College Tennis: Origin Story (WIP) - Updated 28/08/22


Oh my goodness, which enemies have you been stabbing in the face?! :rofl: but yes, I like to think of Rayyan as extremely stubborn and intense, with an unquenchable thirst to win, but a softie at heart.

@SomeGal13 HAHA! Two Rayyans - poor teammates. Also, glad you’ve had the chance to play the game in both a chill/wholesome way and also in a more hardcore way. Sounds exactly like what I’m going for! :slight_smile:

@Flinx Thanks for playing! Will try to catch some pronoun errors in the upcoming update!


At the top of the list is Marcus from Defiled, and Stan from Arcadie: Second Born. To be fair though, they both kill the MC’s family.

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Hahaha Marcus did grow on me, I dont think I’d be stabbing him in the face but I certainly respect MCs who do. (Camilla has my whole heart.)

Also, very cool render - how did you do it?


A free program called Daz Studio. Designed to render people, so I could probably do the rest of the team easily enough. Has a whole bunch of assets you can get, so I could do the locker room, college dorm, restaurants etc.

I’ve also got a modelling program called Blender, so I’m starting to learn how to customise assets.

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Normally wouldn’t post something this off-topic here, but the man is a legend, and I really liked the article so…
[How Will We Remember Roger Federer? - The Atlantic]


Ah thanks for the article! A sad, poignant read.

I think why Federer’s retirement hits us all so hard is because he represents a defiant rejection of worldly, physical parameters, but with his retirement, it’s almost as though we’re all collectively forced to confront our mortality. We’re all reminded that limits exist, and we can’t go on forever. Something the article encapsulates so well:

He has a not-of-this-Earth quality about him, a thing that suggests the quotidian limits on the human body and mind can be challenged, tinkered with, chucked away altogether.

And on a personal level, it’s certainly true that for the folk who’ve grown up watching Federer, it feels like the end of an era.


Can’t even imagine when Nadal and Djokovic will join him in retirement

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I don’t even know where to begin with Federer, but I’ll say this: of all of the tennis I’ve ever watched, men’s and women’s, I have never seen a player on the same level that he was in 2006. He lost five matches that season. Three of those were against Nadal on clay, and two of those were because he seemed bored during the match.


Aaaaaaaaa why is playing a tricky tiny curvy junkballer so compelling.

Especially considering Rayyan is built like a tank.

The idea of a smol squishy giving Rayyan the match from hell is the beeeeest.


Just wanted to say that I’m loving this game so far. Never had an interest in tennis in RL, but love it in fiction, and this is probably the best depiction I’ve read, at least in terms of how engaging I found it. The match with Emerson was so well done, but still my favourite was the match with Rayyan at the start (and reuniting with him).

Though all of it is well-written and the characters are almost all charming and pretty interesting, Rayyan is my absolute favourite character. IMO he’s really well written and appealing, and can’t wait for more of the delicious romantic/sexual/competitive tension between MC and him. I’d really like to play against him again soon, or have him as a doubles partner, maybe even train with him as a ‘friend’, and do other activities with him outside of class/our tennis. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

When I reached the end of the demo thus far, I openly groaned cos I was so immersed in it. Definitely keeping an eye on this one for the next update! :smiley:


This has me wondering if players should have preferred surfaces, just as another form of customization

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Which has me wondering what the courts are at college, since there’s no point putting grass in my render if they are concrete, which is far simpler to model.

Also, @burninglights are there college colours? The sky blue I used in my render was just the basic colour that came with the asset, but I can change that in the future.


Ive never had much interest in Tennis, but damn this was an amazing ride to go through. That challenge match actually had my heart beating with all the pressure of winning that game. I dont think ive ever had a CoG game do that to me before. Great job man, looking forward to reading more.