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And he used his position of power to sexualy abuse most of his students. It may be matter of opinion, but i despise him more.


Yes, ymmv. I don’t think one can as such say he’s worse. Also both got a great bit of characterdevelopment.
Not saying neither need comeuppance, but…

And lbh: their stuff pales compared to what especially savior is up to


sigh There we go again…

Careful now...

Downfall breaking bones? Pfft, silly, she was just teaching you, “tough love”-style! You all whiny pansies should be grateful!
Hedonist wants to touch me in my special places? How dares he! No, I don’t care that I don’t have to say “yes”, that he doesn’t force of threaten me for it - the mere fact that he suggested it is enough! That bastard deserves to die!
Seriously though, it’s funny how much hate Hedonist is getting for simply offering sextra credit, while Captain California’s inevitable mind-raping the whole student body get ignored (to add insult to the injury, it doesn’t matter if you refuse to give up any secrets - he still obviously uses that machine on you, steals the info, and you get a D for your trouble). I personally think violation of a mind is a much darker and more despicable thing than that of a body.
Talking about my 2 least favorite teachers, I don’t even feel like condemning Downfall for her aggression. I don’t like her as a person, but I don’t get the urge to throw her into a volcano either (yet). And as a character she is pretty interesting. California, however, gives me the creeps every time I stop to think about his affiliation with Savior and what he did last semester.


If you know you are pursuing a circular argument, why do you keep hammering your view without adding anything new?

Seriously - every single person that keeps turning the argument into a circular discussion needs to take a break from writing on the issue. Eric has already asked us not to keep pursuing the argument, so why do you all keep beating the dead horse - is there some edification out of beating a dead horse that I just don’t get?


Guys, remember that discussions about the Hedonist mentality were forbidden in the WiP thread because it got out of control. Let’s just apply this here as well.

The other subjects banned were:
-whether DG’s attitude was correct for a hero.
-arguing against Eric’s decision for the MC’s power (there was a guy that kept insisting that he should give OP powers to the MC which ended being really annoying).


In CCH1 thread it was talked about extensively how Hedonist sexual abuse is an important issue, and how arguments that “he is not forcing anyone” are completely incorrect, given he is in a position of power and what he is doing is a sexual coercion and its harmful. But for more details i would refer to those older topics instead of repeating it.
Although the fact alone that in these days it is still brought up to explain what sexual abuse in position of power is, is a bit troubling.


Remind me to be extra vigilant when the YMMV page for CCH comes to be.


Well he kind of did get punished. I mean, there was a file in McCormick’s office that said his actions are being watched and that he now has to adopt an open door policy. I guess all the fuss around the Hedonist issue is that he didn’t receive a greater punishment. Personally, I think Eric did kind of punish the Hedonist by making him now being watched closely by the faculty. So it’s not fair to say Eric didn’t address the issue.
And like the book (Principle Tolly) says, she can’t afford to lose 75% of the faculty, which was why the Hedonist was let off easily. And maybe Tolly also felt that it was the lesser of two evils. The actual harm done to a student is probably deemed more unacceptable to Tolly.

But like @Eiwynn and @Harroc says, let’s just move on from this matter. No point repeating what has already said.

What was the DG’s attitude thing about? If you don’t want to answer that in this thread, maybe you could just message me personally. I’m not going to make a fuss about it, I’m just curious…


She is drugs addict


It wasn’t banned per se, but it nearly was.

Basically, I made a list of why none of our classmates had a chance to survive in the real world to partially justify Downfall’s methods (at least explain sime of it).

I argued that DG’s problem was her lack of seriousness and whether or not she was worthy of being a hero. The main thing was that her partying every night and taking drugs could hinder her performances and put her teammates in danger.

Then one dude showed up and started to argue against it. In retrospective, I really think they were trying to start trouble and were really off topic.

If you want to see the conversation, it starts here.


I’m kinda out the thread these days, but talking about expectations for parte 3, mr. @Eric_Moser, sir, I hope we could get a chance to beat the crap out of Downfall and/or the Hedonist. I’m not saying it should be easy, but surely would be rewarding.
Maybe some sort of battle simulation, where the MC could test its new enhancements and proof itself worthy to fight against the Dozen. A tactitian could use the enviroment, a Dr. Stentch could prove its dad’s genius and a Zenith could take the teachers in a one on one. And even if the battle was simulated, the real teacher would be watching and trembling hehe. :sunglasses:


You should take some time to read through the thread about that. :wink:


Didn’t Downfall invite the MC to train with her in the summer in New York if you gained enough points with her? Will we be seeing that in CCH3?

It was a pity that we didn’t get to see any scenes of being the Hedonist’s assistant (if the MC was his pet) over the spring semester in CCH2.


@Querida He asked the MC to help him pick a Necktie (Im not sure if only pets get this option though.).


I think everyone gets that (it’s in the zenith path) though there might be flavor text


Yeah, as @MeltingPenguins says, all Zenith paths get the necktie option. Don’t think there is any flavour text,


the only flavor text is wht you think of him when you’re outside the door

you either get ‘ooo he’s so handsome :weary::weary:’ or ‘the stupid bastard does not deserve such a pretty face ://’

i was hopping for some text about the plastic doorstop for if you break into mccormick’s office but sadly nothing

i was also hoping for some mutual bitterness if you weren’t a teacher’s pet because making him mad is really funny as much as i like him
he’s a primadonna it’s gr8


Huh, I must have missed that… Are those the exact words spoken? Guess I need to re-read CCH2.


Don’t forget our pirate speech. In fact if I say that sentence irl, it’s “doe nt fergit arrr pie rit speech.” My non Minnesota friends always have me say bag, car, and about because of the accent. I’m from the northern part so my accent has more of a Canadian tilt to it than Scandinavian, mixed in with my ojibwe accent.

Honestly I hated the stereotypical ‘Minnesota’ speech, though I loved the character. It was the only real issue I had with the game.


yeah you stand outside his door as he’s hunched over his desk, brows furrowed in concentration (as he labors over the time limit probably left on the pocket square sale…)

and u either appreciate his roman/greek physique or get incredibly salty it’s funny