Community College Hero 2.5: Fun and Games (open 2/23/01)

The draft for “A Monster on My Line” is done. Beta-testers welcome. Goal is to finish up “Zarlor” by mid-March, but I’d LOVE to get “Monster” tested now so I’d have 1/3 of the game clean and polished and ready to go.

That will help me get it submitted to HG faster when I get “Parents Day” done. April submission to HG is my new goal.




Good luck :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:



Just finished reading “There’s A Monster On My Line”.
I have to say it was an absolutely fantastic read. From the tension at certain points of the game to some chuckle worthy moments, it further showed what an excellent writer you are. Thank you for writing it, you have brighted up my day.

I eagerly anticipate the completion of the further two stories in the collection. Keep up the good work. :joy: :+1:


I’m glad you enjoyed it! I was most nervous about this one because it will be the silliest, and people’s mileage will vary on that sort of thing. Your words of support will definitely help me get some Zarlor scenes written this weekend.


You’ve said before that several of the stories in CCH 2.5 are canon, does this apply to the ‘Monster On My Line’ story or is that one not canon?

On the cover art for the game, which character is the baby meant to represent?


At this point, I’m treating them all as canon. And I’ll make sure to work in sly references to them somewhere in Part 3, so that people who haven’t played 2.5 will assume they are just throw-away lines, but people who played 2.5 will be like, "Oh I get that reference!’

Oh that is baby Stoic. She will be the game icon too.


Damn Devils… That’s cute :smile_cat::kissing_cat::smirk_cat:


There’s a error regarding the MC’s archetype in the first CCH game. Would it be better to report the error to you, or is it better to send it to
choice of games support?

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How big of an error is it? I don’t want to touch those game files honestly, but if you want to tell me the bug I can make a note of it in case I update the files for some reason down the road.


It’s a minor bug that makes the game refer to the MC as the wrong archetype.

After I selected the choice: I agree with investigating the crime scene at Epiphany Christian Church, then the choice: kick out my feet, activating my skates so I can roll out of here. In the second choice the MC was referred to as a Bullet instead of an Acrobat.

The demo for ‘Monster On My Line’ ends after Uni says we need to go fishing for the lake monster.