Community College Hero 2: Knowledge is Power (Get a free Dirty Girl RPG sheet! Post 1753)


I was tracking the pre release thread of cch2. They were all talking about the mc being able to find Papa Stench’s equipment and finding out some latent Z powers. I was excited af for the release. Then I played through. Firstly I played the tactician path and I loved it cuz I was kicking some real butt in all the classes knowing how to utilise the power of my teammates. So I basically “was” playing the tatician. So it got my hopes up and then I chose the way to redemption (finding the hidden stench equipment) but the I realized… i spent the whole playthrough tracking the mc’s father’s cell mate (some guy called Gavin) finally I traced the location but until then I had already slain the wyvern( it was great​:metal::metal:), befriended the Manipulator and become the community college hero. I was real disappointed of not being able to find the dr. stench suit. Damn, I had two major disappointments this year - both were dangerous cliffhangers. First was avengers infinity war and second was cch2 (both were still great but can’t ignore the cliffhangers​:stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::cry::cry:)

Community College Hero, You break my heart! But I’m still obsessed with you.


Just saw this artwork on deviantart by Karl Sia and does it look amazing or does it look amazing :grin:


@Nithin_Madhu Could you link the page with the picture instead of doing what you did? Makes it easier for people to go to the artists page and comment and like where the artist will see it.


Sure here you go.


He is actually a user on the forums too (@ karlsia) (I didn’t tag him because I am talking to him on Twitter at the moment).

But yeah his stuff is rad. If you click on his DeviantArt gallery, you’ll see other characters like DG, Nil, Uni, and Origami.

I need to post a poll about something Karl-related anyway…



To work with Karl Sia on a project, (his gallery is here: I would need to monetize the project and be fairly confident of at least breaking even, and hopefully making a modest profit. Going in with the thought of losing money is a non-starter, and I don’t want to “waste” his skill on a product that doesn’t excite folks anyway.

I am super busy right now, and so whatever would happen would be a few months down the road. But I can take this time to do a little market research. Which of the below would you personally be most likely to support, assuming it was a one-time thing? Feel free to comment below with more thoughts.

    • T-shirt
    • Poster
    • Digital Wallpaper
    • Something Else (please explain below)

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FWIW, if you do a design and sell it on your RedBubble it’ll be available as a t-shirt, poster, and all the other products that site has, so not all the poll options are or have to be mutually exclusive


I know, but my margins on Red Bubble are very small. With those margins, and considering what I’d have to pay Karl, I’d have to sell…well let’s just say a LOT…to just break even.

Of course maybe the answer is having the wallpaper be the “main” product, one I could distribute on Patreon or something; and thus get 90% or so of that revenue. And then just put the image on Red Bubble as the “back up” plan where I only get a small sliver. Hmmm

I wish there a platform that would help process smaller, one time transactions, but then again that’s not a great businss model so its hardly surprising no one does it.

And I do not want to have to track tons of tiny paypal transactions. That would be a logistical nightmare, one I would not pursue.


Here’s my two dollar theory:

Megacat = “Meg” . “a” . “cat”
Megacat = A cat named Meg


I second your theory. But… Is Meg a man dressed like a woman or Is Mega Cat a woman dressed like a man?


I have heard that RedBubble has small profit margins in comparison to similar online stores. I’d recommend another but I’m not terribly familiar with the ins and outs of them all.

Now this is just my own confusion, so please bear with me–but would you get money back if you distributed it on Patreon? If that’s money you’re getting anyway? Or would the idea be that Karl’s work brings in more patrons, or you having a unique tier to fund it?

You did talk about doing a Kickstarter for shirts a while back, maybe this is the place to try it? Although I don’t remember exactly why you decided against going that route, so maybe not


In that case, here’s my three dollar theory:

Megacat = A cat named Meg?
Megacat = “Meg” . “a” . “cat” …
Megacat = A cat gem

Megacat (anagram of “a cat gem”) is thus a summoned, mythological-type creature.


Shapeshifters don’t care fur your pawny little purrception of gender.


Those puns were uncalled fur.


Say… have we ever seen the a-hole reporter without sunglasses, distracting yet concealing clothes and hair and beard that look like cheap halloween wigs?


…my mind is blown.

Especially since the dean’s name is Meg Tolly.


So I take it, from now on everyone is suspect of being Mega Cat and that his name is Meg?


Everyone except Hedy, Cal, Downfall and the MC. And Bookie. Everyone else is Megacat.


I think Dr. Hover is above suspicion too…unless I include some ominous foreshadowing into his short story, “Nowhere to Go but Up!”


Granted, we know what happens when cats ‘go up’ goes and gets a ladder