Community College Hero 2: Knowledge is Power (Post 1910: DG social media takeover is LIVE)


I looked at the code and I think you can only successfully dodge the attack if you have thermo-googles.
Not having them if you checked or not having checked ups ouch by 10%.

I assume you went and checked what the figure was and had the goggles in the other file?


@Jury How much was your shhh?
Because if you mean the first “not surprise attack” you must have shhh >6


From what I know, both saves were Lvl.3. The only difference between them being that the first save was that my character was a Brooder, whilst in the other save, my character was a traditionalist


So I studied the files a bit and I think you’re right.

The save where I managed to avoid the Wyvern’s attack had 8 shhh whilst the other one had 6 shhhh. Thank you!


Yeah, but did you run up to the roof in each play?

Because there is nothing in the code there that has to do with brooder etc

Edit. Ah, that attack you meant. You noted your hmm so i looked for that check


Lets go back to weird theories:

Remember how the MC mused about where the actual Booksmart is (if the robotic body is actually artifical)?
Which two female chars do we know who could “hide” behind a robotic body?


oh my god i remember nothing but i have laziness to play hahahahaha


One that comes to my mind is Hag. Given her telepathic powers, it would seem possible for her to do so! Can’t quite recall the powers of some others so I can’t name the other one.


To summarize:

Everyone but bookie who’s hag is megacat except for cal, hedy, downfall and the mc, and megacat is a dozen kittens in a trenchcoat.
The jury’s still out on streetsmart though.


alternate theory : everyone is our true father, at least according to the old idea thread


Or they might be and we have to go to greece to find out the truth


Working on a demo of Part 3. Reading this article, and the toxic comments, it’s becoming easier and easier for me to get behind Booksmart’s plans in Part 3. Only she can fix this!


Or make it worse.

I mean, we’ve seen east germany (for example) and people not adhering just vanishing or dying all of a sudden…

But on a brighter note:
I hope the writing flow is going strong. Though is there a chance for another chat this month?


I actually tossed around of doing an “In Character” chat to sort of mix it up a bit. I might toss out a Patreon poll to see if anyone would want to do that. Otherwise, I can be my boring self.

EDITED TO ADD: Also trying to get another CCH flash fiction story done, as those really help me flesh out the characters, and I’m building a collection I’d like to offer for sale by the end of the year.


Looking forward to either.

We still need to know if there is a legal alcohol limit for navigating the Zone and if yes how often has Crook surpassed it. And where did he end up


Will do a poll right now!


i don’t see a probleme with the comment, most of those i saw pretty much say ‘i have lived there, there are dangers and you have to be carefull’, which is pretty reasonable


Hey, look. I’ve done a thing:

I couldn’t submit it for the contest since it doesn’t stick to the rules. Also, I’m probably the only one shipping this two.
Hope you like it, anyway.


I’m almost sure i saw other people mention that ship in a few threads


I think that was also me.


I am trying to remember if DG and Synergy have shared any scenes/moments other than him tapping her chair over during the library meeting in Part 1 (or was that Part 2?)

They were in different study groups in Part 1.
They were in different paths in Part 1, with Synergy being public relations, and DG breaking into a church.
They did different things on the farm in the fall.
They went to different cities in Part 2.

I really need to get them together, and they need to at least form a combo! Maybe she could become some sort of noxious gas and he could below her cloud toward the bad guys. And before they did the combo, they could recognize how awkward it is because they never team up.

DG has been paired with Crook, Origami, Stunner, Tress, Uni, and even Hi-Jinx (honkytonk) but never Synergy.