Community College Hero 2.5: Fun and Games (108,000 words - Game files submitted to HG 9/21/21)



Or in non-dad joke terms, I’m interested.


The next time one of my kiddos asks me, “Did you get a haircut?” I’m going to reply, “No, I got them all cut.”

Oh, and okay I’ll send you a private invite.


Twitter folks have rounded out the group; closing the thread for now as I start processing feedback. Thanks to all who joined up!


I’m entering the FINAL round of testing before I submit the game files. Having played this game about a million times in the past few days, I am very proud of this game. I found writing three separate stories a LOT harder than just writing one big one.

The game now has 47 Achievements, 3 of which unlock short stories featuring Crook, Stoic, and Dr. Hover. Some folks around here may have read those years ago perhaps, but I think about 99% of my players have never even heard of them, so I wanted to include them in the app itself.

If anyone will have time in the next 4-5 days to play the game and look for errors/bugs in the Achievements, the Stat Screens (three are multiple stat screens) and the games themselves, and report those to me, just comment below and I will invite you to a private thread. I intend to submit the game files by next weekend, so please only sign up if you have time this week to submit error reports.



Just want to say I’ve greatly enjoyed playing CCH 2.5, and look forward to it coming out. Congratulations on finishing it.

Also, I’ve posted the errors I’ve found in the latest update to patreon.


Thanks, man! I wrapped up the screenshots tonight and will turn in the files in a few days.


CCH 2.5 is pretty much done and will just move through the queue over the next few months. I did want to share the 3rd short story cover, illustrated and designed by @defenestratin

I wanted a side character to get a backstory, and now I hope when people read it they will get a little annoyed at the Speck 7 for making fun of him.