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I’d argue that having them ‘locked away’ makes more sense.
If you don’t go to the zoo you wont see the giraffes as they say


Either Eric gave us the biggest red herring of the plot or we have a serious case of branch favoritism


That is a good point, but the thing is, you can still see other things at the zoo too. :stuck_out_tongue:

In no way am I bashing his work or anything. Just my little gripe on using a system that only really works for MMO’s, in my own opinion. I still am hopelessly addicted to the CCH series, just wished there was a tad bit more freedom. Note, not asking for an OP character, just not to have my character be repeatedly humiliated or fail based on a single, seemingly irrelevant choice at the beginning. Anyways, I will no longer bring that up, as I have vented, and I am done with that topic.

But back to the topic, I think it’s a relatively safe assumption that Crook killed the PC’s father, but is also looking out for the PC, as I stated. I am also still adamant about Nil being Deviant XD. So how is everyone?


Now I think that crook murdered Papa Stench, but I still can’t wrap my head around the shady Mega Cat.

It is making sense now that I remember that Crook hasn’t revealed his identity to anyone.


Now, I have a theory, and it’s a stretch, but what if this is all a bid to prevent the PC from getting powers? What if all the big players know something about them (The Smarts easily could), and either want to control it, or stop it? The end of Book 2 implies MC is keeping an eye on the PC. I just know Tress was a terrible choice for relationships.


My theory is somewhat similar to yours. It’s just too big a thing to ignore a celebrity superhero like MC being shady. And yes, it doesn’t matter what Crook’s real identity is, I still feel that MC has got something to do with PC’s father’s death or MC is working with the Dozen or at least that MC is a bad guy.

And yeah, I agree about Tress, she was real sweet in the first book but then she is all hungry for attention and success. Whenever my PC did something kickass, Tress was always in the background, frowning. That just made me sick of her.


No, I still cant agree that plotpoints should be rubbed into the readers face.
You didnt take a path that’d make you come across something, so why bend over and have the reader find it regardless.
Ymmv, sure, but if one’d get all the info in one go, why should one play again on top of things


You probably find out more about the other party members as a tactician and more about any Zenith conspiracies heading down the superpower route.


I know from what McCormick has taught the MC that guns are bad and you shouldn’t associate with them but I really want my MC to have a gun.

@Eric_Moser What’re your thoughts about our non-zenith getting ahold of a six-gun?


Make way for the new hero: Gun Man, because they can’t sue if they’re dead.


Great. Give Black Bullet more ammunition to kill you and your friends. Literally.


Which part indicated that MC was watching the PC? I must have missed that in my playthroughs…

I feel the same about Tress. Was why I decided to go with romancing Stoic instead :stuck_out_tongue:


I name all my Detectives The Mysterious Stranger… So you might see why I would like a revolver, eh?


After the Manipulator fight. winning leads to Dean Tolly showing an unusual display of affection towards you, like “As long as you, specifically, are alive, then everything was worth it.” And then she tells you that Megacat has been watching you, and is extremely proud of you.


Wise and truthful words.


Hi i have two quick questions. It would be nice if someone could help me out.

  1. Even though i kept my secrets in Part 1 and got the message from nil i wasnt contacted by hım in Part 2.
  2. How do i read the E Mail from mega Cat? İ am a detective with the Level3 Hacking Gear and 9 hmm.


For 2 you need shhh to successfully sneak out. Got that too?


You have to be Nil’s pet in CCH1. Then in CCH2, after you visit Prestige, you must choose to leave for the alley to find Nil instead of staying to hear Dean Tolly’s talk.


Oh i didnt know that. Will try that out next time.
Thanks Lot


Yes i successfully sneaked out. I even hacked her computer but didnt get the achievement. Maybe it is a bug. I will try it again. Thanks.