College Tennis: Origin Story (WIP) - Updated 22/04/23

Happy to fill out a poll and just be a supporter in the crowd.

I will say though, The little nugget about what’s planned for Orientation has me extremely excited - It’s my jam. :heart_eyes:


Hahaha yay! Laser tag!! Also it seems like Valentina/lady at the chinese restaurant needs to make a reappearance. :eyes: But i also see all the sam stans who want a reunion (not until the next next update I’m afraid!)


I will accept Lasertag in lieu of a Sam reunion just this once :stuck_out_tongue:

Though I will apologize in advance for overanalyzing a brief Lasertag interlude in a Tennis Interactive fiction game. :sweat_smile:


HAHAH alright, excited to hear your analysis when I’m done with the update :stuck_out_tongue:

(I’m of the opinion that any and all games could do with interludes! Reminds me of the rainbow bonus boss level in old school arcade games. Except with more plot)



Huh, this thing is apparently 8 months old and I never tried it out. Possibly because I’m allergic to sports. Let’s check it out anyway.

contains spoilers

Wow, I’m like three pages in and dad is already coming off as an immense douche.

“no one from your high school team had never even come within sniffing distance”.

I’ve hit the first stat choice, so I went to check the stat description. My initial impression is that Strength and Agility are superior choices to Finesse and S/V, as the former affect non-match stuff whereas the latter are match-only. Also, Tactics doesn’t show up in the skill glossary.

Rayyan’s pronoun is uncapitalised at the start of the sentence in the last paragraph.

“raucous”, not “racuous”

I did a few reloads, so maybe it’s dashingdon’s save sytems wonking up the works, but I picked the laugh option, not the “next year I’m winning this” after the match, so I have no word to be true to. Also, I’m curious at what our ranking is at this point. Congratulations, you got me to care about (eugh) sports rankings.

I THINK “coyotes” should be capitalised here?

I’m noticing throughout that pronouns following quotation marks are capitalised, even when it’s the same sentence.

HAH, I like Thalia. checks RO list Bummer. :frowning_with_open_mouth:


I’m rooming with Diego, so “He’ll be arriving”, not she.

“your mother had”

I like chinese diner lady. Also, thank you for the “spiciness level” choice. I now have great hopes you won’t force me to drink coffee.

I’m not sure how it works in the code, but it’s odd that in the form you can pick the same option more than once. Like, the same stat can be my greatest strength, something I’m decent at, and something that needs improvement, all at once.

“Physical assessment”

Uncapitalised pronoun at the start.

Unless they mean a different run, it was 5 miles long a couple of screens ago.

I take it the first two options here would require… high Charisma (I’ve 19) and dominant Flippant?

I THINK that first option is supposed to be “doesn’t go to waste”?

Also, I’m taking that one. Sigh. When something inevitably goes missing, everyone’s gonna think I did it, aren’t they?

Hmm, my opinion of Rayyan during the flashback match was, “he seems serious but nice.” That opinion is now under review.

Gotta confess that I thought the “24” answer here was just us making up a number, especially considering how the first option is worded. Maybe consider rewording the “24” one to get it across that it’s the real count?

I find the wording a bit ambivalent here. Is the advice to pace myself if I don’t have BOTH Strength and Endurance high? Can I safely go all out if I have just one of them high?

I’m not sure what that “Him” is doing there at the start of the second sentence.

“he immediately busies himself” or “immediately busying himself”

The lunch banter a Valentina’s is on point.

“not as assured as your usual volleys”

Dinner break.


Actually I think finesse lets you do the trick shots in beer pong.

Having your teammate proclaim “That’s just a glitch in the matrix!” after I do a trick shot amuses me.

So if the scholarship doesn’t work out for some reason a high finesse player could probably hustle pool to pay for college.


And I’ve fed!

continuing, still full of spoilers

“rigid expectations”

Emerson and Jacks’s ranks are switched between the roster page:

and the match pairings:

I think that first option is supposed to be Strength+S/V, not just S/V (that’s the third)

“He pulls out the shoelaces”

Not that I have an abundance of free time, but the reading list option doesn’t consume an activity slot. If you pick it first or second, you get to do three things here. On the other hand, it also doesn’t increase Intellect, and it feels like it should?

I don’t know if you meant to interrupt Mike’s calling out like that. Also, uncapitalised pronoun in the second paragraph.

Two c’s in scroll.

You got “racuous” here again.

Who’s the she that’s making that backflip here?

Absolute lol:
“Lots of grungy, gritty male singers who sound like they’ve gotten their voice - and potentially other things, like their will to live - passed through industrial machinery and ripped to shreds.”

Uncapitalised pronoun at the start:

Aaaaand it’s the end. I’m actually really liking despite, y’know, sports. >_> Looking forward to that orientation.

I don’t have an inner jock.


Embrace your inner jock for a full experience :sunglasses:

I don’t have an inner jock.


@JBento hello!! I must admit that I’ve seen you around the forum and your replies have always been so thoughtful and funny that I’ve been secretly crossing my fingers that you’d play this game one day.

The day has come and I gotta say, you’re an absolute gem around here - thank youu so much for that list of comments/things to fix, I really appreciate the amount of attention to detail and commitment to seeing how different choices affect the play, and to reporting grammar/capitalisation issues etc. I’ll be working through that list!

So glad you enjoyed the game despite your sports allergy, and absoluutely seconding @Kungoru’s suggestion on channelling one’s inner jock for this game :joy::joy::joy: (maybe I should add a track one day for one to play as a very unlikely-seeming tennis player, who looks like they’d be more comfortable in a classroom than a tennis court).

@stsword HAHAHA great catch! Finesse absolutely does help you with trick shots at beer pong, and here’s to a washed-out MC playing pool as a side hustle upon losing their scholarship. Stay tuned for more such interludes that let you tap on random tennis stats like strength and agility throughout the game :slight_smile:


@burninglights Hello!! :wave:

Now you can uncross them. You’ll be amazed at how much easier you’ll be able to grip things and stuff now.

Which gem? Diamonds are super-boring (“look at me, I look like a harder piece of quartz”, bleh), but tanzanite is amazing.

Don’t have one of those.

You sort of already have; Genevieve remarks I look like I came straight from a textbook.

You’re very welcome. :slight_smile:


Absolutely. I’m hoping the writing process will go a lot faster now that I can type properly.

Oh interesting, apparently it’s super undervalued compared to its scarcity - time for the bitcoin bros to consider something else. But you’re right - it’s a darn cool color.

Lol! You sure it wasn’t G saying you were a textbook example of a jock? :joy: But yeah, it would be fun to have more people comment on really wimpy, non-physical MCs.


Not unless I misunderstood what she said. IIRC, it was something on the lines of “X said you were a jock, but here you are looking straight out of a textbook”? That “but” would suggest that one does not, in fact, look like a jock. But maybe I misread or am misremembering.


Man my heart was playing beats at high tempo while reading MC vs Emerson match.


Monthly(ish) progress update
[Cross posted to tumblr]

Hi everyone! Hope you’re all doing great! Just a quick check-in with you guys before I leave for a long holiday :slight_smile: I’m going hiking! Things have been hectic at my day job + with trip planning, but I’ve managed to get in some editing/writing/coding too! Rough gauge: I edited about 50k words, and wrote + coded another 25k.

P.S. My editing process is super important - ‘cause it’s where I do really major rearrangements/re-writes + add ideas + polish + brainstorm the next few scenes - basically, CT:OS would be so very, very different if I stopped at my vomit draft (yes, this is what I call my first draft). So it’s not just me wasting time, I promise!


Day 1 of freshman orientation (Sat)

  • Meet D (and G) in the morning (Edited) - choose your fave beverage
  • Meet your hallmates/orientation group (Edited, rearranged some scenes) - play a short icebreaker game, choose your major
  • Amazing race (Edited) - achievement up for grabs
  • Go ‘waterfalling’ (Edited) - added a short alternative scene

Day 2 of freshman orientation (Sun)

  • Morning of the activities fair (Started editing) - options to hang out with hallmates at the fair, or alternatively, with Rayyan or Tobin
  • Laser tag (Written - raw draft) - tested + brainstormed some edits/improvements to the gameplay; achievement up for grabs

First day of classes (Mon)

  • First class (Written - raw draft) - tested + brainstormed some edits/improvements
  • Training session- short scene (Written - raw draft)

Rest of the week (Tue-Thur)

  • Short class scenes (Planned - skeleton)
  • Friendly doubles match on Thu (Planned - all choices and scenes charted out, to code and write text) - long tennis gameplay scene, plus some Tobin interaction (finally!)



  • Conclusion: Y’all are frikkin hilarious. AND so very, very kind. Thank you for the awesome responses, I read every single one in detail (sometimes multiple times), and they all made me grin.
  • Also, it’s hilarious how many people are into Valentina/woman at the chinese restaurant (she doesn’t even have a name yet! oops.)
  • Finally, yes, I have created dedicated blogs for CT:OS and Merry Crisis (for the purists in the poll!)


  • BIG BIG thank you to everyone who did the poll and left their contact information, details about your background and interests, or even suggestions for some of the routes! They were an absolute delight to read, and I am so excited for the next chapter of CT:OS. Can’t wait to bring you guys on board!
  • Unfortunately, because I hope to get out the next chapter of CT:OS, so I can send it over to you guys to test, I’ve been prioritising writing before contacting everyone who’s reached out.
  • I will be reading everyone’s applications again, organising/sorting them by routes/interest, and reaching out to those I have contact info for. If you indicated interest, but didn’t type in your email address, do note that the poll did not display/collect your email address (as I wanted it to be fully anonymous), so you’ll either need to drop me a DM here or on tumblr with your email or tumblr handle. But you can also wait for my official post in end Jul or so.

Thank you to everyone who’s played CT:OS :slight_smile: Sending you all much love, and hope you have an awesome summer!!


@The_Butcher HAHA! Honestly yes, whenever I play-tested it to balance stats, I got pretty clammy-palm-ed myself. Like, I know exactly what’s gonna happen and I needa test the fail-states but also, lizard-brain says: I WANNA WIN.

@JBento I’ve double-checked it haha! (also shocked that you can vaguely remember individual lines, you have an astounding memory). It was originally:

“Mike was just explaining what ‘jock’ meant, and here you are, waltzing in from the pages of a textbook.” $!{G_name}'s lips quirk upwards as ${G_he} cocks a chin at your outfit

But yes - unclear! Will edit it so it’s more clear that you do, in fact, look exactly like a textbook jock (this is because you chose to wear an “anything goes” / “casual jock” outfit. Something like:

“Mike was just explaining what ‘jock’ meant, and here you are, waltzing in looking exactly like a textbook example of one.” $!{G_name}'s lips quirk upwards as ${G_he} cocks a chin at your outfit


I’m good at remembering narrative points; I’m ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE at ad hoc stuff, like dates and names.

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I I tried to tick every option in the “most looking forward to” question and got called out hard. Your game is just too good man.


Aaaaalright. I’ve been meaning to play this for a while and finally got around to finishing it just now after starting it a few days ago.

The cons, I’d say, are that there’s way too many pronouns mistake throughout the demo, which have often broken my immersion while playing. The other one is that the sets are either wrong or written very confusingly which is…well, confusing at times, lol. And a couple of minor mistakes here and there.

Now for the ups: literally everything else in this game! As a huge sports fan, I’m typically hesitant on sports based CYOAs because they often just don’t work. But this game is amazing! The action in the actual matches is described really well, and, above all, I think focusing on the character dynamics more than the sport itself was a great decision, and makes it a lot more intriguing. I often found myself laughing or grinning like an idiot at some of the interactions, and am really looking forward to more.

Overall a pretty solid game and I can’t wait to see what future updates have in store :eyes:

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@JBento Well, I’m terrible at everything, so you’ve definitely got a leg up on me! I’m certainly more consistent, though.

@Stuffies12 HAHAHA. “I know you’re excited, but…” So glad you’re enjoying it :3

@silver7r Ooh! It would be helpful if you could help screenshot some of them, I’d thought I’d worked on… at least a few between the first few updates and now, but apparently not! Is it mostly an issue with Sam? Or MC? Or Rayyan/Tobin?

WElll as for the sets - sometimes I say “set” instead of “game” so it really could be that (would be super helpful if you also remember where you’d spotted the errors! :)) but I do think the winning a game vs. winning a set thing in general throws people off sometimes.

Finally, glad you enjoyed the game, and I’m glad that even as a sports fan, the characters/dialogue/interactions appealed to you too! I wanted to write a sports game that was character-driven, so that’s definitely a priority. Thanks for playing!


Well, you’re good at writing CoGs, apparently, so that’s something. :slight_smile: