College Tennis: Origin Story (WIP) - Updated 25/03/22

Oh, thank you!

But yes haha, I realise that was an overly dramatic statement that wasn’t meant to be one - I’m terrible at remembering anything - names, dates, details, song lyrics, lines of dialogue (actually hmm I think I do pretty OK on ideas/themes/concepts).

But I do think I’m pretty good at some things :slight_smile:


Aye aye. I’ll do my best to find all the ones I remember.


So I’m speeding through the game to find mistakes. So far, haven’t found any pronoun mistakes but I did find these two mistakes.


We are 3 sets down and win the next one, making it 3-1. Then we win the one after that, too. This should definitely be 3-2.

This should be game, not set.

Also, please excuse my lack of patience in posting these hahaha if you’d rather I collect them before posting instead of posting them right away, I can do that too!

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Thank you for those you’ve found already! Don’t worry about it, I’ll take a look through whatever you have, whenever you send them in :slight_smile:


Progress update: 31/07/22

Hi everyone!!

I am back from my holiday! Also caught good ol’ COVID and am still on the tail-end of showing symptoms, but in between all the fun (and not so fun bits), I’ve been writing and editing!

Writing/Coding/Editing progress
[This will be part of the coming update - as of now, stands at around +80k new words.]

Day 1 of freshman orientation (Sat)

  • Meet D (and G) in the morning (No change) - choose your fave beverage
  • Meet your hallmates/orientation group (No change) - play a short icebreaker game, choose your major
  • Amazing race (Edited slightly) - achievement up for grabs
  • Go ‘waterfalling’ (No change) - added a short alternative scene

Day 2 of freshman orientation (Sun)

  • Morning of the activities fair (Edited) - options to hang out with hallmates at the fair, or alternatively, spend quality time with Rayyan or Tobin ~alone~, or call Sam to lock-in the next time you’ll see each other!
  • Laser tag (Edited) - wrote the scene to be slightly more ~active~ this time round; achievement up for grabs

First day of classes (Mon)

  • First class (Edited) - runs more smoothly now
  • Training session (Edited) - added a whole mini-game for finesse 'cause the first two challenges were strength & agility related; achievement up for grabs

Rest of the week (Tue-Fri)

  • Challenge match on Fri (Writing in progress - for Max; and Planned - for Jacks, depending on whether you beat Emerson or not) - long tennis gameplay scene → did I write 20k+ (and counting) words for a branch that very few people will play, because y’all mostly beat Emerson? Yes. Do I regret anything? No.

Weekend + Next week (Sun-Fri)
[This will be part of the following update - this current update is becoming a behemoth as it is]

  • Club activity (Planned) - If you went to the activities fair, you’re invited to the first meeting on Sat morning, where you’ll get to hang out with G / your roommate / hallmates.
  • Friendly doubles match (Planned) - moved this to the subsequent week (in-game time) just to break things up, and also it makes a bit more sense chronologically).

Already looking forward to Day 2 of orientation.

Good to hear you’re on the mend from the 'Rona. Sticks with ya for awhile if you don’t look after yourself


Tobin or Sam, Tobin or Sam…very difficult choice. :persevere:


Totally can’t wait for the update but I also hope you will get well soon author :smile:


Hope you had fu-



@TheBread impeccable taste :slight_smile: hope it lives up to your expectations! And yes the first 2 days were rough!

@idonotlikeusernames Haha, enjoy flirtin w them both while it lasts :wink:

@Knoez Aww thank you! I am more or less recovered and well!

@JBento bahaha!! Well, in my defense I did have a truck load of fun till it happened. Guess the virus decided enough was enough :stuck_out_tongue:


Omg! Love mah frenchie so much :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::drooling_face:


I’ve never been a big fan of tennis, but I definitely loved this story