. The demo won’t be huge, but it will greatly excite me to take this first small step into the final Issues of the trilogy.

Then, from October on, I’ll update the demo monthly. Some updates will be small, and others large, but I absolutely must make progress monthly to get it published in a reasonable period of time.

I am devoting much of my time to StarStreakers! at the moment, so please be patient with me if progress on CCH3 isn’t quite as fast as you would prefer. I’ll give you all my best effort, I promise!

As always, I think you folks are Specktacular, and I am forever grateful for your engagement and support!


I was convinced the Wyvern was just testing us, considering he bothered to explain the keypad at all, and he just happened to capture someone who could beat the time limit (which isn’t even necessary. why program the lock that way?). Add to that the fact that he seemed to deliberately miss Dirty Girl with his cannon, and the Combat Enhancer Maguffin is never explained, it seemed like a bunch of nonsense made up as an excuse to test the MC.

I’d argue one can write it off as an a**hole with a severe superiority complex.
The whole “i could kill you but won’t” spiel.

Same reason the Manipulator doesn’t use the explosives against the students if Hedonist isn’t present:
She thinks herself too superior and “it would be boring”. She is that kind of arse and so’s the Wyvern

I loaded my level 3 soldier from part 1, and I went for powers. Maybe if I went along with one of the schools’ bullshit, I would have had more interesting things happen. After the Prestige visit, I was pretty disappointed with the story.

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If you were disappointed in the climax, then I don’t know what to tell you.

I put everything I had creatively into Issue 8, with what I thought was a good number of twists, revelations, escalating stakes, and seeds sown for the MC’s path in Part 3.


Thing is, you can’t have revelations and “just as planned” moments. Issue 8 with the fights against the Wyvern/Manipulator were fairly straight compared to the previous ones who were more about worldbuilding. I personally think putting more revelations would have slowed the pace of the action based chapters.

Please keep in mind these are only complaints about the game. I could list many things I liked as well. I played CCH1 probably 20 times.

My biggest complaint is the Wyvern storyline. I never got to choose to go with Crook, but I figured hey maybe he convinced me, I’ll live with it. Then I’m forced to keep the laptop to myself. Btw, I kept hoping maybe there would be a scene where I investigate the laptop and find out about the Wyvern being connected to the school(s) somehow (because I thought he was just testing me), but it turns out I have no idea what’s on the laptop until right before the fight. I’m also forced to go after the Wyvern one on one. The story decided I have some kind of vendetta against him. I never would have done these things if I had the choice.

My main gripes with the Manipulator are relatively minor compared to the above. It just seemed like she could have used her power so much more effectively. I don’t really get why she wouldn’t attack from hiding places. Police snipers could have taken her out if necessary.

If I were her, I would have also teleported away as soon as I saw the Wyvern jets. It was hard to believe that was enough of a distraction that she just ran straight into the Hedonist.

Regarding the Hedonist’s death, I’m guessing the explosion weakened his body enough that dropping him from height was enough to injure him? I wish that had been made a little clearer.

I also had to assume she can’t use her power if she’s woozy, since she is talking to us and not teleporting away after we beat her. The plan was to knock her unconscious, but apparently that wasn’t necessary.

After that, it’s not clear why Monstrosity X and Lady Ash behaved as they did. Why only eat her arm? Was it supposed to be merely punishment with the expectation that she would take it without retaliating? And I guess Lady Ash was legitimately threatened by the Manipulator, since she left instead of just killing everyone. Maybe she would have no defense against a car being dropped on her?

Lastly, what use could the Manipulator have for the MC? I don’t see why she would need the help of a non-Zenith.


When examining/talking about the Wyvern plot-line, remember this was a contest that boxed Eric’s creativity into a bit of a railed experience. The experience here and the one in ZE:SH with Sifer has convinced me never to offer such a prize in my works.

Even though they are for a good cause, such additions seem to do more damage than good.

On the other hand, writing short stories and comics and such as both @JimD and @Eric_Moser are doing on Patreon seem to work much better.



Now that the Wyvern is being mentioned again… I think that the thing that bothered me the most about him was the reveal of his identity: random guy with no clear motivations. And after giving it a little though I think I had an idea that could have worked a little bit better.

Do you remember how in the middle of issue 6 we met this random woman named Sadie? It’s been a while since I’ve played the game but I don’t remember seeing her again after that, she just seems like a very superfluous character.

At first I though that maybe she should have been a hostage of the Wyvern at the end of issue 7 to rise up the stakes, but maybe… she should have been the Wyvern’s real identity.

Think about it: at first we gave her a ride but maybe this was a part of her plan, perhaps when we were distracted she did something to hack our phones and that was how we got the fake message. Also, when we met her Quickie didn’t want to help her but Dirty Girl insisted and gave us no choice in the matter like this was a plot relevant moment that needed to happen and this could have lead to a moment of “see Quickie was right all along” too. Also, the questions she was making about Zeniths could be made in order to seem sympathetic but maybe she was also hoping to obtain some personal information to exploit some weakness, like when she was asking about dates and Origami. Perhaps Dirty Girl could have mentioned something about the party and that’s why The Wyvern appeared there.

She also could have had some nice motivation: maybe her admiration for zeniths hide a secret jealousy, maybe she wanted to have powers and be a hero and she tried to compensate that with advanced technology, she could have wanted to replace the heroes or prove they were useless or something… kinda like the villain from The Incredibles. I know that the Wyvern is male, but it isn’t too hard to imagine her designing a device to hide her voice and choosing a male persona in order to not become a suspect.

Yeah, maybe it’s not the best idea either but seems like a nice reveal and at least it would have been an established character.


@Seer, you make good points re: the Wyvern. I had planned to do more with his plot, but midway through I realized that he was taking over Part 2, and that really wasn’t my goal. That’s what I get for doing only a very loose outline. So I had to dial it back, which admittedly left a lot of gaps in that particular arc.

And yes, Manipulator could have hidden in a car blocks away, but we could say the same for many other comic book villains. Yes, it’s logical, but it’s also cowardly and not very exciting. Can you imagine a battle between villains and heroes if everyone adopted that approach?

Blue Morpho: hides in a Volkswagon and changes reality

Streetsmart: hides in a Prius and anticipates Blue Morpho’s move and warns Booksmart, whose consciousness is hidden in one of 1,000 robots in a huge robot army, all of whom are hidden in different locations.

Lady Ash: starts trying to burn robots from a half mile away, while hiding in a McDonalds restroom.

Birthday Boy: is kept in a satellite in low orbit, monitoring everything below and using his ‘once a year’ powers to undo Blue Morpho’s reality shift and make the McDonalds invisible to expose Lady Ash.

(okay, the above has as much to do with the OP nature of these characters, but still my point is that I have to put them together in scenes for story purposes even if it would be smarter to hide)