Community College Hero 2: Knowledge is Power (only ONE day left to snatch my Patreon special! See Post 1768)


Female!Hedy :



I dont know why but this song always comes to (my) mind when i play the Dirty Girl RO path. (Johnny Depp plays guitar on this btw)


OK so … I created some things for dear Hedy … put in spoiler blur because someone might not want to see him.

And this is Hedy getting ready for battle, since the question whether he has nipples or not wasn’t answered so I decided to play it safe and skip it :joy:


I’d love to, but too many posts. I’m lost! ^^’’




Interesting. Is there a way to somehow broaden the model a little? I think he might be thicker (bone structure- and muscle-wise, I mean)


That’s a good point and yes, it’s possible. I guess it’s my personal preferences to make him leaner.
Will try to make him broader and post it later.


Still trying to ti it to the Hero Unmasked verse XD I mean, people with superpowers are as rare as a diamond in an oyster there…
Is the HeUn verse the one where a few fleeing through the Zone ended up?

EDIT: Also, is there a reason I’m watching footage of old newsreels from the late 70s


“That’s why I took my D like a champ!”



That’s about Nil’s class I think.


Yup. Quickie said cuz he didn’t want to give secrets.


Here’s a theory for you guys. Nil is Booksmart’s prototype she rejected because when she tried to “download” her mind into the software, he became sentient. That’s why Saviour wants to pin him as the enemy, and why he has a metal frame under the cloak. They’re the only two “robots” in the series.


A thicker, broader Hedy rushing to the battle scene :heart_eyes:
Still not sure if he is broad enough to be honest :joy:


I genuinely dream of forming a team with the Manipulator, Nil, Stoic and Professor McCormick (YES, LET ME DREAM HIGH OF HER UNDISCOVERED/UNREVEALED POWERS!!!) whilst being their master tactician :heart_eyes:


They get it anyway, just a matter of your grade and consent


I apologize in advance.

I’d say the model is interesting, but looks too much like Limestone and glass than Marble. Also, if I recall, Hedonist’s hair is also a solid marble construct, blended with his head. Lastly, he’d never be caught dead in a wool blazer. He is the type to wear 3 piece suits (Blazer, vest, Pants) that cost more than what we make a year.

Just my thoughts. I know they’re a little rude, and again, I apologize.


Nah, it wasn’t rude, your comment was actually helpful so thank you :wink:
Still, I feel like I need to address all the points you wrote there a bit:

  • Marble or limestone: Now this is something I have experimented with most when I created the model. I have tried many different shaders but this was the closest one to the Hedy in my head so I went for it. Maybe it was the lightning or the camera but I remembered the shader I chose was listed as marble shader not limestone so with my limited knowledge and resources this is the best I can come up with, it’s so hard to work with model with uncommon skin :joy:

  • Hair: I think I have to explain about the hair a little bit, the hair is a separate model from the base model so if I want to the model to have hair, I will have to attach hair to it. The normal hair has no problem attach itself to the model but when I try to apply marble shader to the hair, it look really bad and didn’t attach correctly to the model. Because of that I decided to go back to my original HC for Hedy which is he can control the state of his body parts even down to the strands of his hair so he only makes them solid when he has to stop or withstand an attack or something like that.

  • Clothes: You are 100% correct on this and I have prepare a three pieces suit for dear Hedy, but unfortunately the suit was for an older model while the base model I used to create Hedy was a newer one so the clothes didn’t fit :sob: Once again I have no one to blame but my own limited resources.

It does feel like I am explaining my own shortcomings here so I will stop now, thanks for your comments :wink: I will tinker more with the model to see if I can improve the points you have written.


Not sure if this is has been answered (1k responses is a lot to shift through!) but regarding the Crook romance:

Will his secret from season one be addressed? With all of the buildup for the mystery of his backstory I’m anticipating a dramatic reveal, but I’m surprised that a Crook-romancing MC didn’t comment on his secret at the end of Trial By Fire or throughout Knowledge Is Power. Or even that Crook wouldn’t bring it up? Unless somehow I messed up in my save or something.



First you gotta romance him, of course.
Then there’s the date part in the massage parlor. After the big guy leaves, Crook puts the moves on you and offers you a rubdown.
You have to TURN HIM DOWN. Tell him you want to go slow and talk. Then you will have a discussion about what he said about being married and stuff.
Alot of people miss it because they want the rubdown, but refusing it is fine. He’s still your RO, you just got some answers you needed.


I’m imagining the mc from the HeUn verse teaming up with a tactician mc from CCH :joy: Ccome to think of it, maybe Quentin from HeUn was the one who provided the blueprints for developing the MC’s gear…

So maybe that’s where Origami went! Let the Swashbuckler come to the rescue!