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As is imagining a bromance relationship between Cap California and Hedy :wink:


Polyamorous ship between the three?


Ha! I’d think Downfall and Cap Cali won’t be that enthused about having each other around. And poor Hedy is in the middle…


Sidenote: who was it that said Downfall’s name’s Sharona? O_o


“By Hook or by Crook” has been delivered to my Booksmart and higher Patrons, and I’ll make it available via my email group in about a week or so! There’s still plenty of time to sign up.

And I want to give a shout out to @defenestratin, aka Adrienne Valdes, artist extraordinaire! She is awesome to work with, and somehow manages to take my juvenile sketches and make them 100 times better. Check out her latest work, the cover of “By Hook or by Crook.”

Oh and here’s her portfolio! Look at all the pretty stuff!


:scream: @defenestratin That cover is gorgeous!


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This is the error message I'm getting, if anyone's curious


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That’s weird D:

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@defenestratin your art is so lovely <3


Question, I romanced Dirty Girl in the first game and finished with about a 25 relationship with her… now I just started the second, but looking at the relationship tab I see my rating with her is only at 50 percent, while with Mob who I only had a 15 relationship with in the first game is at 75 percent.

Is there a reason or is that a glitch?


There are three different levels at the beginning of part 2: 25 (cold), 50 (neutral) and 75 (warm). Those are based on your scores of part one, and vary depending on the character.

For example, getting a 16 with Mob is a pretty nice score, meaning you have a good relationship with him.
25 for DG is pretty average. I think you need 40 to get 75 at the beginning of part 2. So you need to take the CP name and accept to take drugs with her.


Your question is exactly the reason I converted relationships from raw scores to percentiles for CCH2.

In CCH1, relationships were raw scores. Like you would start at 5 with everyone, or something like that, and then your score would go up or down. If you agreed with someone, it might +1. If you made someone really mad, it might go -3. So that means that if there are more interactions with some characters (DG, Crook), than others (Stunner, Stoic), the player has no idea what a “good” or “bad” score is with different characters.

Now they are are all percentiles. Comparing them is easy. Yes, a 75% is always better than a 50%. Whereas before, a 25 with DG might actually be a weaker relationship than a 17 with Crook.

Make sense?

I would really really really suggest people use fairmath percentiles for relationships to avoid this issue in the first place.


I keep searching and I can’t find it again. What the… either it got deleted or I imagined things. Yes, I checked the discord too. I’m very confused.


Ah ok thanks for the response. The romance should still carry over though, right?


Not as such. At the start of the second game you can pick who you are dating, but everything else (secrets etc) carry over.

Coming back to the earlier theory that the outcome of whatever battle looms ahead might lead into the timelines of other superhero themed CoG/HG games:

The discord server found explanations for Hero Unmasked and Superlatives:
HeUn: Something causes a mass radiation loss, leaving only a few zeniths
Superlatives: Whatever was at the airbase causes such a massive zenith-radiation increase that it (through the zone) affects the past, in which z-energy becomes known as Aether


So if I pick I am dating someone else, there would never be an awknowledgment that DG and I had a history. Or does it ask you who you dated in part 1 in part 2?

This game crosses over with other hero CoG titles?


It asks who you are dating now, and remembers if you learned the characters secrets in 1.

And no, the game does not crossover with others. It’s just a bit of fan-weirdness musing how the outcome of the battle in 3 might lead to the timelines of other games. :slight_smile:


Ok thanks for the reply, also does that choice at the end of part 1 mean anything? The one where you are asked how you planned to get stronger during the winter break?


The path choice?
You get asked that again at the beginning of 2, too.