College Tennis: Origin Story (WIP)

Either works really. As you say, it depends on how specific you want to get about the mc’s hometown life. But you can still give a range of options that are all about an 8 hours drive away, even if you want the hometown to have more variation.
As for which places would make for cool hometowns I’m afraid I would prefer to leave that up the American members of this community.

Well makes sense he got something from his mom’s side of the family. :grin:

Well my mc does have a bit of a theatre geek within him, just not a math or technology whizz. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Haha this is a good idea. Will see what works and how much the MC’s backstory will feature :slight_smile: Either way, hometowns will likely be fictional for the sake of “creative license”, just like Cargill university and the town it’s based in.

HAHHA yes indeed!

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Lol ya know I kinda imagine the college being in the north eastern part of the country.

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@Valixon Oh yes Cargill’s in upstate New york - the town it’s in is fictional but does reference real-world upstate New York :stuck_out_tongue:

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Quick update for everyone (23/11/21):

I’ve fleshed out the cast of characters for the WIP a little more, though I’m still torn between whether or not to include images.

Does it stifle the reader’s imagination? Are the images truly what I envision (and for that matter, what each reader envisions) for the characters? Is it better to leave things open, or pin them down? (This last one seems vaguely philosophical). I’m still undecided, but in any case, the tool (ArtBreeder) that I used to generate the images (@bouncyball’s rec) was cool.


Some IF games have images you can toggle on or off in the menu; that might be something to consider. I usually prefer to turn them off unless the art style clicks with me, but I’m happy as long as that option exists.

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Ah, the toggling makes a lot of sense, thank you! Leaving the decision up to the reader is perfect.

I loved your work so far, and i’m glad it’s about sport, that’s the reason i got interested in first place,sadly there aren’t much games about sports there. Good luck on your project, normally i don’t keep accompanying wip, but i will accompany your project so congrats and good luck xD

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Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed it and look forward to hearing your thoughts again after the next update :slight_smile: