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Holy f*** I know why Mega Cat is looking for our MC (if he is)!

Remember my theory about him trying to even the odds with Savior because they can create New Zeniths?

What if he wants our MC to succeed because it would prove that you can have powerless heroes and therefore give him more “soldiers”?


Food for thought: what if he isnt even looking for “more soldiers” but needs the mc to succeed cause he knows the mc’s dad had proof savior’s been working with the dozen, that megacat never found


See, I was saying the cat is shady. I don’t know about the smarts but MC still is shady


I feel that the Smarts are shady in their own way. Booksmart’s Utopia Project is really suspicious… as was her refusal to give you information about the Dozen.


Sorry I haven’t been around to add much to the conversation but I’m working on a new non-CS project and sorta getting lost in that at the moment.

I enjoy seeing all the CCH speckulation though! It’s awesome having so many potential directions to take things!

And just 20 days left in the Summer Art Contest! I only have a few submissions, so either they’ll start trickling in more frequently in these last few weeks or the competition or judging is going to be pretty damn easy!


Booksmart’s World Utopia idea is beyond shady. It’s just a flat out world domination + mind control scheme.


Authoritarianism disguised as Utopia COMMUNISM!

We must stop the Smart’s and their Commie Plans before it’s too late!

Edit: /me looks at username
Oh… I forgot about that.


Now we must wait for the final reveals. :sob:



So, new theory to add to our increasing paranoia, by @MeltingPenguins

"That thing at the airbase
What if it wasnt to create more zeniths… but to get through soviet shields. Thus being a means to negate radiation?
What if prestige wants it to fight villains, dozen wants it to get rid of heroes…
And savior wants to play god

Theory is this could be used to negate zenith powers, and now I’m even more worried. Also, damn it Booksmart, of course she’d want it for world domination


So does that mean Streetsmarts has the same agenda or?


Now I’m starting to think all the celebrity supers are just fakers and as evil as The Dozen


The following sounds unfortunately like mockery, but I’m being earnest:
I think there’d be a market for bodypillows of some chars… especially Hedonist


Look, there’s Jack Sparrow body pillows in this, the universe we reside in, I’m certain that there’s Hedonist pillows and then some over there, in the universe where he exists.


Yes but the issue is there’s none in this universe yet


Oh! You meant this universe.

Ooh boy.

I mean…yes, there is a market…but I’m unfortunately broke at the moment so I can’t buy out all the stock.


@MeltingPenguins and @impeccably-stressed: good thing we are all proper gentle-beings here …

I’m sure there would be a market for all sorts of fan-orientated things… pillows, tops and even refrigerator magnets … :innocent:

Let’s make sure the thread remains on topic, eh? :slight_smile:


Absolutely on topic, no worries.

But one last comment before I go-go:

Does anyone else think there’s a merchandise rivalry between Mega Cat and the Smarts that MC is totally winning?

Why do I think that? Because I can see Mega Cat getting that sweet, sweet Dorito money, while Booksmart, in an attempt to guide people into more healthy eating habits, went for kale chips.

RIP those poor parents who bought their kids Booksmart approved seaweed crisps instead of Mega Cat Mega Cool Cool Ranch flavored Doritos™.


I really wish there was a Hedonist love interest route, he actually is interesting and invested in M.C.! I also was hoping Zenith powers at least unleash it was sad to end up at a stalemate.

I felt you can get an opportunity to view Prestige and Saviour but really aren’t given proper introduction to Ivory Tower, Mendel, the smarts and Trendsetter. Also it would be nice to have a bit of background on others and a recap of the last game. I like the game and all but have limited love interest choices and paths is annoying. For path you should be able to choose at least more options. I also think a option to obtain more gear and recruiting allies to the team makes sense.

I like the game but more options would make the story more interesting. I invested my hopes you got Hedionist as a love interest, even Combat Wombat would be pleasant.

Long story short: offer New love interest, hint or show zenith traits, more backstory of M.C. and established characters, option to go bad, join Savior or Prestige. It would also be nice to have a run down of the S.T. Louis events in the past. Recaps help those that are returning to the series.


He said no for the Hedonist due to the controversy. And considering Wombat leaves Speck no matter what, he’ll probably end up like the Unicorn girl but a bit better.

New love interest: counter productive, the others had two books to be developped. Beside, the third game will probably be axed on the final battle between the four main factions.

Yes we will get powers. Power nullification if it hasn’t changed.

We already have enough backstory as is.

We will not be able to be a villain because (as Eric said) it wouldn’t make any sense.

I think we can join Prestige/Savior.

Recaps are unecessary since Eric does a pretty good job at summing up everything that happened with an introduction.


Ah, sorry. I threw this in cause eric had asked recently what merch we’d buy (if i understood it correctly) ^^; sorry.