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I think you also get approval points (or at least don’t lose points) if you say nothing. Anyway, you don’t need a perfect score to be McCormick’s pet. Just a high enough score. So yes, you can disregard the lesson and still be McCormick’s pet.

To get perfect score with McCormick

  • Do not follow the police car and go straight to school
  • When McCormick takes your attendance, choose any option except wink at her
  • Sit in the front of McCormick’s class
  • Raise your hand and answer the question regarding insurance properly (just choose that longest answer)
  • Ace the HELL tests.
  • When selecting how to spend the rest of you time after packing when the school closes choose to head back immediately and ride in the van with the professors.
  • When Crook is hassling McCormick either say nothing or tell Crook to stop.
  • When McCormick asks you what you thought about her class say it was facinating.


Well, it’s still great work, regardless. My opinion was more comparing him to the likes of Colossus (X-Men), only instead of unitards, he goes with Armani 3-piece suits. I’d imagine him and Barny Stinson would be best bros.


Ehhh… compared to barnry hedy has an understanding of personal space and consent.

But let’s not go there again, we discussed that.


I was simply making the reference based on their love of suits. Definitely not a reference to their sexual interests.


I’ll not wink at her this time, see how that goes.


I was able to wink at her and I got pet status. So long as you give a teacher’s pet answer about purchasing insurance, acing both tests and not talking to the teenagers if you party with DG you should get it.

When I dated Stunner, I gave a pet answer, sat with Crook and DG, aced the tests, ignored her lesson to get Stunner’s attention, danced with DG and didn’t speak to the teens, and then said HELL was great. Pet status. You also get bonus points if you side with Tress and focus on the media presentation.


Iirc, talking to the teenagers affects only points with Dean Tolly, not McCormick.

Yup, I was just listing the factors to get the highest points with McCormick. As I said earlier, you don’t need perfect score to be her pet, you just need enough points. So you don’t have to do everything I listed.

Oh really? Thanks for pointing that out. I must have overlooked that :slightly_smiling_face:


Lol I have no idea what teenagers y’all are talking about. Don’t really hang out with DG. I got it though. I defended her with Crook.


So, I’m starting another run through for CCH1, where I plan on not romancing anyone, and making my decision in CCH2. Is it possible to start the romances you didn’t in the first part in part 2, or are you locked to just starting a romance with the new romance options (like stoic)?


Yup, totally possible, but it’ll treat it as though you’ve been dating that character the entire series. Romances don’t transfer over from CCH1, going forward they’re set in a scene in CCH2. So if you play CCH1 single and then for example, decide to date Dirty Girl in part 2, the in-game romantic content will be the same as if you had romanced her in part 1


Oh so, even if you did date someone it doesn’t transfer over, so it’s like you never romanced that character?


It just resets. Very minor spoilers for how it gets set, the MC’s mother asks the MC whether they’re dating anyone, and you have the option to choose from the list of ROs or say you’re single. So the game doesn’t acknowledge romance until that scene, and then afterwards it behaves as though you’ve been either dating that character since game 1, or been single the entire time, if that makes sense? If you date someone in CCH1 and choose to continue dating them then the game treats it as a continuous relationship, or if you want to “magically” start a romance or change who you’re romancing you can do that too


Ah okay! Thank you very much for your help!


A messy doodle bc I’ve been sick as hell and can’t be bothered to make the lines any cleaner but I heard that there may be others who like the idea of Hedonist and Captain California being a thing :eyes:

(California must have pushed Hedonist’s computer off the desk of something. What a jerk)


Got a song for all the Booksmart & Streetsmarts playlists out there:


Crazy Theory:
Well… I am too lazy to read all of this comments but i know i am not the only one who thinks that Mega Cat and Dean Tolly are the same person, this is just a crazy conspiratory idea that i get after 10 minutes laughing at Dean Tolly’s cat puns so don’t judge me to much, let us get started

  1. Let us just say that all of those crazy impossible things that the prestige students say about Mega Cat is true, well not all of them (controlling the thought of all cats? Really?) then Mega cat is able to clone up to nine versions of himself, maybe he use one of those clones as a disguise to control Speck while at same time controlling Prestige in New York( New york? Isn’t it?)

  2. I mean isn’t it Very Curious indeed just like Blue Morpho said that whatever happens at that conference in any different zone timelines, Dean Tolly’s answer to Booksmarts’s offer will always be the same? (well…there is also the possibility that her undying love for Speck transcend all different zone dimensions)

  3. And those cat puns, it is like she has book that is titled “Cat puns specially if you want to talk about Mega Cat” stashed somewhere in her office, if not then she must be a big fan of Mega Cat doesn’t she? (well there is also a possibility that she just really loves cat puns)

The “it can’t be like that” part of this theory for me is, why would Nil be suspicious of Dean Tolly? I mean if Dean Tolly is Mega Cat wouldn’t it makes more sense if Nil encourages us to trust her rather than the Opposite?

There is another plot twist in my brain i will brainstorm this post with plot twists:

Maybe Dean Tolly is not Dean Tolly, but rather a secret member of the dozen, speciallize in copying someone’s apperance, behaviour, quirks, and preferences, maybe the real Dean Tolly is already dead and the one who is with us is actually a dozen member who is copying her to control Speck for dozen’s purposes in case of emergency if all of their other plans have failed.

What i think about the second book:

  1. Perfect, just plain perfect, i am still single and ready to mingle with Mister Marble though, my only wish is the option to pick Hedonist as an RO but if that is impossible then i am perfectly fine being a cute asexual hero i am

  2. What i like about the second book is the more in depth exploration of each characters personality, The true motives of each school, the professors character development, and all of the “who art i should trust” thing, and plus the scene with the dozen actually manage to give me a goosebump (considering i am a really hard creature to please when it comes to story) i actually fear the possibility of another character dying knowing our author here is the gamebook version of George R.R Martin

  3. Ahh… Saviour and Prestige Dillemma…my favorite… The Smarts always say that their school is transparent but the truth is otherwise
    And Prestige might be hiding something from everyone but they always speak the truth.
    it is just irritating on how Savior will do anything for the utopia that their dean wishes, even to go as far as too shake hands with the dozen and Prestige the school who i doesn’t like the most will do anything to ensure the safety of my school and the elimination of the dozen
    Well,like they said Enemies can be friends and friends can be enemies

  4. I am actually very dissapointed that the Wyvern true identity is not Dick Rycliff, i mean thinking about all of the vendetta he has for our school it would be interesting,and plus revenge would be sweeter if the Wyvern is actually him (but nah, i would never kill a villain, i don’t want to make my second favorite teacher sad)

  5. And @Eric_Moser Could you please don’t kill anymore characters? (or take them out from the story?) i mean come on! Why CW? The way he looks at penelope before he goes is just heartbreaking, i mean please just make him come back in book three (i almost have a heart attack when Stoic Leaves)

  6. How many times do i already tell you that i love your book? I just love it when there is another Romance beside MC x RO in a gamebook, the romance between Stress and CW is just cute,i as a reader demand more of it!:rage:, it is just a breath of fresh air you know to read a gamebook that has the character actually falling in love with someone else other than your character i mean i know that game books are supposed to be an escapism for the reader but still it is just plain odd that all the characters want to get their hands on your character groin.

Well that is all i can say, i only did 2 playthrough i just don’t have the heart to cheat on the Hedonist, i mean if i am into one character i would only focus myself on him/her/xir never anyone else.i am really Sorry for my bad english i should have been sleeping by now not spending one hour just to think of what to comment on a gamebook but this one is worth it:kissing_heart:


Spoiler alert! CW does die if the MC doesn’t step forward to protect him or Tress, BUT if the MC does so, CW will live. So if you want CW to stay alive, I’d recommend doing that play through :slightly_smiling_face:


Unless of course Nil is either in on the ploy and is actively using the MC to give false info to savior via the Captain, or Nil is the member of the dozen.


Actually, no one dies on my playthrough it is just in the end CW would leave, i mean i understand the "my family does not want me to get hurt"part but why?


Haha I see! I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of CW or Stoic . They’re too lovable to let go :wink: