Community College Hero 2: Knowledge is Power (only ONE day left to snatch my Patreon special! See Post 1768)


I think blue morpho put it that streetsmart can ‘anticipate what one would do’, so, maybe he can see to most likely outcome for his timeline?

Also, similar (day)dream… just that his name was Aramis. Remy for short.


@MeltingPenguins I can see him as an Aramis, it’s fancy just like his suit. I’m more upset he lied to me about the 3rd installment in my dream. Damn it, Remy-Kyle!. Well then, that makes a little more sense than full on “I can see the future” gimmick I originally thought

@Carlos.R what have you done?! This is glorious and I’ll never accept any other form for MG


‘Aramis St. Claire’ to be precise.


It’s so glorious, it brought tear to my eyes, I need this to be a thing now!!!


Me: sees the thread is lively Oh boy, I can’t wait to read all those new posts!

Me, after reading all those new posts:



:heart_eyes_cat: _ :heart_eyes_cat:

This one is cuter, I think?


Thank you ;_; It will never happen, though. I think @Eric_Moser already set the name? I think?


@MeltingPenguins I’ll die if it’s something boring, like George or Joe, given how extra he is! Now I kinda want it to be boring, because I love the big marble oaf !!

@Carlos.R It’s cuter, but too peaceful for MG! I still vote for bus-eating





I’m allergic to cats…

GASP in realization

Am I a living Mega Cat detector?


oKAY, OKAY STAY CALM!! All we need you to do is stick your face near Tolly and Nil!


we could all vote for aramis/remy runs away


I will sacrifice my Kyle for this,:confetti_ball::confetti_ball::confetti_ball: YOU HAVE MY VOTE! I’M SO UNECESSARILY EXCITED NOW
(ahhh look at me sticking emojis like the cool kids, I’m still so in with them youngsters)


I am growing more confused by the second. Who are you talking about?


;_; thank you :crying_cat_face:


@MeltingPenguins don’t, you made that overly fancy name a reality, I will accept no other :heart_eyes:

@Harroc we had weird dreams involving the game and namedropping.

I think it’s the first signs of withdrawal ;_;


I know that, but who are you trying to name?


The Hedonist aka Big Marble Joe


What about Dwayne Johnson?


How about… no :no_good_woman:


I am not familiar with foreign names; is “No” a common one?