Community College Hero 2.5: Fun and Games (108,000 words - Game files submitted to HG 9/21/21)

I am available! Also, @Eric_Moser, I have a question. I’m a bit late to the party, I realize, but I’ve just been wondering for months now if we’ll ever be able to help DG with her addiction? She is my main RO and one of my only criticisms of the first game were how refusing to partake in it drives an unavoidable wedge in the relationship. I’m all for flaws, especially in ROs,
I feel everyone should be. But I just couldn’t help but feel we were rather limited in how serious we could take it. Could this be more fleshed out in later updates? Turning her down doesn’t hamper your score with her too much, and I’m glad, but I’ve been meaning to push for this for awhile. You seem to miss out on entire scenes for it, which would be fine if I could eventually help her overcome it.

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@eqs189 and @Waylon_Royce, thanks for joining up! I’ll reach out to you both by the end of next week, around August 28th.

and @Waylon_Royce, that issue is on my ‘punch list’ for sure, but as I continue to outline more of CCH3 (as I write CCH2.5) it’s becoming more and more obvious how many plot points need to be addressed, and it’s proving difficult to work them all in Chapter 9 without slowing the pace to a crawl, which I don’t want. I’ll at least have her address the issue to the group, although more details might be limited to scenes with her as a RO.


Thank you for the speedy reply! I completely understand, as I write a lot myself in a somewhat similar manner, juggling multiple paths and tracking plot points as well when prepping for my weekly DnD campaign I DM. I am still torn over how the first game kinda punishes you for not indulging, but an intervention scene with her as an RO added in 2.5 would definitely connect it and make it feel satisfying to the player.

2.5 is sorta it’s “own thing” and won’t connect directly to the Parts 1, 2, or 3, but’s its ‘canon’ in my view, and it has scenes from both the fall (part 1) and spring (part 2) semesters, so no resolution of DG’s issues, but plenty of DG. If you love DnD, you’ll either really enjoy it (I hope) or really hate it. :sweat_smile:


Oh, playing something akin to DnD in this series is definitely a dream come true! I will be sure to post feedback!

Regarding my criticism, though, getting to at least confront it once and for all in Part 3 would be awesome. That way, if the player doesn’t want to miss out on content, they can go nuts during their first year(s) but eventually grow out of it and try to help her do so as well. Which, honestly, really fits with the series’ themes. Huh. Eric, did you plan this all along? You Dirty Genius!

Spirits are high, but your purses are light. You cannot sustain yourselves on ale alone—

“Is that like an official rule?”

So began my first proper playthrough of this demo. With a question that gets asked to death in my real life experience as a DnD DM. So imagine how my brows were raised when I realized my expectations were already being banged against. But in a very, very positive way.

I came to the Forums too late to contribute to the first two games, but I love this series to death, and I fully intend on contributing to the last two (and hopefully Villain, haha!).

CCH 2.5 quickly establishes itself as a very simple installment. It’s not hear to add more heroic drama, deepen relationships, or even add to your stats. It has a clear, defined mission from the startup, and in my opinion, it has begun that mission perfectly, and made it a very welcome one. A very welcome but still optional break from all of the aforementioned things.

And so it chooses to do this by adding in something I don’t think anyone who reads this series was expecting: a tabletop role-playing session with some of our favorite characters. It may not be here to deepen relationships, as I’ve said, but no one can deny that it can deepen your views on a few of the characters, and I’m not just talking the obscure ones like Synergy here, although the thing is, those are definitely included.

But how does this hold up to a real life table player?

I can say pretty damn well.

Now I’m unfamiliar with @Eric_Moser 's experience with these, but no matter the facts, this lighthearted nerd chill session captures the heart of that very type of experience, and even flat out touches on its benefits. I couldn’t help but smirk when Wombat said nothing can replace the real life magic and experience of social interaction, of enjoying something with friends in person. This is one thing I personally think tabletop is a strong and great advocate for, with technology making our day to day need for it ever so minuscule, unfortunately.

The humor, as Eric’s brand always is, still manages to be on point in this side story so far. Stoic stoically playing the group pack mule, a literal one, just fits her personality so well, and I chuckled aloud when all she knew to do during a group argument was have her animal character soil the very earth beneath it randomly. Anyone who plays these kinds of games in reality can tell you how very accurate and therefore humorous this is, and it just adds to how well Moser manages to ensnare that role-playing experience here even if having none himself.

But how does the writing hold up in the more simple ways? Well, the actual “rules” for the Junior version of the “game” surprisingly make sense and are somewhat similar to real life’s DnD 5th Edition (5e). This not only adds to the writing itself, as it establishes a good level of actual understanding and therefore credibility to it, but the version we play being called the “Junior” edition is a humorous commentary on the main criticism of the current edition of DnD in real life (5e), and that being that it’s too simple for hardcore fans. Whether intentional or not, it is instantly recognizable by any actual player and further cements Moser’s awareness of the topic, which only legitimizes the read and comedy inside.

Finally, I only found one typo. From Dirty Girl writing down a “raunchy” scene so the others don’t have to hear it and the story can stay moving, to Wombat’s hilarious reaction, we have the beginning of a fictional tabletop session with some of the best characters from CCH, and it is not only as entertaining, but seemingly very well researched or at the least understood in terms of the actual tabletop elements. I even enjoyed the stats and can’t wait to see what will happen next to my party.



Reading your take has really reassured me that DnD fans will hopefully enjoy the Zarlor story! So whew. :sweat_smile:

I’d greatly appreciate if, once the game is published, you wrote a review on whatever platform you use (assuming you want to).

And the new link is hidden in my private thread, but if you want, I’ll go ahead and invite you this weekend as soon as I post new content. I just ask that feedback remain in that private thread, instead of this public one.


Oh, most definitely! A very well written comedic reflection!

Most assuredly!

Oh, that would be splendid! I would love that!

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Hey… Just wanna ask the beta tester offer still up for grab…?

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Yup, definitely! I’ll add you to the list!

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Thnx… Can’t wait

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Okay, I just posted a big update to the private thread, so I invited everyone from this thread to participate. Please keep all comments confined to the private thread, not here. In fact, I might close this thread for a while just to eliminate any possible confusion.

@SAHIL_RAI, I’m sorry, the site isn’t letting me invite you to a private thread. It might be because you’ve only been a member of the site for less than a month. :confused: I’m not sure.


Hey everyone,

I’ve re-opened this thread for the foreseeable future, because I’m still a long way from the finish line and I’m a big believer in getting feedback as you go.

Check out Post #1 and let me know what you think. Yes, I’m aiming for some laughs with this project, which I know is always a risky proposition, but anyway, that’s my goal. If I can get readers just a little more attached to the characters now, I hope it will make what happens in Part 3 hit that much harder.


Due to some personal/family issues, I’ve given little time to writing this fall. I’ll let you fine folks know when this project gets back on track. Closing for now.


Quick update:

After a long break, I’ve returned to these 3 stories. The D&D-inspired story and the Scooby Doo-inspired story are both about 80% complete. Making a push to wrap those up this winter.