College Tennis: Origin Story (WIP) - Updated 21 Dec '23 [468k words]

Is coach Sy a LI? The mc and her seems to have unintentional fire with each other



I just love how every character in this WIP is gay/lesbian.

Ehh, i don’t think it’s every character? The ROs can be, sure, depending how you set up their gender, but that’s just small part of the cast.


Well Sam and G are bisexual I guess. Other ROs are gay/lesbian though.
I personally don’t like romancing team members with whom you also compete , the competition complicates the relationship more , also I am straight (so don’t feel comfortable playing with same gender relationships, no offense meant). I mostly go for Sam and G.


Won’t Sam and G depend on what gender you set for them? Tobin is always bisexual (MC is their first same-gender relationship) And then there’s Felix who i guess is always technically straight, given they’re on the opposing gender team to MC.


People aren’t straight or gay until proven bisexual, so unless/until it’s addressed in the actual IF (I haven’t ever made Sam the same gender as my MC, so I don’t know), I personally just assume Sam and G are bi, since you don’t see that all too much in games with a romance element. Essentially, I guess it’s just up to the player for now.

People certainly can be straight or gay without being proven (not) bisexual, so that’s an odd argument to make. In terms of making presumptions, i’d say it makes more sense to presume opposite-gender RO to be straight (simply based on percentages) but yes, the player can presume their bisexuality. It just should be remembered that whatever they decide (straight/bi/gay) is just personal presumption/headcanon at this point.


My statement was made in the context of bisexual people facing more challenges to the legitimacy of their sexuality depending on the types of relationships a bi person has had or is currently in; of course we are only assuming someone’s sexuality (het/bi/gay/otherwise) until they themselves decide to share that, and that’s often not relevant outside of our more personal relationships.

Distilled, maybe my point is simply that appearances are not the beginning and end of someone’s perceived sexuality.

As far as the characters in this romance game are concerned, as long as there in nothing in the text explicitly declaring them any particular sexuality, Sam and G are functionally player-sexual because they will always be interested in the MC and it remains open to player interpretation. If you choose to call that interpretation “headcanoning” that’s fine, though I wouldn’t choose that language - but I don’t think we’re in disagreement on the larger point that these characters identities are, in fact, not set in stone.


Yup I have read the manga in its entirety

I’m curious though. If Sam is female they can still play double match with a male mc in the flashbacks in highschool competition. But why is the majority of our teammates male in college? Could it be the college has different rules than the high school they come from? I feel like this is a plot hole the author forgot or I could be wrong.

Maybe their High School doesn’t split the boys and girls teams, at least for tennis?

It’s just how tennis works. Opposite gender MC & Sam were playing ‘mixed doubles’ which is specifically for mixed gender pairs for double matches (two men, two women) in tennis. You sign up for that separately. They were definitely on separate gender teams, men and women don’t tend to ‘officially’ compete against or with each other outside of mixed matches.


RIP Tobin and Rayyan, you were such good romances.



What?! Why Rip :pleading_face:. I love my Tobin.

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