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On it, dearie, all’s good!!! :smile:


What happens if downfall stole TS powers, then 7 downfalls stole lady Ash power?


Tress breaks her arm, probably.


Something that I am rather curious to ask the author, if they are willing to indulge me. Why did you decide to write a story with a powerless protagonist in a world where they are surrounded by powered people?

I did read the first installment, but the lack of powers put me off, and I guess this just isn’t for me. Blame @malinryden for that. The combination of state-of-the-art tech and master-level superpowers have spoilt me; I just love the power too much to be without it. :wink: Still, I am curious as to why the author chose to write a story with a powerless protagonist.


we can guess before eric comes back, but i’d say ‘fish out of water’ story.
I’d go as far as to say that that’s one of the reasons a couple of people aren’t that keen on the protag gaining an outstanding ability like Power Nullification (as hilarious as it’d be given the Captain Powerless thing) or something els than the wish power (if anything):

We are already ‘special’ due to who our father was. making us hyper-powerful would maybe be too much.
But shrug


There are essentially only a few types of stories. See link for examples.

CCH is an Underdog story. I made the MC a huge underdog in a powered environment. It was 100% intentional.

I’d view Fallen Hero as a Rebirth story. (or maybe a Tragedy, depending how things turn out)

They are simply different types of stories.


Fun fact: it’s the title.


Further bizarre side-speculation (thank you, @Eric_Moser it just took me 4 attempts to NOT write that with ck >_> wails ):

What was Hedy’s hair- and eye-color before, well, transforming (assuming no Zenith has their powers from birth on). I can’t really see blond, personally, but a dark reddish brown and amber.


Fair enough. I had wondered if there was a greater purpose, a meaning, behind your writing and the specific use of a powerless protagonist. That’s all.

:laughing: Yeah, probably the ‘happy’ ending to Fallen Hero would be if there is still enough of the world left over to live in it after the Protagonist’s villainous plans have been completed.


is there a way to prove to Booksmart that you should be vetted? I’ve played through a couple of times just see if this was possible, but every time she just says no. Is that just how it is?


No, because she’s a b****.


But back to previous question: IF there actually has been zonetraffic between New York and Florida… (assuming Booksmart isnt outright lying to get us to trust her) who else could it be?


I honestly think it’s MC and Prestige.

Think about it: he’s been fighting the Dozen for decades. Every time one is arrested/beaten, they are replaced by another. MC must be in his forties, and near retirement (it was mentionned in the WiP that he was grooming Trendsetter to be his successor).

And yet, he isn’t able to beat the Dozen (no one is due to how they work) and Savior has been preparing to make a powerplay for years.

Here’s my theory: Mega Cat is negociating with the Dozen because they are a lesser threat than Savior. When you think about it, the Dozen just want to be criminal overlords and are rather divided (the Manipulator herself said so). What’s the worst they can do? Destroy a city, kill a few thousand people?

Savior on the other hand is much more dangerous. Why? First they are likely more popular due to their so called transparency and the fact they admit more people. In case of a conflict, it’s possible that they will have the public’s support. Second: due to how B***ismart is building her army, they will certainly be fanatically loyal to her. And finally: pure numbers. It doesn’t matter how strong your students are; if your opponent massively outnumbers you (thanks to their admission policies and the creation of new Zeniths) then you are fucked.

So MC prepares a plan: he’s not able to create Zeniths, so he has to tip the scales. How does he do that?

He contributes to the creation of Speck. This solbes two problems: the front isn’t as close to New York as it could be and he has a presence near a zenith weapons arsenal.

The former means that since the battle will occur in the middle of nowhere it’s unlikely that Savior can recruit people during the conflict. Think about it: if they fought in New York, they could recruit people from all over the east coast ensuring a victory by attrition.

The latter means that he can even the odds with the weapons. Moreover, he likely has more political clout than Savior (he was there before, probabbly fought the Dozen more times and NY is closer to Washington). Why is that important? Because while Savior could give the US a Zenith army it’s obvious they would keep a monopoly on it and try a passive takeover of the government (it seems like their main tactic). So in case of a civil war between the schools, MC will likely be backed up by the military. That and the arsenal is probably enough to compensate for their numbers.

But then you’ll ask me: “If MC is negociating with the Dozen and needs Speck, why did he let them attack the city?”

That’s the main flaw in this theory. Did he think that Speck had been taken over by Savior and that he should let the Dozen destroy the school then swoop in like a hero? But then, why let them attack St Louis etc?

My main theory would be that MC and the Dozen both intend to betray the other, which will lead to a three way war between Prestige, Savior and the Dozen.


Though the question remains: Has there actually been travel between NY and Florida AT ALL? The only one who says so is BS, right?


I am going to have to write some really crazy shit to avoid Part 3 resembling any of the theories out there, this one included.

It’s looking more and more like Mega Cat will be a bundle of cats hiding in a trench coat.


We can stop speculating if that’s any help? O_ò


His power is actually sneaking under your feet and making you trip while you’re carrying something important.


You think he also stands in front of doors for a long time, especially during crucial moments, trying to decide if he wants to go though or not? Stares at people for uncomfortably long periods of time and tries to follow them into the bathroom (my cats do that while screaming if I dare leave them outside).
…damn, now I want to see that, it would explain his lack of public appearances.


I should have the first draft of my Crook short story done by Sunday. I’m 1250 words in and working on it tonight. It’ll probably just be around 2500-3000 words, similar to a Very Stoic Christmas.

I could use 3 or 4 beta readers to check it out and give input. Heavy readers, folks with keen eyes who like addressing issues like pacing, dialogue, structure, etc., would be most appreciated. Just a head’s up; it’s told in 1st person POV (present), and not everyone likes that. (I’m using these short stories as a way to experiment with different styles.)


I’d love to help out!