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Man! I haven’t though of that, i always trust Nil you know in all of my playthrough, but it makes sense, if Nil’s plan to confuse the Smarts succeed it will give Mega Tolly extra time to carefully think of a plan that could end savior plan of a really controlling Utopia and just ransacked them once and for all, because who would suspect a small weak little dean to actually be Mega Cat itself

And if Nil is actually a part of the dozen… I would be heartbroken i mean how could you i love you like my own father, haha, but really it actually kind of odd that Nil decided to meet us outside of Prestige of all places, i mean he could just secretly called us to it’s office while we are touring Prestige but it just need to call us from behind a wall of prestige university
Is…Nil a prestige professor to begin with? My memory is kinda blurry… I mean if he is a dozen member wouldn’t it be kinda weird if Mega Cat does not know about it?


We missed the obvious I think:

Nil, Tolly and MegaCat are ALL the same person


How could we missed it… It all makes sense, i mean those kids at prestige did say that “Up to nine clones”, it all makes sense now:joy:, man really this is really fun, we just need to wait what eric has in store for us, one thing for sure one of them will be the traitor


Do you people think who turns out to be the traitor will be linked to the path we took?


I think Eric said it would be relationship or choice based somewhere in the WiP thread.



That doesn’t make any sense because Nil warns you about Tolly being up to no good.


I say it still makes sense if that info is given on purpose.


Okay, so I have a theory about Tolly and her answer “being the same in every timeline”: What if at that moment it isn’t Tolly replying? I mean, we know of a few telepath characters that are strong enough to pull it off. And I find it very curious that Tolly says she doesn’t know why she said no, and politically speaking it can be advantageous to cause discord and mayhem. Maybe our “traitor” isn’t even aware of their status, and that is what Nil is refering to?

(I want y’all to know I though of this while showering and I felt so smart for thinking it up. I’m also wearing my favourite tinfoil cap.)


Yes but that doesn’t necessarily mean all three are the same person.

Tolly being Mega Cat? Possible.
Nil being Mega Cat? Also possible.
Nil is antagonizing Tolly, so unless MG really likes cosplay its highly unlikely he’s playing all three

Mega Cat being an actual cat? Most likely scenario.

@Ch3rryB0mb I actually also toyed around with the thought of that possibility, a lot of people seem to think she’s too simple and motherly to be a real threat but that’s the best kind of mole.

Also, is it the teddy bear print one?


Okay, but have you considered both Tolly and Nil being Mega Cat and he’s throwing us off his trail? Sneaky MG. Just…like…an actual cat…hmmmmmmmmMMMMMMM We need to go deeper!

I was thinking of the Hag originally, she can manipulate minds if I recall correctly. And it would make sense then that in all timelines the same thing happens, because it’s not essentially in Tolly’s hands what answer she gives. Plot Twist: We have a bigger Villain playing the 3 schools AND the dozen like a violin. I’m petty enough to want that just to see everyone’s faces, before they get their erm…heads together to save the world!!

Also, we can always stick Teddy Bear stickers on your tinfoil hat, no one can hate teddy bear stickers


Hold on, we do have it canonically that Booksmart can fuck with severely with people’s minds.




That was my second suspect! And Mom Tolly acted pretty out of character in that short scene after the “meeting”. Now we need to figure out motives and what each person has to gain by the infighting this has caused. Besides the obvious, which is Speck’s location, someone had to SOMETHING to gain from the falling out.
I mean, the Dozen want the place empty, yes. Prestige and Saviour both want in Speck (with Prestige having their grubby little claws in the school already tighter than Saviour does), so I get them sabotaging any even remotely possible agreement with the Dozen, but then why meet with them at all?
Maybe we’re looking at a third party, or one of the two known Telepaths (Booksmart or Hag) going in for an Ultimate Powergrab.
Or maybe I’m reading too much into this, because I don’t trust either of the Schools (they are shifty af) and outright wanna lock up the Villains (I may or may not be still very sore that I have to work ith the Manipulator).

Bring me all the political drama, I live for this.


If that’s the case then we have Booksmart working against Streetsmart. Which I am all for cause Streetsmart is a babe and pls let me romance him ty god bless.


Streetsmart had us all at the description of “silky voice” it seems.


Not me… I’m always suspicious of characters like that when directly connected to chars like BS.


You’re not wrong, I guess I’ll have to settle for a picture of him along side Hedy’s (instead of a knife in my back).
But seriously, I don’t see Booksmart (if it is her) pulling any bs without him knowing, he sees the future supposedly, doesn’t he?


then the qustion is: does it matter that he knows what she’d do?


This is something I’ve been thinking about a lot (don’t ask lmao) and I don’t think he actually sees the future, honestly. It might be more like he has the ability to see all probabilities (doesn’t seem to be that different but you get what I mean) because seeing the future would make existance pretty linear. It would either mean that he can see the future but not do anything about it or he can see possibilities but not necessarily the future.

You know as much as I love all these theories what if Eric is probably just like “lol what if Mega Cat is actually just a cat in a coat”


@MeltingPenguins I can only suppose it would matter if we’re right about her going full evil overlord and he’d willing to stop her. Ah, now my imagination is running wild!

@Strider Don’t sweat it, we need all input and theories to crack this. But hey that would make more sense. didn’t he mention that though he sees the future, that it’s not set in stone? Or am I remembering things? Kinda like a dream I had after multiple playthroughs in a row, where the Hedonist told me his name was Kyle and announced the third game was out…But I digress.

Hehehe, he opens his coat and like a bunch of cats spill out! Like the crack alien endings in the Silent Hill franchise!