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Well, the one time he went up we DID have to go and get him down (or get Hedy to get him down) so I guess it’s confirmed he’s Megacat now…

Everyone being Megacat will give me nightmares for weeks, I feel a lot better for not badmouthing him infront of those kids now…


I’d advocate for a secret just-for-fun ending, but that’d be hell to write and code.


Like the crazy Silent Hill endings where everything was orchestrated by an alien Shiba Inu dog?



Hehehe, Megacat comes down from a spaceship “IT WAS ME, MEGACAT, ALL ALONG!” Characters pull of masks to reveal more Megacats underneath. This would be the conspiracy theory to top all conspiracy theories.

Yeah, it does sound like a real pain to code (and how to even reach that ending), but we can always dream, can’t we?


As long as we can get drunk with Hedy afterwards…


I’ll second that, because Hedy :heart: (I am a weak woman).
Also, I don’t think anyone could deal with that sober.


Time to get plastered…


Is it wrong to want a harem? I mean…if so, then gimme McCormick.


I’m honestly dying for Dr. Hover to do something cool. He has such a stupid, useless power (even for Speck) that I want my boy to randomly do something super badass. Like just delete the MC and rewrite the story so its about Hover.


Maybe its the first time someone has said something in support of dr.Hover while insulting him greatly at the same time.


The closest he got to being useful in Part 2 was tossing Cavalier’s bombs at the Speck 7 during the 7v9 fight. Admittedly, it’s not that all impressive.

But he does have potential. Dare I say, vast, nay, unlimited potential!! (that was going overboard)


Space, the final frontier.


Actually, Dr. Hover could be amazing in close quarters. Think about it: he can essentialy fly in straight line. Pretty useless, right?

But what if he didn’t fly? What if he used his power to jump? It’s never been said it has to be a line toward the sky. With some analytical training, he could use his powers to bounce off walls really fast and use hit and run tactics. Moreover, he could lauch himself in a direction and then interrupt his hovering midway to throw his opponent off.

There’s no useless powers in the Afterthoughts, just badly used ones:

-Quickie: too narrow minded. First law of enhancement powers is to have some kind of training to back it up. He can use it up to three seconds (six with Cap Cal’s training), but he doesn’t need to. What if he used it on one part of his body? Perhaps he could use it for 0.1 second, just enough time to punch someone and knock them out. His biggest weakness is the fact he insists on using the three seconds at once.

-Hi-Jinx: didn’t really get what her power was. It seems she can partially morph her body. That would be amazing for stealth if she wasn’t… Well Hi-Jinx.

-Friendzone: pretty obvious; investigation or interrogation. Although if she learned how to create fear, she would be more versatile.

-Pink Cavalier: does he actually generate the bombs? Because if he used something else than glitter, he could be dangerous. Otherwise, just give him a stun gun to support his stunning capabilities.

-The Spiked Gladiator: same as Pink Cavalier.

-Bouquet: I literally had to look at the game to remember they existed. Can’t say anything about them because I don’t know anything (up to their gender).

-Rain & Shine: their abilities were already highlighted.


So I went on the path that suggested a Stoic romance, but never led anywhere for me. Did I miss something?


I think Hi Jinx manipulates sound


No, Stoic is a slow burn. Basically, if you hugged her at the end when she saves everyone from certain death, you’re successful in “romancing” her. She’s not the type to open up, so her path isn’t as obvious as it is with the others. Very subtle points of affection such as smiles and dinner are what you get from her in CCH2.


I don’t think friendzone can evoke fear. Her power somehow triggers the dopamine which makes everyone feel euphoric. As, along the game she never emphasises that she can use her power in any other way than making her opponents feel sickly good. Yeah, her powers will be more than precious in interrogation. Her abilities still can be useful in a combat. She can mislead the opponents, the best part is that she can use it on a great number of people. It’s like hypnotizing a whole crowd at the same time. Just like she did in the 7vs9 fight. Plus, for a character as sweet and bubbly as Friendzone to be able to generate fear will make her… creepy.


Friendzone would be awesome at calming a terrified crowd of civilians too! That way, it can prevent unnecessary deaths borne from hysteria, stampedes, and what not.


I will have to steal that. It makes a ton of sense.


I’d like to second this. Mind Screw powers like Friendzone’s are devastating in a fight, actually. She has a limited sort of invulnerability by way of her power because she mentally disarms anyone she’s up against. If her hold is strong enough, she could get away with a lot during a fight because of that — dealing damage to someone and them essentially thanking her for it. It’s fortunate she wound up a hero because she’d be absolutely terrifying as a villain.

Even if she can’t influence someone to that extent, she’s definitely cause some disarray when up against opponents. Of course, there’s a pretty big drawback if she can’t pick and choose who to use her ability on when someone’s in her range.


I knew about @karlsia 's DG and Nil last year, and he showed me Tress right before my vacation, but this week I saw his Origami and Uni and I’m now all like “My babies!”