Community College Hero 2: Knowledge is Power (Post 1910: DG social media takeover is LIVE)


They were having lunch together before the final battle in part 2.


If anything this makes me feel less off for shipping Hedonist and Downfall

(nice art in any case :3 )


They were! It was a short scene but it counts! And I really dig the image! Rey might really ground her in a good way. And she might loosen him up.


Who said shipping had to make sens ? it’s almost a contest to find the most unlikely couple and route for it anyway , i shipped Downfall with my MC at some point simply because i had picked the soldier class


i was hyped when she invited the MC to NY, but it was a waste :thinking:


Come to think of it, before the final battle, the characters had lunch with those they had the least interaction with. I remember Crook lunched with Tress too, when the both of them mostly did different scenes in Part 1 and 2!


And then you have Rain and Shine…who obviously spend an unhealthy amount of time together.


I’m not sure if this was sarcastic (my humor meter is broken for the moment) but I thought for brother and sister they were in each other’s company an expected amount of time. Perhaps I spend too much time with my sisters :woman_superhero:

:woman_superhero: <- is new, in case you did not see this emoji.


that sound like the set up to a Lannister joke


Well… there’s always sunshine after rain :stuck_out_tongue:


Wait. Are Rain and Shine siblings? …Has it been just THAT long since I’ve read the first book that I don’t remember?


yes, they are siblings, they even mention it a few time in Knowledge is Power


I feel sad that I can’t romance Uni in the second game. I know that she was using me and all that stuff, but I have a soft spot for southern accent, horns and cowboy hats. Will she come back?


When was she using you? Didn’t seem like it to me.


The only mention I can find in book one is how they’ve abided by the Spec personal information rules, but “people assume they’re siblings.” That’s not really a confirmation… When I went through book 2 last night, I just saw the word ‘partner’ used alot.


if i remember when you fight them in downfall class,says that both are brothers


No…when you fight them in Downfalls class, what I said happens. Also Rain is a girl…


From the first Defense Class session in CCH2:

Rain elbows Shine to be quiet, but then, remembering the “virgin wool” jacket draped on her arm, she jerks her elbow to a halt. She ends up barely brushing her brother’s ample midsection.


Yeah, but technically, like I said, the MC says people ASSUME they’re siblings. It could be a case of unreliable narrator. Is there a part I’m missing where they refer to themselves as brother and sister? The author was the one who implied the shipping of the two. Unless it really was a comment of the Lannister variety.


No I just meant he annoys her a ton and she is trying to get away from him.