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But the public doesn’t know that.


Okay, Hedonist physiology question.
Does he get softer when he sleeps? Or harder (not like that) as a defense mechanism?


And, do you think Crook had moments early on in his powers where he like teleported in his sleep? What about when he had no control and was sick? Did he teleport on sneeze?


i say softer but only if he feels safe. Like a rabbit. Flops to his side and goes softer and lighter and sleeps


Blushes… Blushes? Who, the Hedonist? :laughing: Really?
On a more serious note, if he really has no blood, he probably has nothing to blush with.


Well, he has… other bodyfluids… so…


Eric: Hedonist is an exploration of a morally questionable hero, and to what extent heroism and saving lives excuses other, immoral yet not illegal, actions.

Hedonist Fans: He is a   s o f t   b u n n i e.

Eric: I—hmm. [leaves for the Caribbean]


We don’t know that
Some guys can’t finish, so we don’t know if he did with CP or DG


Which are probably either transparent or white, all things considered. Again, no visible blushing should be possible. :thinking:

Not to sound naive, but… what’s the point then? I mean, if he is doing questionable things for pleasure, the results had better be worth the effort, no?


We’re just messing around.


like in Hedy’s office or…?

jk, I understand (I’m rather smitten with Hedy myself) I just found the rabbit comment amusing. :grin:

Though, if I may offer my two cents:

I do think of Hedy as being a bit like Colossus from X-Men, where his power is something that can be shut off.
More importantly, it’s only his skin which is impenetrable, Colossus is still squishy on the inside.

Edit: This would make blushing impossible if he’s in his stony/marble form, as the composition of his skin would change, and would likely not allow for blood vessels.

How he survives that is beyond me, though. I assume the answer would be, magic science!


He has a morning marble.


The puns are alive.

I like the theory that he could go softer, but as a Grade 8 Zenith (or is he 9?), he is very powerful, not necessarily skilled. Personally I believe in “rest mode” his body would default for survival


Well… as we see with blue morpho’s Dossier the grade comes from power AND skill.


Skill doesn’t matter that much or Hedonist would not fit in the grading system ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )


All this talk about The Hedonist and how hard he can get and all I can think now is comparisons to Metapod from Pokemon (because I’m that old)


I hope you’re all happy I can’t take Marble Tits seriously anymore…


I would very much like if there was an option to bring him and Downfall to justice and succeed to convinct a court of law that their actions were actually illegal if you are McCormick’s pet and aced your Hell tests :man_judge: :woman_judge:


Tsundere, I’d say. But kundere is new to me. Waifu, yes, please!


That’s what i hoped for since CCH1 :slight_smile: With Downfall she atleast got fired, but Hedonist didn’t face any punishment even if his crimes are more despicable. Incorporating other classess in the storyline of taking him down would be such a neat way to have in the story! Pitty that isn’t in the game :frowning: but maaaybe there is still a little possibility of that happening in the third part…


More despicable? She broke Tress’s arm.

Edit: I’m just gonna let it go cause nothing is gonna fix this backward ass thinking anyway.