COMING THURSDAY: "Asteroid Run: No Questions Asked," New Demo, Trailer, Author Interview

Maybe this FAQ will answer your question …

Choice of Games and Hosted Games currently sells our products in a few different ways:

  • App Store for iOS (iPhone/iPad)
    • In the new “omnibus” apps
    • As separate apps
  • Android (separate apps only)
    • Google Play Store
    • Amazon Appstore
  • Steam
  • On our website at

Sometimes, you need to transfer purchases from one store to another store.

From separate iOS app to iOS omnibus: Download the latest version of the separate app(s) and the omnibus. Launch the separate app, then open the game in the omnibus. The omnibus may be able to automatically detect the separate app; if not, you’ll see a “Buy” button and a “restore purchases” link. Tap “restore purchases” and select the option to restore from the separate app.

If this transfer process fails, the game will offer you an email address to use to contact Choice of Games customer support. Be sure to click on that email address and to email us using the exact address we provide. The email address includes information we can use to diagnose issues.

From choiceofgames to iOS omnibus: If you purchase a game on our website, you can play it in our iOS omnibus app. Tap “restore purchases” next to the Buy button, and login with your email address and password.

From choiceofgames to separate mobile apps (iOS or Android): We have two kinds of separate apps: free apps, and pay-once-and-play (POAP) apps.

Transferring purchases from our website to a separate app only works for free apps. Inside a free app, you can tap “restore purchases” next to the Buy button, and login with your email address and password.

If you’d like to transfer a purchase from choiceofgames to a POAP app, please email us at and include a copy of your purchase receipts.

From Steam to choiceofgames: Click the “restore purchases” link next to the Buy button. You’ll see an option to restore from Steam.

All Others, Contact Us: We don’t have an automatic way to do any of the following transfers.

From choiceofgames to Steam
From iOS to choiceofgames
From iOS to Android
From iOS to Steam
From Android to choiceofgames
From Android to iOS
From Android to Steam
From Steam to iOS
From Steam to Android
From any storefront we’ve used in the past

If you need to do one of these transfers, please email us at and include a copy of your purchase receipts.

CoG does not support multi-platform purchases at this time. You’ll need to buy the game multiple times if you want to play on more than one platform at a time.


I would just go from browser to Android. I assumed it would work but never done it so I wanted to make sure. Thank you.


It is transferrable. Every app you buy at cog site, you can use to restore purchase in the mobile app. Just use the correct email.

Are you sure about that? It says only free apps are transferrable from the main site to an app store.

Transferring purchases from our website to a separate app only works for free apps.

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Yes, correction - free apps. But AFAIK cog went to POAP model long ago, so it counts for all new releases.

Edit: unless you mean apple store. In which case I have no idea how things are with omnibus. The above applies to GPS.

This is the latest update according to @RETowers and nothing has changed since to my knowledge.

Until you contact CoG directly at: and are told differently, I would only assume it works on the free apps as stated in the FAQ.

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Right, I’ve mixed the terminology, apologies. I thought “pay once and play” was the free x chapters vs completely free with just ads. Would it kill apple to name it “pay upfront”?!

In that case, yes, paid apps are non restorable. Although CoG do prefer to release apps on GPS in free format, correct me if I’m wrong.

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Oh I think I see the confusion. Although they’re listed as “free” that’s only so that they can have a demo available. (Unlike steam which allows demos uploaded separately.) Basically anything you pay for as an IAP is probably not transferable from the webstore to any other platform. (Or that’s my understanding of it anyway.) If you bought the game on Android though say, they can unlock it on the webstore. (It’s got to do with each store taking a percentage of the purchases, (apart from cogs own store) so that’s why they don’t unlock between the other stores as it would end up costing them money in extra fees from the app stores.


I love the story thus far… Kind of remind me of the space adventures of Firefly , and i named my ship “The Serenity”

Great mystery about the cargo we carry and can’t wait to get to the bottom of this :slight_smile:

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Sooo close :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:!

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A silver fox? Please tell me he’s romancable lmao

It is already out in Google playstore

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Can’t wait to buy this game as previously stated it is already out. :wink:

Have either of the HGs come out yet with this one or did they get delayed? I can’t find any of them (including this one) in the Google store (could just be mystore’s behind cf US store.)

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Keep in mind one of those games wasn’t a lock in for Monday (funny enough, my birthday). It’s safe to assume that both games are delayed.

He’s much harder to get at than the other romance options, but he is romanceable, yes!

Full disclosure: apologies to @HannahPS for posting on our shared computer without checking who was logged in first…


They are delayed until the week of July 1st, I believe. I’d have to double check. @Cari-san Games which don’t receive a mailer could be released on day other than Thursday.


Definitely gonna be playing this for far too long on my day off! The diversity of choices for roleplaying/character building in the demo were a real treat.


If you werent already aware, asteroid run was available for purchase and full play on monday from CoG website. Dunno if it was an error or something else, but I was able to buy it and play through it immediately after purchace