Community College Hero 2: Knowledge is Power (Post 1837: CCH Short Story Collection Volume 1 now available!)


Oh I’m always a charming SOB. I just don’t wink at McCormick. Strangely, I always end up like 70% charming and 40% Jokester. Whoops.


HA that sounds like my me too, though my MC sometimes ends with >80%. Basically charming the pants off every NPC :sunglasses:


what is the name of that girl who can multiplicate herself?





New conspiracy theory: Dr Shock is said to be able to control electronics, right? And Hag does possession…

Now what is Booksmart other than a machine? Maybe a machine controled from elsewhere. Would Streetsmart even notice his sister (and ultimately him) getting taken over if BlueMorpho f*cked with the causality and stuff?


Awww man, you went real deep for this one!

In all seriousness (and I really can’t recall Dr. Shock’s power set at the moment), it would take some serious planning and precision, but it could happen, seeing as she’s most likely a fusion of man and machine, I guess. But I think someone would notice the difference eventually (wouldn’t they? I hope so, how alienated are these people)
. Otherwise, we need to worry about Mega Cat as well, Prestige was having secret little dates with the Dozen as well.


Booksmart probably has plans for that kind of thing. If that happens, I’ll be quite shocked.


Then again the only one saying mc met with the dozen is booksmart, wasn’t it

Just for the pun it’d be worth it.

Edit: then again, if she had had a superiority complex before she might have overestimated the efficiency of her measurements.


True, so if she is under their control, that would be off the table. Mind control would explain several things, like meeting with the dozen to begin with. If they were not mind controlled, I really want to know what posessed BS (hehehehe) and MC to agree talking with the villains

So best case scenario, Tolly was the only one mind controlled, worst case we’ve lost the Salazar’s… Things are looking bad.

Let’s not forget though,set measures aside, Booksmart is a very capaple telepath being able to communicate with a roomfull of people and have them crying on the floor. The Mind part of her wouldn’t be as easy to subdue as the Machine.

My money is still on a third party, though (it would just be so dirty of a trick for someone to try and pull the rug out of all three of them) Also, I’m having so much fun with the blur feature, I feel like a pro


I would say bing a telepath does not protect you from other telepaths. Granted, we don’t know the exact rules for mindcontrol in the CCH verse, but looking around the general consensus seems that the more of an ego you have, the easier you are to be taken over. cause you don’t see it coming as full of yourself as you are.

Further: We only have the claim zone activity spiked between the areas… Nothing confirmed. Not who went around or why. The claim MC was meeting with the dozen is speculation… And wasn’t ‘Gavin’ from New Jersey? so… what if…


I’m not saying protection or immunity, but at least I don’t think she would’ve gone down quietly enough for it to count as a stealth takedown.
But then again, if our main characters proved anything, it’s that precision and timing can be lethal, so I’m with you that nothing should be left off the table.

As for MC, I still find it pretty suspicious that he never showed (shows?) himself and only Tolly, the person who had her strange “why did I say that” moment, gets to meet with him. Alone.

I dunno, really this game has me paranoid…


Same. But it’s amazing how all these theories can make sense based on what we’re giving so far :smiley:


It is! Although, I still think we’d be able to make more sense of it all if BS had given us more info on the dozen, but


“Nuuuuu, because kniwledge is piwir”

She’s such a snobby woman.

I just hope we get to keep Hedy and Hotel California out of this mess, I like those two, and I can’t take another heartbreak after all of this…


agreed on all of this.

I want the two to stand up to BS so badly

EDIT: on a more lighthearted note: Hedy with reading-glasses: Yes or no?

and I don’t wanna read any comment about his nose in the bad timeline. This is a feel-good addition.


Our time will come we need to sink our fictional claws into them so they can’t leave (although, I do have a lot of questions about the personas they are forced to take on and how happy they are with that)

With glasses, so he can sassily take them off along with his blazer any time someone challenges him.


Cal seems sorta okay, sorta miffed with his. He struck me as more irked by just how much Savior gets involved with one’s life.
Hedy? He seems to be a sensualist, and by the end of cch2 I’d say what bothers him most is that the personality involves overstepping personal boundaries? It’s a tricky, sensitive topic, but throughout 2 he seemed unwell with doing stuff he’d done in 1. And thankfully not in the sense of ‘how dare they not let me do this’ (as you unfortunately have it so often IRL :frowning: ) Also, i think his dorky side is showing more and more.

and yessss



@MeltingPenguins To Cal’s defence, he’s not as close with us yet, as Hedy has come, so I don’t think he’d open up as much, but still, their behaviour say a lot. Nah, I’m really glad the creep element Hedy had going on has toned down a bit and that there is an adorable overprotective dork in there. I partially think this is why (from what I gathered) his popularity kinda went up after cch2


It went through the roof.


Wow, I cant believe that almost a month has passed since the game released.


@Ch3rryB0mb @Harroc sorry for my outburst, gonna clean up some of my posts. Could you too?