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I hope that stuff carries over to the next game… I romances DG in the first and was able to completely retcon that in the second, I was fine with that because I saw the stoic option. I just hope the relationship I built carries over.


I don’t remember of any anti-hero being featured in any CoG or Hosted game. Such characters really give a different kind thrill to the story. @Eric_Moser , do you plan to introduce any such character in next CCH story? Ya know, the kind which is not really a bad guy but is not a good Samaritan either


Arguable whether Fallen Hero and The Hero Unmasked! Cant be played as/dont have antihero chars.


What do you mean? Or is this a response to another comment?


that was a response to zombiefan’s comment, sorry for the confusion


Yeah it will. I simplified the code. But there will be no deviating from the RO. No jumping from one person to another. That crap is too complicated to keep track of. That’s why I think the “on/off” reset at the start of Part 2 is a good thing.


I was wondering if I could ask a question, if and when you have the time?


I don’t know about Fallen Hero but Hero Unmasked! Was fine. It wasn’t really mindblowing. But it had that kinda characters. There was that vampire, what was her name? Bloodmist? Yeah, maybe. She was sorta antiheroic.


I enjoyed Fallen Hero quite a bit. The subterfuge and deceit, being the villian while pretending to help the heroes.


So like… I don’t think many people mention this but what’s gonna happen to Waifu Stoic? Considering her powers are gone but she’s both ICly and OOCly our RO what’s gonna become of her? I’d like to see her still be a hero and all that but how? Will DG call her some rendition of CP? I’m curious.


I don’t plan to introduce many new characters in Part 3, period. I already have like 40 named characters who could pop up; there’s not any room for anyone other than fodder (and Mega Cat! Although I feel like he’s already been “introduced” in a way).

And I’d consider lots of characters “middle ground” types, at least from appearances.


DG would totally ride her out for being powerless, if not for the whole “she came back to save their lives” thing.

Even DG knows that it’s too soon for CP comments.


Okay, but you know, we haven’t got a real good look of Mega Cat. But what I know about him until now makes him look a lot sketchy. You know, he can be turned into one of those creepy false gods. he can make a great anti-hero or a villian, perhaps. Actually, Mega Cat is a villain alright already. He was the one who planted spies, he was trying to monopolize the whole hero academy thing. His school turned away when the Speck needed help.

Now I’m starting to think that maybe Mega Cat is somehow playing the villain from behind the curtain. I think he is working with Diabolical Dozen to get rid of Speck. Maybe this has got something to do with the MC being the son of Dr.Stench. wait! :scream:… now I’m thinking, maybe he is behind the death of Papa Stench!!! Ya’know, Stench dug up dirt on Mega Cat that would’ve destroyed his well earned reputation. Then Mega Cat went to the dozen for help and they eliminated stench in exchange of Mega Cat and his herd of supers letting the dozen go wild for a while or something like that.

Am I the only one or is there any one else who came to this conclusion too?


Everything points out that Dr. Stench’s murderer was his cellmate Gavin which has practically been confirmed as being Crook’s real identity.


When did that happen


Maybe I missed out something. I should play more carefully this time


If you go down the Sr. Stench power set story you follow up on his cell mate Gavin, who more than likely killed him at the behest of the Dozen, you find some call logs that indicate he’s in a rough spot with his wife and is facing a divorce. If you talk with Crook about his marriage at a later point in the story, he mentions that he might be looking at a separation.


Adding to what @viper32153 said Crook has been in prison and knows New York (he knew where the hospital was).

I made a theory long ago on this:

One more detail: the MC’s father was stabbed. Remind me what Crook’s favorite weapon is?


Now the question is…

did he kill the dad willingly to protect his family and is now spying on the kid for the same reason. Or was mindcontrol involved and he got to speck to protect the MC?


I was thinking he’s more keeping an eye out FOR the PC, as a way to make amends.

I will say this, having MAJOR plot points locked behind a “Class” choice at the beginning isn’t ideal. It honestly feels a little forced.