Community College Hero 2: Knowledge is Power (Post 1910: DG social media takeover is LIVE)


So that’s a confirm for siblings then?


You can’t just word it like you did while we’re about to start shipping wars Dx


In the first Media Relations scene, Shine tells the MC that Rain basically told him to partner with anyone but her. No incestuous shipping!!


We are all very easily confused adults, I think.


Extremely confused adults. So confused by adulthood.


She asked your name and second name, but didn’t give her. It makes me even more sad, that we’ll might never learn her real name.


Apparently her dad’s a cop. She’s does that to see if she can trust you before going out with you I think.


There’s a bit when Captain California shows up and announces (at first) everyone gets an A, and she is miffed about how ‘all the hard work was for nothing’. I always read that as her lying to get more secrets out of people for an A.


Didn’t know about that. But I don’t think the whole relationship was her using you though.


You can learn her real name in the first game.

Uni's name

She turns to leave but stops and leans back in one more time, “And ah’m Tammy by the way. Sorry for not telling you sooner.”


Remember who saved you


a bit too late for that, as in ‘a few years too late’, i’v already seen basicaly every single combinaison of character for every single ship


Where the heck else did you see hedy/downfall/cal ?


In my head and now here

i should have probably mentioned that they all came from me


And here I thought i was alone shipping the bundle of chaos


If there is a ship, i’v probably though about it, that’s what a few years in the pokemon fandom will do to you


And with the current character vote on patreon lookkng as it looks, haah, that gives my little rotten heart live


Strange, I didn’t get that. She just kisses me and leaves.


You need to go to her to the honky-tonk and let her solve her problem alone


Talking about pairings, I can’t help but wonder at the possibility of one between the Wyvern and the Manipulator.