Community College Hero 2: Knowledge is Power (Post 1731 - CCH3 Demo on Patreon soon!)


the art contest is already over? i tried a new art style and i am confident now :smile:


You still have some time.


thanks,but where exactly i send the art…link or something.
edit:i found nvm


@daniboy, I got your email and emailed you back today!

@MeltingPenguins, I have asked my wife to be more hands on with the business parts of my writing so I will ask her about the viability of a Hedonist body pillow.

General: Work is slow on getting a CCH3 beta off the ground but it will get there eventually.

Also, the art contest ends on July 31st at 11:59PM EST, so there’s two weeks left.


I’m not endorsing this site, I just found it on Google:


That’s pretty small though.



Do you think professors can protect you


I’m gonna stop looking at this because it’s seriously creeping me out, so good job! [shudders violently]


but you can get free ride :thinking:


Mhnnn… i’ll be honest… picking that for hag ruons the mood… you should have went for that thing from Pan’s Labyrinth :wink:


but when an idea comes to my head i can’t think other things


I know the feel. But it’s often worth a bit of argueing with one’s brain.


Monstrosity reminds me of One Missed Call :o but more terrifying and imposing!


well it says that they are made out of black sludge with constantly shifting mouths all over it…


Also talking about Hag:
I’m praying, like literally praying that Jacob won’t turn out to be her and the ‘parents’ are just mindpuppets…


Isn’t Hag supposed to be disabled?


She’s more ito than ikumi


its not clear about this, the only clear thing is that she needs help to walk, even if you cant walk, in some cases you can move the legs.


It’s explicitly stated multiple times that she’s too frail to barely even move, let alone walk, and Lowlife carries her around.


Would it be OK to spoiler-tag post a screenshot of her file?