College Tennis: Origin Story (WIP) - Updated 21 Dec '23 [468k words]

Rayyan throws a hissy fit because they’re afraid this pairing will send their entire life plans down the drain, not because they’ve got anything against MC as a person specifically. They even explicitly say as much.

Considering you only know them for something like a month it’s hard to blame them for such panicked reaction or that they don’t put MC first.


I really like this idea, especially because it works both ways. If you do want to be in a relationship it’s fertile drama ground, if you don’t it makes it a little less awkward to watch the obvious torch Sam holds for the MC.

Enemies to lovers is just the name of the trope. Rayyan is more of a rival, but he still fulfils the enemies to lovers trope.

Eh, I’d push back on this a little bit. I don’t know if it is possible without cheating, but if you cheat Rayyan’s reaction to getting paired up with you does seem like a bit of a hissy fit (though justified by his POV scene and backstory). You can smash him in all of the various training competitions (including ones like the dozen where he doesn’t succeed), win just about every tennis match you compete in, including both doubles matches and he still acts as if you are practically useless on the court.

And while you haven’t been friends the entire time, he has known OF you for quite a while, given that he was very clear after the prologue tennis match how screwed up he thought it was that you were ranked so low, and that he recognises you when you see him again.


I’m LITERALLY the empirically-proven best doubles-player in the entire team, while Rayyan is the worst doubles-partner of the top 4. They should count themselves lucky to be paired with me. They’re dragging ME down.

Do you mean if it’s possible to get paired with Rayyan without cheating? It very much is. I did it, much to my suffering. I’d rather be paired with a hungry komodo dragon.

…the shit I put up with for this team.


As far as i can tell this is possible with certain builds without cheating (i got something like 4 out of 6 checks done in my game, and that’s without min-maxing). But it’s also worth noting that you can call out Rayyan exactly on this (and that scene is really cool whether you’re pursuing them romantically or not) and that, despite all of these achievements MC is on the record of losing to Rayyan and also not being able to beat even 3rd ranked player on the team. So it’s not exactly unfair that when it comes to games Rayyan is looking down on them and would rather get paired with someone who beat you.


No, I meant cheating to do EVERYTHING right. I’m mostly thinking of the scene in the locker room where you can back him into a wall if you’ve accomplished everything (beat him at the strength test, beat him at the 5k etc)

I haven’t even tried. I’m an unabashed cheater unless I am specifically doing testing.


Ah. The only thing I don’t beat him at is the Strength test, and I’m running a SEVERELY unoptimised build, so I presume it’s not just possible, but also not hard.


You have accurately described how I feel about a lot of characters. So far the CT:OS ROs haven’t pissed me off at all, but we’ll see…

On the frenemies thing, it seems more subjective than anything. The MC I usually use is the peppy sort, so Rayyan was always a candidate for best friend. In his mind, it was mutual platonic love at first sight (he’s not the brightest, do forgive him ^^).


eh? Mc already seems plenty insecure about Sammy’s “revolving door” love life. Still my mc does expect Sam to keep it up in California since he seemed to be plenty popular at high school no reason to think he wouldn’t be at university.

Speaking for my mc I think that was his story with Sam and Sam’s busy love life. I’m sure there’ll be some Californian cuties hanging around Sam when we get to California.


My turn to go “eh?” because what revolving door love life of Sam’s are you speaking of? I can’t recally any instance in the game where my MC would think of anything like that.


Oh it’s 1000% possible. But it depends on how you build your character and where your skills are at the time of the checks. I’ve never cheated in this game (also god, do I love the gameplay mechanics in this game and it literally got me super into tennis lol) and my aggressive baseliner has won every match and every training challenge. I don’t minmax but I do very carefully play to that build’s strengths and minimize weaknesses because it’s my Swiatek wannabe MC.

My serve and volleyer has won all her matches but not every challenge (lost the race, for example) because she isn’t as do or die about tennis so her build isn’t as carefully planned.


The one mc with certain choices believes Sam had, the game was vague on whether or not it was true but Sam doesn’t lack for interested parties themselves either way.

Anyway, it’s been discussed before.


I think if you have to pick certain choices and it only applies to certain MC, then saying they’re already plenty insecure about Sam is stretching it quite a bit. I mean yours might’ve been, but mine isn’t (so far) Anyway, having some actual characters show up would allow this sort of uncertainty/opportunity for other MCs as well, not only these with specific choices.

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I always love hearing other people’s reactions to the ROs and their process for picking them.

I’ve ultimately decided on G for my playthrough since my MC is an avoidant little bitch, lol. I love, love, LOVE Sam so much, but the long distance is so agonizing, and I think my single-minded and focused MC worries they would be another passing fancy for Sam, alongside the fear that their friendship wouldn’t survive a breakup.

Tobin is up there, too, because of how sweet and attentive they is. I definitely need to do a Tobin run, but I tend to headcanon my MC, taking the request to slow down and think things through at their dinner as a rejection and immediately withdrawing.

Rayyan is undoubtedly a baddie, but I’ll rely on everyone else’s playthrough to live vicariously through. Their constant criticism and brusque manner (while delicious for the drama) always have my MC’s guard up. So, while they’ll be the best anime rivals, my MC never feels safe enough with them to connect emotionally or be vulnerable.

So, yeah, right now, G is the main option. Besides how rad and attentive they are, the fact that there’s a supposed terminal date on the liaison and that they start off as FWBs makes it the safest choice for my MC.


I’ve played wet cat MCs, but yours is on a whole n’other level, choosing largely based off of “Who would hurt the least to lose?” ( •́︵•̀) Send them my proverbial hugs and kisses.



This is the first time I’ve heard that phrase, and I love it, lol. I hope you don’t mind me stealing it.

As a wet cat player who plays wet cat MCs, your proverbial hugs and kisses are gratefully received in these trying times :joy:


Don’t forget the appropriate prefix of STINKING


Willingly played an avoidant, soft and emotional (m!)Rayyan romance, easing into every conflict with either the available quips or humor, or being empathetic and willing to forgive and let bygones be.


The entire time, internally: “God. Why. WWWWWHHHHYYY…”


If there is one thing I would ask for it would be, especially in the early/meeting stages of the game to have more shy/subtle flirt options. I see a heart next to an option for the RO I want to pursue but when you are playing a more reserved/shy MC they often feel very out of character, but I still want to signal to the game that I am interested in this character. I’m thinking specifically of the first Tobin meeting, all of the flirt options are very forward.


The first Tobin meeting, i went through that with MC being kinda clueless/friendly (ask for help with the shirt tag, then just smile and thank) and that was good enough to get on the flirt path without being overt about it. Asking for help is actually romantic option, just not flagged as one; probably just an oversight.


Man i really love CTOS and my current favorite route is Sam mainly because I love being able to have a connection with a best friend that could possibly end up being however I hope in the next update or whenever there is story narration of roommate talking with MC about their feelings and their roommate kind of pushing MC to further deepen their connection with said LI, for example I’ll use my MC and his roommate Diego to elaborate even though I had the encounter with G in the study lounge and am currently on Sam’s route

After Sam goes back to California

Diego: Man if you really like her than you should go for it

Josh: ( my MC ) I don’t know man, I really want to but what if I were to try and she shuts me down even after all we’ve been through (sigh) I just, I don’t know

Diego: then you move on but if it ends up working I think it would be totally worth it and even denying yourself might hurt you in the long run ya know

Josh: yea you’re right

I guess what I’m trying to explain is in a later update I kind of want a convo with my roommate kind of like Sam and Robin had after the phone call where Sam introduces you to thier roommate

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I like the idea and it would be a good mirror to the conversation Sam has with their roommate in the Sam POV.