Community College Hero 2: Knowledge is Power (only ONE day left to snatch my Patreon special! See Post 1768)


Sigh… i need a drink…


Do you want me to bring out the cat puns?


Oh god, I had a mental image of that. pls nO, Harroc, it’s 2 in the morning, I cannot go to sleep with that in my head!


The discord server crowned me Pope of Puns. You don’t stand a chance.

But back on topic:

I still think the students would be a perfect match against the dozen, if they learn to use their skills better.

@Ch3rryB0mb think of hedy as he is on the cover, asleep on the couch in his office.


@MeltingPenguins that was so soft, you give me such nice dreams :heart_eyes:
You know who, oddly enough I’d be interested in using against Monstrosity X? Friendzone. I wanna see her dopamine powers against the eldritch horror. I know she seemed pretty useless (although I firmly believe she would nail interrogations or info gathering, because everyone would feel nice and safe with her, and how can you not trust your friend ) but I can’t help but wonder, if she becomes stronger, could she counter the horror?
But yeah, although everyone has been snobbed out of the other schools, as a team they have very interesting and complimentary powers…


I’d be interested in sendind Tress against Shizukani.

For science.

@MeltingPenguins Fine, I’ll stop now; it’s literally 1am where I live, so I retreat for the meow-ment.

I can. Protip: being insane helps.


CW should be able to encase Black Bullet in a sphere made from her own bullets.


@Harroc If I end up seeing The Rock in my sleep, I’m blaming you. Tress against Shizukani? Aw man, I can’t see that going over well at all for (s)Tressy!!

@MeltingPenguins you think we’ll see CW again? I was so sad when he left, he was my mc’s bestie What really worries me is the Hag and Lowlife combo, with our current team :confused:



And mhnn… Friendzone might work against those, then again, seeing how hedy is immune to her… hmm.

DG and shine should be able to hinder all mindwarpers, though. You cant control what you cant see.
Monstrosity choking on a hairball is still a hilarious idea, also tress could learn to turn her hair into a glider and work on airdrop attacks with hover and crook.

It’d be risky, but if timed right rain and quickie could trick dr shock into electrocuting a few of the dozen.


Another thought! DG can unleash her deadly gas, and Quickie can encircle some members of the dozen to focus the gas on them.


@MeltingPenguins I died a little when I thought of Tress using her hair as a glider (That would be an awesome use of hair!).


Does Hag need eye contact for her power? If so, then DG and Shine, hell, a few smoke grenades woill do the job, that would save some lives!
As for the Rain/Quickie thing, well, no pain no gain, and it might work.

As for Friendzone, no it didn’t work on the Hedonist sadly but maybe it’s because she’s still not in full control and we still have hope? That would be so good! She would make a really good buff for the team, We need to get her back now too, I swear there’s only a handful of students left to work with in Speck!

@Cheion Ohhhh, like The Flash or Superman! Quickie does need to still learn to speed up for more than 8 seconds and bam! we have a fan !


Tress, on the other hand, died a lot because she found a way to f*** up.


Any walthrough you could offer for that, please?



@Harroc has given a very detailed walkthrough on the entire game in an earlier post. You might wanna look at it.

But to answer your question


This indeed is my Plan C. Simple and elegant.


DETAILS ON SUMMER ART CONTEST (A few edits this morning in italics)

  1. Each entry must capture a scene from CCH2. Entries with no setting or context to show what scene is being referenced will not qualify.

  2. Up to 2 entries per contestant. Contestants must be 18 years of age at the time they submit their entries (because I cannot enforce these rules on minors).

  3. Either digital or traditional mediums are fine; whatever you’re comfortable with!

  4. Email submissions to eric at fictionbyericmoser dot com (I will send a reply when I get it…if you don’t get a reply in 48 hours, reach out to me.

  5. Each applicant assigns all rights to their entries to me. Applicants cannot post their entries on any social media channels, forums, etc., until after final judging is completed (I do not want applicants going out and asking for votes).

  6. Deadline for submissions is 11:59 PM on July 31, 2018.

  7. PRIZES: (paid via PayPal) First Place: $100 USD, Second Place: $50 USD, Third Place: $25 USD. Also the top three entries wil be featured on my website and social media.

  8. I have total discretion regarding the judging process (but I’ll probably open it up for voting like last time, as that’s more fun for everyone!)

  9. Folks working on official CCH art projects are not eligible to participate.

Any questions, just ask!


Somehow I feel we shoul’ve seen this comming…



I hope the landslide of theories and musings didn’t overwhelm you, @Eric_Moser



I was browsing around the internet and I found a comic that described exactly how I feel about Mega Cat, so I redrew it.

Yes, in a rap battle between Nil and McCormick who would win?


It would be hilarious if Mega Cat is literally a cat (or cats), and he sure does personify one! Since cats rarely ever seem to care (much) about anyone anyway. They’re just adorable feisty devils that are like, You want me to help you? MAKE ME.