Community College Hero 2: Knowledge is Power (Get a free Dirty Girl RPG sheet! Post 1753)


Thanks for inviting me and also great work on part 2. Still trying to get my zenith power and it’s really fun


Also I just want to ask Will Zenith Powers not be available until part 2?


Part 3, rather. If you pick the Zenith path in 2 its mostly research on them and how to activate them


Thanks! Yeah that makes sense now that I think about it. Hopefully we don’t unlock those powers at literally the last second


So, was up late and trying to associate music that’d be fitting for CCH, and I couldn’t help but imagine a specific tune playing as the Diabolical Dozen make an entrance. Now…bare with me, as this is a super nerdy reference. But look up “The Dark and Endless Dalek Night” by Murray Gold. I shall shut up and await judgment.


Now that made me imagine the Diabolical Dozen calmly striding towards you and your team, with Lady Ash in the lead.

On the note of songs, I’m not sure if it was shared or proposed before - but this song played in my mind during the final confrontation and the subsequent battle between the MC the Wyvern:
TSFH - Bastion


Not a bad choice. I personally had a hard time placing a musical theme to fit the narrative. The fight did not go on nearly as long as I had thought, which was nice.

I won’t lie, I nerded out during the “Booksmart Conference” where she illustrates her 3 step plan.

I couldn’t help but imagine The Doctor listening in and then interjecting with one of his famous speeches, while the PC got to be a companion for a day.


Main Theme (TSFH - Companions)
Warped Nightmare (CCH2 Final Battles Theme) (TSFH - Crimson Death)
Shattered Nightmare (Alternate Final Battles Themes) (TSFH - The Summoning & Temple of Damnation)


Can i ask if you resisted the urge to shout “Allons y”


Almost, but more as the Doctor tries to talk, and BS tries to interrupt/apprehend, and the Doctor gets mad and yells, relevantly, “I. AM. TALKING!”


Question for the CCH theorists out there: California was said to always be in the same suit possibly because it contains the radiation, but what if it’s an exoskeleton? He has a yoga mat in his office (perhaps for physio?) and tries to do difficult exercises (handstanding on one finger) because he can’t normally do that? What of he’s actually paralyzed without the suit because of how much radiation ate him away prior to having the Smarts fund the outfit?


I honestly don’t remember any of that. Wondering what I did/didn’t do to miss this…

But, I have a different, unrelated theory.

Nil is Deviant. Deviant only cares about getting secrets and the chaos of sharing them. This fits Nil’s personality, and desire to help you if you’ve earned pet status in part 1.


What if it’s nothing to do with radiation at all, but he got severely injured and instead of using their tech to heal him, BS gave him the suit to keep him on a leash?

Bigger tree: Twins.


What’cha mean, “Bigger Tree: Twins”?


I will push my agenda for a third party pulling the rug from beneath everyone (even if it’s to run everything from the shadows) and call out Nil/Deviant as that Final Boss.

I will also quote myself (because I’m arrogant like that, I’m learning from Booksmart):
“There’s power in being in control of secrets and being able to push things every which way you like. The Deviant likes to cause chaos, and no better way to do that than slip the right words or “secrets” in the right ears.
Being able to throw everything into chaos is power. Knowledge is power. If you control that, you control the masses without ever being seen. This episode has been brought to you by Game of Thrones.”

Edit: methinks the more we wait for the third game, the crazier our theories. Plot twist, Booksmart has already taken over the world and everything is a dream sequence. Mega Cat still remains a bunch of cats in a trenchcoat.


They’re twins


Or 1 chat in a bunch of trench coats?

Mayhaps? I eagerly await CCH3. Hoping more character input that doesn’t auto lead to failure or embarrassment this time around. :stuck_out_tongue:


But back to the paralysis theory.
It cooooould be


Those details of Cap are mentioned in the tactician path when the MC visits him to get more information on the Manipulator.


Ah! Okay, I had gone Powered path. Which almost turned me off of the game because of the repeated humiliation on the PC. But I figured it could also just be me.