Community College Hero 2: Knowledge is Power

Doubt it. Manipulator has a god complex. You’d need her ultimate respect. Wyverns is just a dude in a suit that gets killed by a non powered hero.

Only true pairing is MC and Manipulator!

Oh, thanks! Glad I didn’t get far into the second game. I stuck at romance options for obvious reasons.

@Eric_Moser does dirtygirl can create carbon monoxide? is a toxic substance, depending on the amount of smoke that has been inhaled, the individual may evolve from respiratory intoxication to death within 2 to 5 minutes, however, individuals who inhaled a minor amount of smoke can still suffer their consequences for up to 3 weeks by developing respiratory infections, this thing could kill civillians.

It’s not in the second game, it is in the first.

Yeah, I know. I just wanted to replay the first one to get her name and importe this save-file into the second game. I was talking with Mom about romance and stuff and was surprised to find out that there is no option to tell her about Uni. So, I guess, I am not romancing anyone, lol.

Between working on my Fable Labs project and working on a CCH3 demo, I’m also working on some more CCH short stories. Stoic’s and Crook’s short stories are done. I took my Dr. Hover short story to my writing group on Saturday and received some VERY good feedback that will make it stronger.

I’m sketching out an outline for a McCormick short story (with a holiday theme like Stoic’s and Crook’s), and I’d like to add one more, as I think 5 short stories is a nice little collection. I’d like to get this out into the marketplace somehow later this year, whether it be Amazon or Patreon or even direct sales.

I’ve whittled my last short story down to one of these three tertiary characters to give them more flavor…who’s your vote for?

  • Quickie
  • Birthday Boy
  • Dick Rycliff

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i’d say birthday boy because IMO, all we saw of him is just him being a jerk drunk on moderate power, kind of a king of ants syndrome, so seeing another part of him would be cool



why am I the only one who likes Quickie, omg he’s a great character you guysss


Well, power-level wise, he’s probably near the top…maybe a Grade 9…but he only gets to use his abilities once per year, so yeah he has to spend 364 days of the year posturing and threatening and all that stuff.


Can he actually use his powers the whole day then or only once? What happens if someone would knock him out that day?

For some reason, Quickie always reminds me of Robin from the 1960’s Batman show.


I’m surprised he has not gone the non-powered equipment route on top of using his z-power, I mean he would do good on the skates and glider of the stealth characters.


@MeltingPenguins, those are questions I will have to address at some point. I’m not sure if I envision a 24-hour window where he is borderline all-powerful, or maybe it’s more like “he can snap his fingers and do one amazing thing” and then that’s it for the next 364 days, 23 hours, and 59 minutes.

@Eiwynn, I promise not to put Quickie in a tight green briefs. And Birthday Boy is far too valuable to Bookie for her to let him do anything even remotely dangerous. She puts a giant bodyguard on him 24/7, even in the middle of their own campus where it’s very safe. He doesn’t get to go on patrols or fun stuff like that. (Maybe that’s why he’s so abrasive…his own powers effectively put him under “house arrest.”)


well, if it’s 24H of almost omnipotence, he could have just created some kind of uber equipement so he can basicaly have superpower even outside of his ‘birthday’ in addition to whatever Booksmart ask of him, the ‘one amazing thing’ would work better with what you’ve shown but that’s just my opinion, it could even creat some tension between him and Booksmart given that he has to use up his one glory day per year to complete Booksmart’s pet project

Question then is: how full of himself is he (especially compared to booksmart).
there’s a lot of people out there who will NOT do something more efficient if they thing the ‘bigger’ thing will get them more praise and admiration and power.

I mean, look at Bookie: Savior already HAS the technology to end world hunger, energy problems, diseases and stuff (heck, we have the theory Cal’s paralyzed without the suit), aka the main causes for wars etc. Yet she wants to make the world a hivemind with herself as hivequeen.


Bookie appears to be milking all that attention as well! And in the Zenith route, she refuses to give you information of the Dozen even if you promise to use it to help . If she truly had pure and noble intentions, she would give that information, would she not?

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shuffles in any date for the chat yet?

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I just scheduled a chat for this Tuesday on Patreon, and this time ALL LEVELS are invited to attend! Details below…

Live Chat on Tue @ 9PM EST for ALL LEVELS with Special Guest!

Join me for a live chat this Tuesday night! I’ll start the chat session by answering questions, and then around 9:15 PM I’ll bring on a special guest, Speck HELL Professor Sandy McCormick!

Professor McCormick is only “mildly annoyed” at having to make this appearance, so I’m crossing my fingers for an entertaining interview! And I usually reserve chats for Booksmart + levels, but this time, to get more people involved, ALL LEVELS are invited to chat!

Bring any questions you have for me or Professor McCormick, and see you Tuesday night, August 28th!

(PS Please comment and/or like this post if you plan on participating!)


<3 i’ll try to be there

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Reminder about the chat tonight! Two lawyers for the price of one! There has to be a joke there somewhere!

(9PM-4:00 GMT for the start, and about 15 minutes in, McCormick is supposed to show up.)


It took me far too long to realize the following but:

The MC’s dad had Info on the Dozen and no one knows how. The only other parties that have info are Prestige and Savior, with the former seemingly having less info on them than the latter, and it struck me as Prestige only having info on how the dozen fights.
The info the MC’s father had, however, seems to be more like info Savior would have.
How did he get it? Is the info who he got it from and why hidden with his armor and gadgets? Did the party he got that info from get him killed, actually just pinning it on the dozen?