College Tennis: Origin Story (WIP) - Updated 21 Dec '23 [468k words]

I want all those options, but having the singles match would be a nice wrap up for the current demo, instead of the kind-of-cliffhanger. My MC didn’t get together with Sam for 18 years, she can wait another month of two before indulging herself. /s


Unless Sam initiates (which it seems like he won’t) my mc will wait for California and the sun, sea, Sam update whenever that is. :wink:


Update schedule for Jun:

Given some of the comments that the singles match would be most ‘universal’ — which would apply to the people romancing Sam and those who are not, while also keeping to the results of the poll + where I’m at with various aspects of the upcoming chapter, here’s the update schedule for Jun!

Singles match only (public, un-beta-tested): 8 Jun

Singles match with after-match reactions (ko-fi, un-beta-tested): 8 Jun

Interactive Sam dinner + bar/rooftop scene: 15 Jun (ko-fi, un-beta-tested), 22 Jun (public, un-beta-tested)

Early-release of chapter up till one-bed scene: 29 Jun (ko-fi—will be un-beta-tested unfortunately, but I’ll edit the early-release version as whenever I get to the edits.)

Full release—Beta-tested chapter up till one-bed scene: 13 Jul (public)

@idonotlikeusernames Actually, Sam will initiate during the course of the weekend! I plan on it!


Does anyone know if we can have polygamous relationships in this game? (Sam and Genevievé)


@Wiliam_Rafael_da_Sil hahaha. Well, no plans for that at the moment, dont want to bite off more than I can chew and the relationship dynamics have enough branches and variations as it is…

That said. Of the possible polys, Sam-GC-MC would make the most sense. G because they initially think of a relationship with MC as a casual situationship anyway, and… as for Sam- they wouldnt be that keen if they WEREN’T long distance, but given that they’re all the way in California I think they would reluctantly consider it… with a lot of inner feelings/angst involved.

As for love triangles, I think Tobin-Rayyan-MC would make sense… and probably give off sinilar vibes to Wayhaven’s A and N’s LT route.


MC/Tobin/Felix, for the MCs who want to see the world burn. /s

(kidding, kidding. Couldn’t do that to Tobin even if i tried)


The Tobin/Rayyan/MC love triangle is so so good. Especially with the added complexity of Tobin holding back and Rayyan running ahead full force. Chefs kiss.


HAHA @fsix believe me- this has also been in my head once or twice… but yes, let’s not do that to our poor Cargill captain(s). The MC-Tobin-Felix love triangle/poly would absolutely take the cake for most chaotic/toxic.

As for @batmansrobin omg yess toptier DRAMA!! Also the potential table-turning evolution to: Rayyan holding back (‘tennis is everything’ ‘maybe MC deserves someone more kind/caring like Tobin’) and Tobin going all out (‘fuck it I’m tired of holding back’ ‘gotta fight for what I want too’)


And a Tobin-Ray poly? :eyes:
No pressure, just curiosity. I’m already a goner for Tobin lmao


It was a new playthrough. And I did get the Hulk and Tiny Hulk options (which was also odd since my player was tall). I think I had the result where I finished 1 shy of Rayyan and then nailed the vertical (since I was tall)


Edited update schedule for Jun:

Update #9 Sneak Peek A Early-release

The Empire State singles match is available to play NOW for ko-fi supporters! :slight_smile: :clinking_glasses: Un-beta-tested at the moment, but do let me know if you spot any errors or bugs AND/OR have feedback!

54k with code.


  1. Added some extra MC customization options: e.g. choose ethnicity/race and options to play as cis/trans-gender <WIP: This doesn’t currently affect gameplay all that much, though you can tell Rayyan that they aren’t special if you unlock the POV. :person_curly_hair: :woman:
  2. Some minor edits to the earlier chapters for flow. :pen:
  3. Fleshed out the ‘lore’/world of college tennis, including the various colleges in Cargill’s conference. :school:
  4. Singles match against ESU. :tennis:
  5. Immediate reaction after the match (e.g. run toward & hug Rayyan/Tobin/Sam/G, plus some kisses for… 2 of them) :hugs:

Wait, so the singles match is coming out to the main public with everything else on July 13? Thought that one would be purely public and the other two bits would be supporter specific until the final update next month


Ah yep! Changed some plans around based on my writing progress, hence the updated schedule for June above^. Hope it clears things up on the plans for how the chapter will be broken up :slight_smile:


i feel like such a player because i truly can’t decide between Geneviève, Rayyan or Sam, they’re all so interesting and “appealing” in their own way… i have to say my favorite is probably Rayyan but i still can’t believe i’ll have to make a choice :broken_heart:


I feel sorry for Sam she wants to confess but my MC is already in love with Geneviève so she lost her chance.


Well if you choose the option of holding hands with Genevieve, Sam is left a bit heart broken. I mean I tried that option just to see her (Sam’s) reaction. To my mc Genevieve was more of a way to forget Sam (move on from the idea of them having a relationship). But after the kiss I don’t think MC will be able to move on or try anything with anyone else any time soon. I mean if you move on from a person in 1 month , did yoou really love that person in the first place ? Also I liked the few change of events in the writing, moving the Sam kiss post match and all. Waiting eagerly for the next sneak peak.


My MC confessed to Sam at the beginning but she rejected him so he decided to try to move on and it worked.


Was there some kinda update recently? I don’t remember a sam kiss or holding hands with G.

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Yes, early access to the new update for ko-fi supporters. It’ll go public in two days (Jun 15)


Not sure if it’ll ever come up but my headcanon for my main mc is that in addition to English he speaks decent enough Spanish (learned in school) and Japanese (learned from his late grandmother and a bit from dad, helped along by his interest in manga and anime).
He doesn’t speak any Chinese language even if his mom is Chinese American due to his mom leaving so early in his life (though my headcanon is that his mom’s family’s language is Cantonese, not Mandarin).

Unlike my Merry Crisis mc this mc is better at math and less of true polyglot. Also unlike my Merry Crisis mc my CT mc would have a quite noticeable American accent when speaking a foreign language if you overlook that he is proficient enough to potentially give interviews to Spanish and Japanese language media without an interpreter, although such things might feature more in the sequel if and when he does turn pro and foreign media would actually be interested in talking to him. :thinking:

So while he is technically half Japanese and half Chinese American he prefers to identify as the more generic “Asian” American and if pressed really hard on it Japanese American as the rest is tied up in his rather complicated feelings towards his mother.

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