College Tennis: Origin Story (WIP) - Updated 21 Dec '23 [468k words]

Nah, dad seems to be the sort of person who has everything mapped out perfectly (he’s probably a pro with old-fashioned paper maps), he’s just purposefully taking a longer, sub-optimal route so that it’ll take a couple of extra hours to get there.


CT:OS Update 7


Can’t wait for you guys to read it :smiley:

Edit: Added the link. Also, saves might be broken! Can’t seem to do anything about that, every time I edit the game it seems to break saves :slight_smile:


It’s out :tada: :tada:
For the sake of my sleep schedule I’ll start playing tomorrow, but I’m so excited!


Say no more, I can not support Ryan any longer and dammn his reputation


Incoherent gluten noises

Such a great update! Enjoyed how it tied up some things teased in the previous update and moved us ever so closer to playing a tennis match against someone from another chump factory… i mean school.

You’re dastardly though, That Sam POV scene has me evermore impatient to have MC reunited with our romantically incompetent best girl. :heart_eyes:


I’m so excited!! :face_holding_back_tears: I’m using my inhaler, so I won’t pass out from excitement :heart_eyes:


i just finished the new chapter and… I’m dealing with 3 romances, this is a really good chapter :+1: :face_holding_back_tears:

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Think the new update created a bug. I set G to female during chapter 1, then the next morning it asks me to set G’s gender again and regardless of choice it defaults to male.


Can’t wait to dig in! Thank you! Find both of your WIPs refreshing as more slice of life / modern focused.


And he is certainly right about that:

Okay Bug hunting time:

I’d co-habit with Geneviève, or whatever alternative to marriage he prefers. G’s gender is wrong here.

Wwe want pairs that have experience playing with each other. At the same time, change is inevitable Tiny typo here Wwe.

One suggestion for the Sunday on the weekend, if going with Ray or Tobin allow mc to still do one other thing on the morning and have it take up only one slot of free time, instead of the full two.

Haven’t gotten to the new content yet in my new replay and I wanted to experience it naturally before skimming the code.

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@Cloudy hope you have gotten some sleep and/or more importantly, that when you start the update, you’ll be pleased :slight_smile:

@Elemental Hahaha. Goodbye Rayyan. RIP the short-lived Rayyan-MC doubles pairing.

@TheBread Woohoo!!! Glad you enjoyed it, I was wondering if you’d be satisfied with the Sam crumbs I left ya in Pt. 1, but I’m glad you seem to be!! Definitely hoping to at least give you the chance to hug Sam before rushing off to play your singles / doubles matches in Pt. 2.

Also really pumped that you enjoyed wrapping up the loose ends re: doubles partners, and Rayyan / Tobin drama. You and me both are excited for some REAL MATCH ACTION next update!

Awww HAHAHA you doin’ Sam dirty with that description! (Not wrong at all though.)

@love4tae HAHAHA wow YAY happy to see that your excitement for the update ended satisfactorily! I’m so glad to hear you liked it, and yes! This chapter is chock-full of romance related content! For folk who’re here for the romance and not the tennis, it’s definitely the update for you haha. :joy:

@Sneezy_Faun8 Ooh, yeah the G introductions are a little wonky because there are a bunch of different ways you can meet G. Could I ask how you met G (e.g. beer pong, choosing songs for Thalia, or truth or dare)?

@starpendle Awesome!! So happy to know you like both my WIPs :blush: :blush: Have fun and hope you like the update!

@idonotlikeusernames That is TRULY terrifying. Also thank you for the bugs, I’ll fix 'em when I get access to a laptop again :slight_smile:

Hmm, you want me to be a little kinder with the time management problems, ey? We’ll see. I might end up refining the difficulty of certain checks later on too.

Can’t wait to hear what you think of the new update! You always have the most in-depth intriguing head canons :heart_eyes:


I played through the new update from the beginning. The new content throughout was nice. I’ll admit I especially liked the seeing off scene with potential romantic charge.

The Sam POV scenes were great until I had to answer for Sam. It felt dirty controlling an RO specifically on how they felt about MC. How great would it be if those answers were chosen based on the relationship so far though?

The Tobin/Rayyan decision was an interesting one. I chose to go against coach decision and stood by it, citing lack of belief in my character. Personally, I think Rayyan was right, as my build that playthrough was garbage. It wouldn’t have worked out.


I laughed a little too loudly at this lol


My first meeting was on the roof, after avoiding the party. I went through the introduction as usual, no problems. Then at the beginning of chapter two, it asks me to define G’s gender again despite already meeting them at the end of chapter 1. It is this segment in chapter 2 that’s glitched from what I can tell. The issue persisted if I reloaded a previous save, skipped all ways to meet G in chapter 1 and met them in chapter 2. Got the same prompt, but both options default to male G. Thanks for looking into this, CT:OS is awesome so far and I’m eagerly looking forward to every update.

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got assigned Tobin as partner at first, but every single time I tried after that I only get this Error before reading the announcement :sweat_smile::
3-4_lockerroom line 128: Non-existent variable ‘other_doubles_pair’

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@Sneezy_Faun8 and @CInamso I think I’ve fixed both, thanks for reporting.

Let me know if the bug persists. I suspect if it does, you might need to start a new save cause I think dashingdon doesn’t update variables (and both are variable problems) on old saves unless you replay that segment–though I could be wrong!


I’m playing through it slowly now. It’s fun to go back through the older chapters, especially since you changed a couple of things. Here are a few screenshots of stuff I picked up (some of them are errors, some of them are small suggestions):

Intro to Rayyan flashback

I feel like this explanation isn’t very clear. I understand it because I’ve played the game before and I also play/watch tennis, but for someone who isn’t familiar with either I don’t think it’s that easy to understand.

I would explain that as the second-lowest ranked player, you’re matched up against the second seed, because right now it’s not clear what being the second-lowest ranked player has to do with it.

The next paragraph has a tense change in the middle of the sentence - it should be in past tense throughout.

Senior year

This is a quick montage of senior year (the events are happening right then instead of MC reflecting at the end of the year), so it should all be in present tense.

Sam at MC's house

In the previous page, you say that there’s about a month left before MC goes to Cargill, and now there’s only a few days left.

Sam saying goodbye

I didn’t choose the romantic option in the previous scene, so the first paragraph (“mirroring what had happened…”) doesn’t make sense. And the hug/forehead kiss is unexpected - from the choice on the previous page it seemed like Sam was about to try (and fail) to confess.

In the second paragraph, it says “Sam tilts her lips up” even though Sam in this version is male.

Dad's work call

Could you add an option for a sad/hurt reaction? The reactions now are either fine with it, poking fun at it or being annoyed. But I feel like an MC who’s usually fine with their dad taking calls might feel hurt here because he’s dropping them off to college, which is such a big thing.

Dinner with Mike and co

Emerson is female, but is referred to with male pronouns here.

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no way ! :sob::sob::sob:




Please tell me you chose the pre med degree to complete the parallel


Computer Science. :sob::sob::joy: