Commander Of The Seas! (DEAD)


Sorry, this project is dead as I lost all of my files due to a recent crash. I had to reinstall windows and my hard drives and backups were wiped. I am thinking of starting from scratch based on the naval idea or I might start something new.


What countries are you able to choose from and what are the advantages or disadvantages to choosing one country over another. How far of the PC’s life will you go through?


When you say country of your choosing…how many countries are you thinking of incorporating in?

Also, will we be able to choose our genders?

Considering that different countries have their own wars and revolutions, won’t that be to big of a bite to chew off right off the bat?

Anyway, good luck. :slight_smile:


For now there is only three countries which you can choose from which are: Britain, France and Spain. More will be added later and for now there are no advantages or disadvantages.

For the characters life, you can live till your about 90 odd ( if you make it that far). You can die in battle or for other reasons, but that can depend on your skills, relationships and the choices you make.


I feel like being able to live to your 90’s in the 1800s is a bit of a stretch.

Heck, you could die from a common cold back then. Or an infected tooth.


Gender will probably be the male because women of the time never served on ships I dont think cause the crew thought it would be bad luck, but we will see.

For the revolutions I will try to involve the most inportent ones, but I have not made any decision yet.


I see your point, so mayby lowing it to 50s 60s should do.


@Chazzerberg What if a woman disguised herself as a man?

It’s an idea, but one that will need to have more work put into it. Not saying that it couldn’t be rewarding though.


If you’re going to have the player experience the PC in old age, they should be doing something, unless its the epilogue. I’d prefer to not be a 50 year old doing paper work and sending orders down the chain of command.


For now I will keep it male, but if all goes well more things could be added.


Thats where it gets a bit interesting. I was thinking of adding a way of having a family or something along them lines and if theres a next game you carry on as your kid and his personality is based of how you raised them. For this option mayby there could be an option so you can retire and try to raise a family off of the money you earned in the navy.

Not saying this is possible yet at this stage, but you get the idea.


So romance will be added? Or is it more along the lines of “you need an heir, get married”.
Also what if someone chooses to not get married? Or dies before they get the chance to?


No idea yet, mayby they just paperwork and that like you said and then it ends.


That seems a very unsatisfactory way to end it. Maybe you should plot the story around to where you are either choose to marry or are put into an arranged marriage, you marry, have a kid before any chance of you dying. Should you choose to want to make a sequel with the PC’s child.


I know it could be a bad ending, but when it gets to that stage am sure there will be better ones. Any how, these are all just ideas for now cause am no where near the ending yet.


Don’t worry, just things to mull over. Good luck btw.


I look forward to seeing your initial entry.

The gender choice should be decided but perhaps not right away - first get your project going.

The age thing - some did survive into the 90’s back then… you should write the story how you feel it should go; if you do go older, perhaps write a branch where the MC is “promoted” upstairs and out of direct ship command…

thanks for beginning your project.


Thanks. Check for updates in the coming weeks!


Thank you for taking a look!

The gender is not an issue cause I dont think having a female character option in the story should be worth the time to put in, but I could.

Any way, if this story is a sucsess then I will do another story after where its your child or a new characters which you will play as. That way you can be a female or male.


No worries here - there are successful authors here who use gender-option limits in their stories. The Infinity series (Sabres and Guns so far) are the specific examples that work for me.

Good luck.