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Quentin and CWom are soooo in the same mmorpg guild


I can almost see Quentin being mesmerised by W.OM.B.A.T. , and C-wom by Swashbuckler’s sword.


Guilty as charged! Thank you for telling me haha


All this Hedonist hate makes me laugh. Like no joke, I find it kind of amusing.
People could just do what I did if they don’t like the Hedonist. I got him killed. On purpose.

There, problem solved. :sweat_smile:


So I read somewhere in this post that the ending was a cop out if one chose to awaken their power. I just finished my first walkthrough and didn’t gain squat. Did I miss anything? Because for sure there was that scene at the end. Can someone clarify?


I didn’t get anything as well


Hello, new guy here. Wondering if anyone can help me.

So I’m playing an Acrobat/Zenith path and in the fight with the Afterthoughts the first option to choose CM and Crook is greyed out for some reason. I have a pretty high Loyalty and Relationship with them and I’m also the leader. So my question is - Is this only available for the Tactitian path because I keep replaying and it always ends up the same?

Loving the series so far, looking forward to new ones as well as all the other stuff from Choice of Games.


Yes, that first option is only available for tacticians.


Got it, thanks. Might have to suffer a bit to reputation but I guess you can’t make everything perfect :grin:
Will do a second run as a tactician. Seems absolutely worth it.


What I’ve found in my playthroughs is, do Tactician on the paths where you are the leader. And if you got saves where you’re not, do the other paths there and just let Tress sink everything. Leader MC without Tactician tends to fail more then I would have liked. Like, I sometimes feel like I’m punished as group leader if I do anything but Tactician. For that fight especially, there really should have been 5 choices, so you could be a good Leader, but still pursue one of the other paths.

  • Tactician Choice,
  • Leader Choice,
  • Tress is the leader, do what she says Choice,
  • I’m gunna do my own thing and screw everyone else Choice,
  • and Fail choice.

When I’m not a Tactician I always feel like I let everyone down.


So, I’ve just finished the game and near the end I spotted a big error. See, there was this choice and I found out that a pretty important option was missing. I took the liberty to fix that for you:

Now, seriously, I have some opinions about the game, I would like to provide some constructive criticism. Once I put my thoughts in order, so it might take me a while. And I would probably share some fanart for those who aren’t still aware of the extents of my diabolic mind.

For the moment, I’ll just say that I’m quite hopeful for part 3.


I didn’t want to recommend anyone of them, but if I had to then Friendzone is the only one I would recommend honestly. Hi-Jinx is annoying, I barely have any idea who Dr.Hover even is, and Quickie is just an attention wanting asshole.


@No_This_Is_Patrick Well I have coulrophobia so I always live in hope I can one day make my MC run away from Hi-Jinx when she enters the room.

PS Am I the only one who has like, word documents for all these COG/HG books that are series, so you can keep track of your different playthroughs? Cause mine for CCH has gotten a bit big.


Would you sacrifice thousands of lives, just to get rid of him?
If I had to deal with him, I would do it personally so I could avoid, or minimize, any collateral dameges


So…In the first game, is it impossible to get Teachers Pet status with McCormick if you romance Stunner? Cause if you don’t flirt with him in class, you don’t get the date. But if you do, you don’t hear the lesson on something you have to ask McCormick about later to get approval points.


Sims4 is a blessing:

Kudos to @Leem


Well, I suppose he’s easier to drown than most sims.


We’ll be putting him into a Household with Lady Argent from Fallen Hero… do you think either will even make it to the pool?


You can romance Stunner AND still be McCormick’s pet. While you would miss out on asking her the question in class, there’s two other ways to raise your relationship with her for that achievement:

  • Defend her from Crook
  • Score an A in the HELL finals


wish i could say something but my stunner playthrough was the one where i avoided mccormick’s reward since it didn’t really go with my character’s personality

there’s always the trip up to the country if you leave early and go on the teacher bus she’ll approve of you